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Friday, November 04, 2005

OK I'm officially BORED. I went online again and received DAPHNE'S email :) These LANVIN inspired pearl necklaces are *WOW*, and I'm sure VERY labor-intensive to make! I want, I want, I want! *at least this is not a bag, or else I'd be crying over it, not having the money to pay..* Besides, the real LANVIN pearls cost AT LEAST US $300 *hell no am I gonna pay that-- where will i get the funds, pray tell!*

I love pearls. They are actually my birth "stone" :) So go get 'em at the ROCKWELL VINTAGE BAZAAR on November 12-13. DAPHNE only made a few of these baubbles, so you better go early! Pearls are just so classic-- they have this indescribable power of Lighting up your face when you wear them *Channel a modern JACKIE O./ AUDREY HEPBURN! *

UGH, HAVE TO VENT: Another email popped up, and it's dear K.O. asking about this article she read in the Inquirer Lifestyle about a lady who does exactly the same thing as I-- selling 2nd hand designer bags. While I have NO problem with a little competition (I know of 1 other reputable seller of designer bags, Authentecite), I was very dismayed at the way THIS other seller started her biz: POSING as MY potential client. I paid her a visit in her abode as she had requested. She had some bags she was "thinking of consigning" to me.

While I also AUTHENTICATED Chanel bags for her (she said those bags belonged to her friends and they sorta wanna consign them to me in the near future), I wasn't aware that there was this hidden agenda of copying what I did by asking all these supposedly innocent questions (about how my lil biz operates) left and right. Again, let me reiterate that I have NO problem with people doing what I do on the side-- in fact to prove a point, I helped TWO of my own friends do what I do (J.L. and R.G.), on a smaller scale (as they like to say-- they have fulltime jobs, so it's not something they give all their time doing).

What I find so distasteful is, a week or so of having gone to this lady's place to "authenticate" bags that she wasn't herself sure of, I get a "forwarded" text message from a few client-friends of mine. They sent me the text message that THIS seller sent them (I realized we have mutual acquaintances-friends). So naturally, my first instinct was to get to know new seller, right? I dial the number that was provided, and *POOF* HER name pops up!

I was VERY disappointed in her for going behind my back and NOT telling me to my face that she planned to do reselling herself, which had I known, would've honestly shared selling tips. And when I sorta confronted her about it, she went on the defensive and told Moi NOT to get all defensive.

Umm... Ohhkay... Anyway, I have made a mental note to swear off this woman in my book because 1. She was dishonest with me when she could've just come clean. 2. At that time I met her, She didn't know how to authenticate bags that she sells ( she couldn't really differentiate a real HERMES KELLY from a fake-- which supposedly one of her "friends" owned and wanted to sell. I had to tell her embarrassingly, that the Kelly she was trying to sell *and has supposedly emailed to a few other people* was a good fake. *YIKES*) Lady: THIS HERMES blue jean KELLY is the REAL MACOY. :D hehehe! *and to all you gals out there who wanna buy an HERMES KELLY, I suggest you are better off buying them from HERMES straight since they now have stock of the bag-- Check out Singapore HERMES. They have that potiron orange Kelly right now on their shelf! Or I can put you in touch with the sales manager of HERMES Kuala Lumpur whom I regularly email)

All aside, I'm sure that must've just been a fluke. BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT: She has never really handled enough HERMES bags to know what to look out for. Also, at least she also has a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE (good girl). Points taken and possibly forgiven. But nevertheless... Gotta know what you sell!

Anyway, I don't want to be libelous here (for fear of being litigated-- I don't have the money to pay for a lawyer hahaha, unless my lawyer friends *AHEM, Ms.CL, Ms.P, Ms. GR, Mr.TR, Ms.F... will do work pro-bono :-) , so I dare not mention any names. Besides, it doesn't really do me any good. I am more of a BAG BUYER than a BAG SELLER :) If I must desert my bag-selling hobby for a REAL JOB that will pay for my poisonous Bag Vice, I will :D hehehe.

NUDGE: Anyone wanna hire me yet? :D hahaha... or am I gonna be another liability to your company, as one former colleague at work said about me "I am too high maintenance" hahaha :D

Ok time to get offline now, FINALLY have some party to attend tonight. *Wow I have a social life?!*

CHEERS girlfriends! Life is really too short to hold a Long grudge! :D