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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Please help me. I'm so tired from the Halloween thing, and yet when I saw this gooooorgeous bag from BOTTEGA VENETA, I nearly fell off my chair. And since this is a runway bag, it IS expensive.
FINANCE ONCE-OVER CONCLUSION: I cannot afford a runway bag. At all. Anymore. No excuses. Finito. End of story. Besides, I got a note today that my BLACK bag has arrived. Oh dear, another sticker shock coming right up. (Oh my Lord, can I just use the COUCH FUND for this BOTTEGA?)

Today is November 1, I am going to see my Daddy at the cemetery. He's been gone for 3 years now and I miss him so terribly. Despite what we all think that Men don't know crap on what to get for their girlfriends/wives/moms, I can tell you straight on that my Daddy KNEW what to get me. I was in 6th grade when I realized he KNEW what I liked. He just KNEW. I remember him heading off to HK on a short business trip, and at that moment in fashion history, denim jackets were all the rage.

And at that very time, I was still sorta stuck on the girly girl outfits that my mom bought for me (don't get me wrong, I didn't really mind the LAURA ASHLEY frocks that much-- but being a 6th grader then, is NO LONGER THE SAME as being a 6th grader now. *imagine if i was in 6th grade NOW and wearing Laura Ashley frocks-- i wouldnt be surprised if my fellow schoolmates duct-taped me to the flag pole* Back then, I didn't even know what LV was-- the only LV bag I had was a present from Daddy's banker. It was a monogram flap bag and I used it with much gusto :) Anyway as I was saying, Daddy came home a few days later with : an ESPRIT DENIM MINI AND an ESPRIT DENIM JACKET! My whole world changed. ESPRIT back then was to ZARA now. Imagine my sheer glee!

Sometime in high school, Daddy took a business trip to Italy with his colleagues. I was expecting Daddy to bring back some souvenir T-shirts (you know, the baggy kind you get when a relative comes home from a foreign land). But no... Daddy brought home a white calfskin leather PRADA bag, and a suede Periwinkle DIOR clutch! Now THAT is MY DADDY! :)

I look back and am glad I have all those fond memories I had with him, and of him. HE ROCKED MY WORLD. He was my pillar of strength, my ally, the one man in my life who will NEVER EVER be replaced. He was the one person who was not afraid to tell me that "I'm getting fat." (I remember when he used to say that, I would just glare at him. G-L-A-R-E) Daddy spoiled me rotten. I was given 2 credit cards-- one that was shared with Mommy and siblings, and the other, shared with him (where the bill goes straight to him, bypassing my sibs and Mommy). He would tell me "Use your credit card ONLY when there is an emergency."

And he would practically get a coronary when his secretary informs him of the card bill. YES YES I AM SPOILED OK (isn't not being able to pay for a bag at the sales counter considered an Emergency?) So when I got married, I was sorta stumped. I had turned in my credit cards prior to marriage (as a sign that I was going to be my husband's financial responsibility from marriage after). I don't think my husband would ever pay for my purchases, nor would he consider "Not being able to pay for a bag" an emergency. To remedy that situation immediately, Dear Daddy set me aside shortly after I got married and gave me a new Amex platinum card. To which he said "use this card if your husband cannot afford to buy what you want for yourself." I could've abused the card, but being the responsible newly married daughter, I resisted that urge. Besides, I was given a "dowry" wherein I was able to buy more bags and shoes (I was given a budget for 12 NEW bags and 24 NEW pairs of shoes to add to my collection!-- WOOOHOO!! *check it out, I was shamelessly even featured in the local paper for my shoe obsession! *prompting MANY jealous people behind my back to say, I married for money.. Umm HELLO, these were paid for by MY dad! Geeeez how low can the scums of this earth get eh? *AND I THOUGHT i was the shallowest of them all.. I guess I was wrong! hehehe) so I had plenty plenty :) Hence, I've never really gotten the opportunity to use the card. Five months after that, my dad fell ill and passed away another 5 months thereafter of lung cancer.

Sorry about my ramblings, I just had to pay tribute to the man who has shaped me into who I am today. (COUGH.. a spoiled brat) :D Kidding aside, his generosity and unending selflessness to his family and to society made me realize that I should also be selfless, honest, and compassionate to others. There are really more important things to life than bags and shopping *AHEM: social conscience at work*
Oh and REALITY CHECK: This FINALLY got to my head: That Money does not grow on trees! *BAWL* (after having kids, I TOTALLY feel the pinch!!)

I've been so blessed in life with a great family-- a very supportive mom who has her little quirks here and there, and my siblings + sisinlaw who have always also been supportive and nurturing especially after our Daddy's passing. I began using the card on my trips abroad, but always paid my sibling back *who now takes care of the bill* LESSON TO LEARN: NEVER take a foot when you get offered an inch. I never take advantage of that privilege, and should NOT even think about taking advantage. DOWNSIDE: now my sibs know what kinda stuff i buy!!

Sooo to this day, I pay for my own purchases-- NOT my husband-- although sadly, people have always been quick to judge that it's my husband who pays for my being "high maintenance": To those peeps who think so, you are DEAD WRONG *darn it you know who you are* I am not rich-- I have to find a job sometime soon after I've settled in (or else I will seriously Squander off the NEW COUCH FUND as well as the HOUSEHOLD GROCERY FUND!!) I use money which I had rightfully earned from working for a television network in Hong Kong while I was still single. THINK: I don't buy tons of expensive clothes-- heck remember I mentioned I wore bazaar clothes? THAT'S ME! You won't see me wearing COMME DES GARCONS or ALBERTA FERRETTI. And Oye, We rarely eat out! Haute cuisine to us is McDo!! :D *snicker*) Occasionally Mommy foots the bill when she insists (ONLY when she insists! REMEMBER: do not abuse mommy's goodness for your own selfish wants! But if it's a bag she can conceivably use too, USE your POWERS of PERSUASION girl!) but for the most part, it's all me-- I'm a sucker for these get-rich-quick schemes but I don't have enough money to invest in anything. My finances are very "hand-to-mouth". :D *I'm currently on welfare from my husband since I'm unemployed-- No one wants me to work for their company! *Umm.. am i realllly such a liability?*innocent blink * BooOoOHoOooOO!!* So when I say I'm broke, I MEAN IT! DON'T QUESTION IT :D When I do buy a new bag, I usually let an older bag go. In this case, the FALL GUY might just have to be my BALENCIAGA MAGENTA CITY BAG. (I realllllly loooooove this bag still and it's such a HOT color to have that you can't find ANY in this color at the 2nd hand shops in Hong Kong) Anyone interested in it? It's got everything included-- the original Balenciaga box, a copy of my purchase receipt, the tags, and the extra tassels and mirror. EMAIL ME if you're interested (or check my site http://tresormakati.tripod.com) it might just be posted there.

Now going back to the Bottega bag: i just loooove those scrollwork patterns on the woven leather!! Sigh... enough for now, its YIKES 2AM already. Looking back up, boy did I cover my bases in this post. I'm suddenly ashamed! Did I blab again? Sigh, forgive forgive the motor-mouthedness in me! I'm just bored heheh.. i think! (bored AND broke)

I'll leave you with photos from the GUCCI SPRING SUMMER 2006 COLLECTION.

Same old signature bamboo handle (which is painful to hold or carry after a while). But hey, tell me what you think of these bags anyway! Email tresor@compass.com.ph or SMS (+63916)758-0857.

P.S. IDIOT ALERT: To bring up the Halloween issue about my no-bag day (hence suggestion to get a messenger type bag): I cannot buy a longer handle for the purple LV VERNIS THOMPSON STREET-- the damn strap is FIXED!! I will just have to keep lusting for the BAGGY PM (p.p.s. LV called me to say that they can sell one to me-- haha jump the list.. Anyone wanna get one and is on the waitlist? Let me know!)