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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

OCW WORK to SPEND Program (Part 2)

So anyway after my gallavants to the great malls of Hong Kong with the time I had, I headed back to the airport.

See, I would normally, and without hesitation, tell you, I hate airports. BUT! I'd like to make an exception. I LOVE Chek Lap Kok HK Airport.

You've got a FULLY LOADED CHANEL boutique *except that they don't have the 2.55 anymore* (not one of those teeny tiny ones that only sell cosmetics-- which I personally find TOTALLY USELESS-- I don't know how to put on make-up. So I'm a freak. there!)A GUCCI boutique that carries everything from bags (Guccisima.. damn I like those patent blue monogram bags) to walletsAND an HERMES boutique that not only carries perfumes, but also jewelry and PLUME bags!!
MAKE A GUESS and GET A GIFT: OoOoohhh.. What's did I get at HERMES? What's in this orange box?? :) Want to receive a teeny tiny DISNEY HK souvenir? (Ok fine, call me a cheapskate. Fine fine! But hey, No way, I can't give you this HERMES thing that I got, I almost fought tooth and nail for this! haha *cough selfish biatch!* ) Send me an SMS +639167580857 and give me a goooood guess (be specific on what it is and color) ! hehee..

Anyyyway, HK airport has designer boutiques on its roster that would put OUR own country's malls to shame! *Ahem well they DON'T have an LV boutique IN the airport! HAH!*

But... They have Prada, Shanghai Tang, Longchamp, The Disney Store (a kid's equivalent of a designer boutique), AND they have LANVIN!!
I swear that's pretty damn tough to beat. And Oh yes, LANVIN airport store carries mostly men's stuff BUT they carry the pearls!! For those of you who had bought Daphne pearls, here's something to feel further good about-- The Lanvin pearls are being sold for HK$2000 (TWO THOUSAND HK BUCKS!) They now come in pink and yellow ribbon-ties, and of course the classic black tulle!

Anyway so I did a double take on CHANEL's bags. What on earth is this??!! So they have shearling bags (eeeew), but why do I see a mirror image of a Fendi Spy in these bags (right side)?? Ok, I super don't like these (not that I liked the Spy bag either).

As I boarded my plane after the delightful last minute designer splurge, I can tell you this.

WHY I LOVE FLYING CATTLE-CLASS (err.. COACH *and I don't mean the bag* ):
1. I get to rub elbows with people from high places-- Did you know that I sat ADJACENT to a presidential security guard and a presidential granddaughter's nanny? Now WHO can tell me that they have shared the same experience? *brag brag!!*

2. Riding coach makes me feel rich. When I used to ride business class back when I was still a single hag, I always felt that I didn't belong there-- heck I sat among all these rich women and dapper men... I so don't belong. I looked like a friggin' pauper, wearing ratty jeans and all. NOW, I feel like a rich hag (even if Im not). Hehe I am carrying an Hermes paperbag for crying out loud! How many passengers in coach carry that???!!! *biatch alert!*

3. Airfare is free (this time only), BUT on a regular travel basis, airfare is MUCH cheaper-- all the more reason to save up and buy a new bag! *selfisssh!!*

As I look back on this wonderful trip, I felt fully charged (well not really, wait til I get my credit card bill!). I guess there is STILL some hope of me trying to make a decent living with what little connections I have. I still would rather be offered a fulltime job, but hey, this short trip to HK for work ain't so bad. But I do hope too, next trip, I won't squander off my earnings, just like I did *and more* on this trip!!

Happy reading! I have to make a run for my doctor's appointment now. Crud, I hope this ain't appendicitis or kidney stones.. *Boy my mind sure does wander around... does that make me a super hypochondriac??!!*

Ta-ta for now!