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Monday, November 21, 2005

OCW Bag Hag from HK is back!

WooHah, I SUPER missed blogging! There were times when I just sooo wanted to leave a short post, but alas I couldn't, as I was with my editor the whole time.

For the peeps who didn't know, I was last weekend, an OCW-- yep, an overseas contract worker! I did some freelance work to be able to earn more moolah to buy new bags (yup, pathetic. hey so what, I'm desperate! at least I won't go stealing someone else's money, right?;)

I'll keep this short-- I need shuteye. Yesterday (sunday) was my last day in HK and my ONLY day to really shop, and geez, sometime before noon, I get a cramp which intensified and got to the point where it was so excruciating that we had to call in the house doctor. I was praying it was not appendicitis or anything that would require surgery WHILE I was in HK (I loooove HK since it was my second home for awhile, but I sooo don't want to be confined in a hospital there. Trust me, it ain't pleasant) but thank God, about an hour later, it just went away! I am still baffled. But I am gonna have to take an ultrasound later on in the day.

Anyway later on I shall be giving you a full account of my weekend as an OCW in HK :D For the peeps who wish to go to HK, here's a travel advice:

HK 4-1-1 weather: Between 18-20 deg C. (bring light sweater)

Later hags! Nitey for now-- its 3:00AM!