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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My day was like a bowl of minestrone

OK, go ahead, SWOOOOON!! **HERMES BLEU ROI 30CM POROSUS CROCODILE BIRKIN**And NoOOoooO, I didn't get it (whatcha think, I robbed a bank??). I was a bad girl today. I already KNEW that I was an incorrigible shopaholic but I never knew I could stoop this low for something. Soo anyway you already knew of my search for a Cameo pendant. Remember that 2.5K pendant/brooch? Ok, well I went to Megamall to finally buy it.

yes yes I know. I told you. I'm bad. And that's not all. The worst thing about this whole situation was, all I had in my wallet for this whole week was 2.5K! And now it's a pendant (without a chain even!) By the way I bought the antique 40- something year old cameo at UNANG PANAHON (4/F Megamall). It is beautiful, but see, I don't understand this at all. My mom and I spoke briefly today and I knew she has a few cameos that she doesn't wear anymore.

So can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY I had to spend my last thousand in my wallet for the week to buy this cameo pendant, when I could've very well just asked Mom for one of hers? *THWAP!*

Ok, so I carried by indigo CHLOE PADDINGTON satchel today. Holy smokes it's sooo heavy, I had forgotten exactly HOW heavy the padlock is. See the thing is, I normally carry the bag WITHOUT the padlock. Yes, yes I know, the padlock is what makes the bag so "hot" but it makes me hot as in SWEATY when I carry it. So damn heavy! My right shoulder blade had a seriously nasty work out. I'm sure my right arm will be so toned and flexed by tomorrow while the left will be flabbily limping and swaying away as I walk *eeewww Nip Tuck Please!*

1. Your whole body is relatively proportioned-- like you're thin, BUT you STILL have these loose skin thingies hanging around your a. Gut; b. Arms; c. Thighs

2. You have a svelte body but your face is just plain round (so people never really notice that you lose weight; they only notice when you gain weight-- like how your nose widens like mine does)

3. You KNOW the bag is heavy but you STILL buy it anyway because a. Sienna Miller carries it; b. the Olsen twins are seen with it -- NOT.
4. You ask your bf/hubby for an opinion about a bag, and his response (without even looking) is, "It's nice." Then after you buy it, out pours the real emotions about the bag (i.e. "eww that's an ugly bag.")

I bet you ALL had experienced that last one, at one time or another :) hehehe. I had once purchased an LV perle vernis houston (wow do you guys notice, I think I am hogging LV bags!!). I brought the bag home, asked the hubster's opinion. Without so much a glance, he said, the bag's ok. Then a few days later (you know how I NEVER use my brand new bags right away), when I was about to cut the plastic out of the cowhide straps, he goes "That bag looks so stiff, what bag is that?"

So of course, I returned the bag. But I think and recall-- that was the only one time I listened to him :) The rest of the choices were all mine, mine, mine!!!! So when I tell him my shoulder blades were sore when I got home tonight, he just stared at me stoically. Oh well swell.. I guess no massage hehehee...

Know what, my head is like a bowl of Italian minestrone today-- my thoughts are in complete disarray.. sigh. If you must know, I actually slept at 5am this morning and had to wake up at 9am. My head was better off in the loo than out. Ohh boy what a mess. Perhaps the only real joy was when I squandered my last few bills in my wallet for a little slice of jewelry heaven :) *ahh terrible. I'm really incorrigible*

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: I need a $ paying job asap. Now, if you happen to own a company and think I have what it takes (what is this, the friggin Army recruitment program?!), you know where to reach me!! :D email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com or send me a text message at +639167580857 *hehehe I'm shameless!!*. I don't work for free anymore though, hahaha those endless boxes of floor cleaners and polishers are not really doing ME any good. Remember, you are dealing with SELFISH bag hag here... Nothing for the house, and all for moi, moi, moi!!

HOME DECORATING HELP NEEDED: Is anyone out there reading my bag diary an interior decorator? I just needed to ask for an opinion via email/ text (too cheap and broke to pay consultation fees). I wanted to put a partition in some parts of my house, and was thinking of putting these curtain rod type things on the top of the wall. I just don't know if there are rods long enough... Help! Please contact me if you think you can offer me some free advice :) I will also need a carpenter I think to install those thingies.. I hope I am right!!

Ok I think two more sentences and I am gonna be officially brain dead so I might as well quit while I'm ahead.

P.S. Passed by the hospital briefly to check up on baby Gab who seemed to be doing better. Thank you for the continued prayers! It really means so much to me :)

P.P.S. I STILL have NO couch.

P.P.P.S. I STILL have NO money for a couch.

Sorry again that this post is not as meaty as the others. My brain is malfunctioning big time today :( *Although I'm no rocket scientist in the first place so it's not really too big a deal if my brain malfunctions. But since my wallet malfunctioned today and for the rest of the week, some SERIOUS damage control is in order* hehe..

NIGHTY!!! :D tomorrow again bag hags :D I promise!