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Friday, November 04, 2005

QUESTION: How HARD could it be to pick a bag *that you find nice* out of a line? NOT HARD AT ALL. So here's a follow-up question: If we women can find it relatively easy to pick one or two bags out of shelvefuls *eeps is this a word?!* of bags, WHY OH WHY is it sooooooooo hard to pick just ONE brand of a light bulb?? I'm not even talking about the bulb's wattage either-- THAT'S another story!! *Gulp, now I'm reminded of those stupid "women and light bulb" jokes*

I stood at TRUE VALUE *to be exact at the LIGHTBULBS shelf at True Value* for OVER 30 minutes, trying to pick the RIGHT brand of light bulbs for my place. HELP ME!! Is my indecisiveness over bags spilling out to include indecisiveness over LIGHT BULBS too? (Geez would you just LOOK at ALL THOSE lightbulbs???!!!)

Oh heaven help! I had already made up my mind to get this specific brand when a man breezed by (presumably a client) and stopped, and looked at me and asked "Are you getting those bulbs?" Taken aback, I just sorta nodded, which I guess somehow made him think he had the permission to express his opinion about the brand I chose. He went "You are wasting goooood money on sh*tty bulbs. I went with that brand, and poof my money went just like that" *then he snapped his fingers as if to prove his point.

I was STUMPED. PROOF that I'm a TOTAL SUCKER. All it took was one person to *not even* convince me THAT hard, and I did a 180 degree mind-change. After the TrueValue handiman helped me with 20 bulbs, I suddenly said to him, "Can I have the other brand instead?" and of course the the guy laughs and said "Ma'am we wouldn't have allowed bulbs that don't last long to be consigned in this store." Umm.. Ohhhkayy... But *EHHH* WRONG ANSWER! *That was NOT convincing enough*

So after a few more minutes of pondering over a harrowing decision I had to make about a silly lightbulb brand, I called my best friend KGC. She was like, "Oh don't get any bulbs from True Value, our friend is the distributor for this brand... You can get them straight from him at 20% off too!"

That sealed the deal. DAMN 20% off on lightbulbs that cost Php 75.00... Whooooweee I get to save some chippewah!! I would save about Php 300 (since I plan to get 20 bulbs) but what about the travel time and gas wasted to get to my friend's place for the pickup of 20 bulbs?? *WAIT! umm, have I sunk this low?* Am I realllly in a dire strait with my finances that I need every single cent saved?

REALITY CHECK: YES! A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED!! Any discount, even if just Php 1.00 is JUST AS GOOD! *OH JOY! Cheapskate alert!*

So I left True Value with just 2 ceiling fans (oh yeah-- these things were on sale LAST MONTH for 10% off EACH and guess what, I MISSED THE STUPID SALE!). The True Value guys were gonna give me 5% discount if I paid cash, but Ahhh here's the thing : WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO HAVE CASH AT THE MOMENT? Umm.. yeah, but I DON'T. I can't really run to the nearest ATM and withdraw. Why? I'm on my minimum balance already! I don't wanna get charged by my bank for my ADB being below minimum! *Wow, this is Reallly sad, huh?* hehehe

Enough sharing about this silly time I spent at True Value (p.s. i saw the SUPER ERASER that C.L. was talking about-- it's actually a white sponge. You just wet a part of it and supposedly use it to clean that certain questionable spot in your bag, and AWAY the stain goes.. Haven't tried it YET... don't have a bag that I've stained SO FAR *cross fingers!!!!*)

Guess what girls, I SAW ANOTHER COUCH I SORTA LIKED! It's from Restoration and it costs a nice Php54,300. Whatcha think? *Now if only I can EVEN seriously think about buying a couch... sigh, what to do if me likey a couchey but have not got the money?*

WARNING: DON'T even think about suggesting me to sell my bags. Uh-uh no can do, missy. STAY outta my bag closet! :D hehehe

Ok, Time for TOPIC change before this post becomes a DESIGN YOUR HOME post *yawn*. That may be interesting for you, but it sure aint for me! One look at my mismatched furniture and clutter would say it all hehehe :D

I was so glad to receive a sleuth of text messages about my new Black TURTLE bag :D hehehe the name kinda stuck! But sad to say, I didn't carry it today and will probably in all likelihood NOT carry the bag tomorrow. If you ask me why again, I might just have you sent to my imaginary psychiatrist who just MIGHT be able to answer you. I am posting a photo of the inside of this bag (upon request of M.B.) I tell you, this bag is just soooo roomy inside! I wish they made a black thick shoulder strap for this so I don't have to hold it all the time, but sigh.. I still stare at this bag when I get the chance :D *I'm so hopeless!*

Speaking of Staring at bags, I did just that when THIS super dainty and super cute LOUIS VUITTON Spring Summer 2005 MONOGRAM SATIN GLITTER bag came along. Tell me if you don't agree with me in saying that THIS bag is one of the cutest bag that VUITTON has produced. It's made of satin AND lizard skin trims! How exotic could you get :)

This baby's got 6 exterior pockets to make up for the size. This is in my opinion, the perfect LV "couture" bag because 1. It's SOLD OUT (as in you can no longer even find this bag anywhere!) and soooo coveted by many (case in point, it got featured in soo many magazines, and was on the MUST-HAVE list of bags of the marketing director (correct me if I'm wrong about her designation) of PRADA. Imagine that-- the PRADA executive lusting over another brand! 2. It's really an ingenious mix of materials that led to the creation of the bag : SATIN, Metallic Silver Monogram THREADWORK, LIZARD skin trimmed handles and bag "rim". *sigh* HOW TRULY HOPELESS of a baghag I am!

Alrighty, again time to sleep now. I don't even want to surfshop tonight. I got SO BURNT OUT from lightbulb shopping (which turned out to be sooo fruitless despite the effort!)

Take care and ta-ta!! :)