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Friday, November 25, 2005

Off to Pine and Country!

Hmm... my invitation to the private Louis Vuitton pre-Christmas sale came hand delivered *wow I felt like a VIP already *choke!**
Apparently it says here that the invitation is good for 2 people only. So if there is someone out there planning to buy an LV bag by month-end, December 1 is the perfect time to go-- you can have champagne and hors d'oeurves while you let your credit card do the work! (don't embarrass me, buy something BIG and EXPENSIVE there! *hehehe bad bad!*) let me know!

By the way that's another photo of the ASTROPILL (as requested!). I am placing an order for a black murakami astropill. It's so cute too but it's currently out of stock. I am strangely drawn to the astropill. Heck even the name itself draws me in. Sounds so... out of this world ?! *eh?*

Sigh... Sometimes (rather OFTENTIMES) I wish I can get like, bulk discount at Louis Vuitton. I swear most of my money has already gone to them this year, and yesterday when I asked Abby to total up all my expenses at the Bag temple, I myself was shocked *my knees went wobbly and turned jelly on me*

ALL my money that I had saved AND earned, went to LV. I should be crowned the NEW MISS LV VIP 2005. *beauty queen wave* *ewww siiiick-- my royal wave ranks WAY HIGH up there, next to Goyard silk boxers man eeewww*

I will keep this post short tonight because I am heading up to Baguio reallly early tomorrow morning. For some R&R *like I haven't really gotten R&R by being a housewife hehehe HEY being a stay home mom is HARD work eh! Don't you snicker!*

So I'm thinking I should use my Green Goyard for my three-day trip to Pine and Country... I am by the way, going to be staying at the world-class THE MANOR. I looove staying at The Manor. There's the most exquisite gastronomic feast prepared by Chef Billy King (of Le Souffle fame), and there's the Manor grounds where the air is fresh and the kids can run around freely without inhaling pollution or pungent odors. *snicker*

Say, what do you guys think of this PRADA yellow bag? It's all leather and quite soft, and the color yellow is the same shade as the LV yellow that's now discontinued. I rather like this bag, it's real pretty and has two drawstrings on each side of the bag, with pockets to boot. It looks real functional without sacrificing looks. The bag looks practically brand new and is being offered to me at Php 45,000. My seller friend bought the bag for almost 75K and has carried it out twice. This bag was bought at the Bev Hills Prada. It's cute (but reality check: I AM BROKE) I sorta didn't wanna post the bag in my TRESOR site yet because I am still looking at the bag, and thinking if I want it or not ;) *Barring current financial circumstance!* I'm just selfish hahaha. Anyway this bag still has its ORIGINAL BOX and dustbag (woohoo!)

My friend RC who flew back from Vegas a few weeks ago had new bags shipped to the Philippines (proof that Neiman Marcus DOES ship to the Philippines), one of which is a BALENCIAGA TWIGGY GRAPHITE GRAY (US$1250)
and the other, another BALENCIAGA WORK DARKBLUE DENIM WITH BROWN LEATHER TRIM (US$1450).These are of course, without a doubt authentic, because they were purchased from the personal shopper at Neiman Marcus that we both share (hehehe the SAME shopper that Lady Voldemort had wanted ME to share with her. HAH!! err NoOOOooo Way *cough cough, so what if I'm selfish, at least I'm not user friendly hehee biatch!* Anyway more info: The BALENCIAGA TWIGGY comes with the dustbag, extra tassels, mirror, all tags, and shoulder strap (THIS IS A NEW BAG). The BALENCIAGA WORK comes with dustbag, extra tassels, mirror, all tags. There is no shoulder strap for the work bag (it never came with one). These are new bags and are sold out most everywhere you go, so if you are interested in either of these babies, let me know fast! These bags can be authenticated at Homme et Femme. I have no time to update my TRESOR site, so these bags will have to stay on this blog post for the meantime!

I gotta run along and finish packing so I can get some shuteye! Have a great long weekend and if you need to ask about the bags, just SMS me at +63916758-0857! I won't have access to the net this weekend!

xoxo ciao hags!!