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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Life Revolves Around...

Since I gave birth to my firstborn child almost three years ago, I have not really been to a "big" party. And despite working within the fashion industry (actually it's the wedding fashion industry), I was lounging in Social Siberia. My daily uniform was just a pair of good jeans and tees at Gap (all the colors imaginable). Tods were my staple brand of shoes. My Manolos and Choos had to be wrapped up and kept in their respective coffins.

Quite frankly at one point, I just got tired of going out-- you know, the whole nine yards : dressing up, putting muck on my face (wherein my face goes into withdrawal the very next day by sprouting out zits). I think there must have been some form of high I used to get by attending 95% of the launches/ cocktails that get hurled my way and someone or something just took all that mojo away-- hence social siberia. I guess my priority is my family now. *Something about being a mom just makes you reprioritize everything in life-- all of that, except them damn bag addictions, where the purchasing continues sans that nagging social conscience.

But perhaps also now that I am 1. jobless, 2. semi-comfortably moved into my new home 3. have 2 kids, 4. have new bags, perhaps I was getting a bit more inclined to go out (despite current cashflow probs). Tonight was such a night, as I actually even showered, had my outfit ironed, spread lotsa muck on my face to cover the mini acne farm growing on my forehead, and sprayed on the parfum that Daph had given me. I don't look hot. I look decent. Like I actually took some time to get ready (there would always be other people who would disagree HAHA).

I was dressed in a lace ANTHROPOLOGIE shirt (ahh my hang-up about not having worn an all-lace wedding gown shows through with my choice of shirt. P.S. super late erratum: I wore a PRONOVIAS gown, not a Vera Wang as some have thought). I wore ZARA black pants. MANOLO BLAHNIK Carolyne slingbacks. AND MY LOUIS VUITTON BLACK TURTLE VIENNA MIZI BAG.

I was out to meet Bryanboy for the first time at this party. PLUS this would be my SECOND only party that I have attended this year (the first one being the MIX denim launch/ Neil Oshima book launch). Together with my fave sis in law who is just super duper sweet (ahh she totes her new killer buy: HERMES POTIRON KELLY in TAURILLON CLEMENCE LEATHER), we went to the Shu By Ai party at the Loft. I am excited to meet Bryanboy-- he is so witty, he writes with so much life! We had fun chatting last night (rather this morning) and he is someone I look forward to meeting. And just when you thought you have already met everyone, right? Along comes a real interesting person and tonight, it is bryanboy.

He originally was gonna tote a CHANEL 2.55, but he ended up with his LV MACHA WALTZ when I told him I was taking my turtle bag out for a spin.
QUICK BAG REVIEW: Chanel 2.55-- Iconic bag of Gabrielle (Coco) CHANEL . Introduced in February 1955 (hence 2.55), this bag has evolved from the rectangular turnlock into the double C logo. And it was again reissued for the 50th year anniversary of its birth. Must have the SILVER!!

So I finally meet this larger-than-life superstar. I can honestly tell you, he is SO SKINNY! Like really I felt so PHHHHAT next to him. Being the bad girl I am, I checked out this nouveaux riche babe. LOUIS VUITTON, LOUIS VUITTON, HERMES... Shikes I know he is dressed in head-to-toe designer, but I must really have had my head so far down the hole that I had dug up (when I decided to "hibernate") that I didn't recognize anymore the other labels he wore tonight. I do know I like his shoes :) To sum it up, this babe is a sight for label whore sore eyes! *Update: he wore Jacket and trousers by Zara, tank top by Topshop, Scarf by Hermes, Rabbit scarf by Louis Vuitton, handbag by Louis Vuitton, boots by Frye (courtesy of bryanboy). I felt like such a garbage can standing next to the man

INSECURITY ALERT: He doesn't even have hips and here I am with my wide bottom! *bawl*

Also hooked up with Daphne, who wore the Lanvin- inspired pearls with her super nice BANANA REPUBLIC lacey top (i love this look on her and i love the look for myself but the diff is, she makes it look soooo good, while i can totally ruin the look). The LANVIN-esque pearls are SO NICE! I'm getting mine tomorrow :-) ! It's our monthly METRO gals night out to dinner.

1. LV monogram MACHA WALTZ
2. BALENCIAGA bronze city motorcycle bag
3. CHANEL large lambskin classic quilted bag (the CC turnlock version of the 2.55)
4. BALENCIAGA motorcycle clutch
5. HERMES potiron KELLY
6. BEA VALDES (I think-- or rather HOPE I'm right) bag

I saw a lot of fashionable-looking bags, but not a lot were in designer (and thank God I didn't spot a fake-- I didn't spend a long time at the party). Saw tons of old friends, (oh I'm so glad they still remember me!): KT,MR,DM,KT,BP,GC,CF,TT,LC,EL,PT,RE,RI,SB,CS,LI,PS,TP.. ahh the list goes on tonight-- sigh, I used to hang out with these people like THREE years ago with CL,TY, and MC.

SELF REFLECTION: I am really old. While I had so much fun meeting these old friends (we will definitely plan a get together before the Yuletide holiday), I also realized time just went by so fast without my knowing it *and realllly realizing it*

KO of New York swore she didn't have a lot of bags. Umm.. ohhhkay but after this photo you sent, you made me a believer-- NOT! KO has that *wooHoo* CELINE ORANGE BOOGIE bag, among her Louis Vs :)

BAG TIP goes to AA's friend AC: Your friend tells me about your powerful influence over her with which you made her purchase a PATEK watch. You talk the talk!! While she appreciates dearly that purchase advice, she also wanted ME to suggest a good bag for you to get. So here goes:
1. CHAINS: might I suggest the abovementioned CHANEL 2.55 in silver? It doesn't really scream CHANEL-- after all, the bag is without the famous signature logo turnlock.
2. HANDHELD: LV Epi Alma. Understated (no big flying logos-- I heard you are not into logos). No-fuss leather bag, and a classic.
3. HOBO: I have to tell you hands down, go for the BOTTEGA VENETA HOBO WITH INTERWOVEN LEATHER. The leather is SO soft. This is a bag that you can use for years and years.

Night everyone. My colds have become full blown PLUS now I have that recurring cough-- it's back with a vengeance. Again thanks to my husband for spreading the virus to me. I always have it the worst in the household and it took me TWO months to recover from my last cough. I am sooooooo grateful *GRRRRRR*. You better buy me a bag or you will have sardines for dinner for the rest of the month... *hehehehe yea yea I'm a meanie, but if you see me coughing, you'd honestly feel sorry for me. Now where's my aspirator? * P.S: NO- PLAGUE LOOK PLEASE: And DONT stare at me (when you see me) as if I have the bubonic plague. That aspirator is the only way to stop me from cardiac arrest when no air flows through my tubes! :D