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Monday, November 21, 2005

OCW WORK to SPEND Program (Part 1)

Ok, here was my OCW WORK-TO-SPEND program. This is extremely embarrassing to divulge, but it MUST be shared. I know I am seriously NOT the only woman in the world going through this.
CT of Cagayan De Oro mirrored my sentiments when she said, "...once I buy a designer bag, I'll be hooked." And I tell you, it's SO TRUE.

So how do I justify these insanely outrageous purchases? No, I did not marry into the Asian equivalent of Donald Trump (hah, if I did, would I have been blogging still, OR worse, would I be working still? Heck, I'd be the Asian Melania Trump, waiting for Baby Trump to pop out! Then go back to buying jewels from Fred Leighton.. ahhh Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...)

I WORK! Over the weekend of November 18-2o, I became another one of those Filipina OCWs, working in Hong Kong, the tax-free designer heaven. Ey, don't laugh, you gotta respect all these OCWs and domestic helpers in HK. Do you know that they form a bulk of the reason as to why the peso is strengthening against the almighty greenback? Yes, yes it's because these OCWs have been remitting their earnings from the mighty Tai Tais. So to the OCWs out there who could be reading my blog, I just want to say, I hold so much respect for you all, for having the strength to be away from your families for a long time, to earn a decent living for them and be able to send your kids to schools whence you yourselves might have not had the money to finish back then. I really admire you all, 100%. Pat yourselves in the back because you are all doing a very honorable thing.

And then you have ME. A bag hag OCW whose sole purpose of work is to be able to pay for a new bag. PA-THE-TIC. So it was a weekend stint that won't earn me much, but will certainly afford me at least a bag or two. So yeah I am a bit on the good side of luck this time, to have had this opportunity to earn something. But oh dear, am I so heartless, to leave my kids to their grandma, so that their crazy mom can work to buy a bag?

YES. *sniff* I am a selfish Biatch... Biatch biatch biatch! *boohoo!!*

P.S. THIS WHOLE TABLE and its contents is on my kids' Christmas wishlist*Ahem ahem* Grandparents!!! Can you PLEASE BUY THIS FOR THE KIDS? *sniff, 1. bag hag is too poor to even buy ONE thing on the table, 2. bag hag is too STINGY to buy this for the kids, 3. bag hag biatch REFUSES to buy this for the kids.. don't want them to grow up all spoiled and bratty *cough cough, like me hahaha*

Hehehe Selfish biatch in me left my kids back home because they don't know HARVEY NICKS is open in HK now, do they? HAH! So I packed my bags and left for LV country...

PANDORA BAG MANIA: Shortly after arriving HK, Holy cow, do YOU know that I saw about SIX PANDORA MONOGRAM SPEEDY BAGS?? And that's like in the span of 45 minutes (where I lingered about at the airport, strolled inside the airport train)!! Then within the day (from the time I had lunch, went back to the office, to the time I got off work, went home to change, headed out to dinner, and came back home), I must've caught at least SIXTY (60) women carrying them! Is it just me, or did I actually set foot in SPEEDYLAND?? Speedy bags of all sizes and colors-- from the small 25, to the 40, from the Murakami line to the (now discontinued) Cerises to the long- discontinued Graffiti Line to the Denim Line! They were EVERYWHERE, carried by practically EVERY WOMAN!! Some women prefer to let their Speedy bags slouch while others religiously cut out cardboards to place on the bottom of their bag (for structure). Wow. See, that's something I certainly did NOT notice before. SPEEDY BAGS ARE SO HOT there! I'm telling you, that bag is the friggin reincarnation of pandora's box. Get it and it wreaks havoc on your bank account not long after.

Ok Ok so enough blah blah blah already. I bet you hags wanna already know what kinda damage I did to my card, right? Well ok, P and K have been texting me and asking if I did get anything in HK. P. was able to guess it right down to the color *hahaha sh*t I'm becoming predictable!* So ok, THIS IS WHERE I DEPOSITED MY EARNINGS FOR THE TRIPHARVEY NICHOLS! The perfect place to go when you have moolah to spend!! Me? Bahh.. I only have... *count money* And I don't think I can afford to do all floors of Harvey Nicks. Oh gawd, send me to the psychiatric ward please!!DAMN, if THIS was the psychiatric ward, then I am RIGHT AT HOME :D This is an unauthorized photo of the GOYARD boutique inside Harvey Nichols. Can someone look at all those luggages??? Geez, no wonder Bryanboy fell head over heels for this brand too! I practically went ballistic at Goyard! I had THREE sales associates helping me. THREE, ALL MEN! Apparently they thought I was some wanna-be Japanese lady whose mission in life is to buy out the whole store! (Well, not really buy the whole store. Crap, I don't even have any money to buy a train case!) The sales peeps were so helpful and had brought out like 6 styles for me to try on, in SIX colors. That was like, 36 bags!! Was that crazy or what??!!! *There were 10 colors total I think--red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, powder blue, white, black-black, black-tan, and brown*.

I ended up settling for this: A GREEN GOYARD FIDJI HOBO BAG (its more emerald-greenish than this)... Ok ok, you may not think of this bag much, I mean, after all, it's a coated canvas bag. And Goyard didn't even bother to coat or do a lining on the interior of the bag. This hobo is made of the thinnest canvas I know (hence making this bag THE LIGHTEST BAG AMONG ALL MY BAGS). But what makes it soooooo awesome is the amount of detail in the monogram. THE MONOGRAM IS HANDPAINTED! I need not say more. So let me introduce you to this other bag.

GUILTY: I bought TWO GOYARD bags, ok? What was I thinking? Ok, here's what ate me up at the time I was at Goyard. This brand has been here for sooooo long, and is slowly being reintroduced back into the mainstream designer brand. I better snatch them up before they increase their prices like LV or HERMES. After all, I am paying for craftsmanship here. And my gosh, it's SO LIGHT!! I bought the light blue shopper tote that has the attached pochette. And if I honestly were not broke after these two bags (yes, I am WORSE off now than before I decided on initiating my OCW Work-to-Spend Program!!), I would've settled for a THIRD bag!

SHOCKING REVELATION: I've apparently hit like, THREE things on my Christmas wishlist. It would've been ok, BUT IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET!!!!!!!

DON'T ASK about my financial state. It's too sensitive a topic for me to discuss right now *sniff* But hey as I proudly tote my Blue shopper, I can be assured that if someone decides to dip his/her hand into my bag (this blue shopper doesn't have any snap enclosures/zippers), they will be fairly disappointed when they take off with my wallet. Why?
1. Mounting debt on credit card= NO AVAILABLE BALANCE (muwahahaha)
2. NO cash (only receipts!!)

Take THAT, you potential wallet swiper! :D *if I can't have a financially worry-free Christmas, who says you CAN?! hehehe*

My trip was overall good (except for the financial part, right?). On Sunday, my LAST day and ONLY FULL day to actually go around and shop, I get hit hard with a realization that I might not 1. Leave HK just yet, 2. Leave HK without much chance to really window shop. Because right before lunch, I get this nagging stomach cramp (that I had two days before I left), and the pain intensified and localized in my lower right back and lower ab. I was scared that I even asked for the house doctor. I just prayed, Please don't let this be appendicitis, or worse, some ovarian cyst (that I'm unaware of having?!) that ruptured. *My mind just does these crazy things, thinking of worst-case scenarios... Ok so I'm a freak.*

Sometime between thirty minutes to an hour later, the pain just went away like that *snap fingers* (I will be visiting my doctor tomorrow or Wednesday). So I guess there was some form of happy ending to this after all. So I happily packed my stuff away and got my luggage (take note, singular noun. LUGGAGE) checked in early. *I only bought 2 Goyard bags for myself, and 3 bags for 3 other people-- compact bags I might add).

I HAVE HIGH E.Q.: For those who didn't think I can actually stop myself from shopping AND BUYING, HAH!!! *defiant glare* hehehe :D

I was just left with my trusted LONGCHAMP bag. So, I went sightseeing and window shopping with the time I had left. I saw a realllly cute CELINE PATENT PURPLE LEATHER TRUNKETTE. *siiiighhhhh* I think patent (VERNIS) leather is back, and the color PURPLE/EGGPLANT. These dark colors are perfect as well for fall/winter, but this rich eggplant color of CELINE is too good to pass up. Too bad I have two Goyards already :( I can't afford. But maybe if someone is going to HK, they can get this bag for themselves and just parade it in front of me. hehehe THAT would be equally awesome!

ooOoh THIS I gotta share. CHLOE Pacific Place has new stock of Paddingtons! They have the new whiskey color as well as the indigo. And they also have tons of the python silverado. In case anyone is interested :) The bags are approximately US$1500 when converted.
BOTTEGA ALERT: You want to get ready for summer? Then GET THIS BAG! You already know how I feel about Bottega bags. THIS orange weave shopper tote is PERFECT for summer. I love orange, and I love Bottega, and I love this style. It's a marriage of three. So get it! What stopped me? Simple: My current sorry financial state. DUH!

WHO IS THIS MAN???: Hmm.. just thought I should mention this guy. Ok, I have NO clue who this man is, but I take it he's some HK actor, what with the screaming teenybopper chicks swarming all over him. I decided to just take a photo for posterity. So if SOMEONE OUT THERE can identify this man, great. But I honestly don't find him cute... But hey if I were a tween, maybe he would appeal to me.. hehe.. *gulp my age is showing* Again if someone can tell me who this mystery HK actor is, would be cool. At least I get bragging rights that hey, I bump into people with some kind of power hehe.. * PA-THE-TIC!*

I also passed by HERMES (of course) to ask if there were any croc kellys or birkins available (and also confirm how much croc kellys are *they are now worth almost $18,200*). I'm sooo tempted to buy a scarf... But they are pretty steep...

Sigh, moving right along, I heard from friends that Kitty Go's followup book of When Chic Hits the Fan was released in Manila over the weekend. Which just reminded me of this. Kitty mentioned back in book one, that there were two kinds of people (correct me if i'm paraphrasing it wrong): the US group (the can- afford- Yohji Yamamoto- clothes- at full price) or the NOT-US group (obviously the ones who can't afford Yohji/Rei Kawakubo et al.; this includes the people who just buy designer frocks on sale-- *ahem GUILTY!! err sometimes I don't even wanna cough up money to buy designer clothes EVEN after marked down! I'm far tooo cheap! I like bazaar clothes-- Abercrombie, Hollister.. hehehe SooooO??? They're just things to cover me up-- I don't mind putting a sack over my body, geez! I have a friggin' family to feed, ok?! *snicker hehe*) So anyway I stared at this COMME des GARCONS frock and realized, Heyyyy, I proudly belong to the NOT-US group! SIGH, I love being in the NOT-US group. Because I am proud to admit I looooove freebies, cheap stuff, and bargains!! :D Damn, I am a certified OCW!! Isn't that what WE love? :D

Ok, if YOU have NOT been to ROGER VIVIER (or if you still haven't heard of him), then you HAVE to pass by the Roger Vivier boutique at the Landmark. The shoe prices are NOT for the faint- hearted. I must say, I was very lucky to have gotten my mom's Viviers because I frankly can no longer fork over US$400 for a pair of fancy shoes (even though the thought of having a NEW Vivier is just too tempting!). Roger Vivier back then is to Manolo Blahnik now. Two words for this man-- footwear genius. He made the coronation shoes of Queen Elizabeth R II, invented the comma heel, and the more famous stiletto and platform! So to pay homage to this man (who sadly passed away already), I passed by the boutique whereby I saw a HK$16,000 pair of pink satin, fully beaded shoes (and was sickly tempted to try on, but held on to my morals that if I can't afford it, don't even dare try it). CRAP! HK$16,000!! But you know what? They're gorgeous!!!! *salivate, drool, etc etc*

On the same topic (shoes): I wanted to share a brief experience about Manolo Blahniks (which unfortunately, due to the incidentS *yes, plural*, won't ever make me buy his shoes anymore :(( I wore my Manolos last week, after having stored them for a year (carefully stored I might add) and for some odd reason, the rubber part in the right heel BROKE OFF. Thinking it might have just been a fluke, I wear another pair of Manolos on a separate occasion, and guess what, the rubber part in the heel BROKE OFF AGAIN! (Maybe I'm getting on the heavy side, and Manolos' delicate shoes no longer carry my weight!! *BoooOhooOOo!*) So there. I just briefly passed by Manolo B. boutique to let the manager know of it. NO, I did NOT get a new pair of shoes for free as a result of my complaint. Apparently I should just take it with Mr. Blahnik personally :D *hmm if I bring Mrs. Marcos with me, will he give me a new pair of shoes?? *blink blink, maybe I should use my ahem, connections?* hehehe all for a FREE pair of shoes.. sigh. *cough cough FREELOADING BAG HAG BIATCH ALERT!*

Anyway I think it's time to turn in for the night. I'll continue writing up about my work-to-spend OCW program tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying this literary piece of mine so far *hahaha* :D

P.S. I have to sort out a HUGE sack of bags (uh oh, I hope no more Ferragamos) that came for me this weekend. Gee thanks ELC for sending it over. Nothing beats having an extended closet in my house eh??!! hehehe.

If you have any comments (positive I hope!) please don't hesitate to email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com or text/ sms (+63916)758-0857. NIGHT NIGHT Bag hags :D