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Monday, November 07, 2005

It's ALL ABOUT Morals

Wow, I'm surprised anyone would even leave comments on the tag board! Earlier, I was toying around with the blogger system (since I am really computer illiterate) and discovered tagboard. I frankly had no clue what that was, and seeing how bored I also was, I just explored it. Before I knew it, I was able to cut and paste the code into my html template *applause, applause*

Let me answer the questions of some of the readers: 1. No, I don't know bryanboy personally YET (but I'm dying to meet the superstar AND the bags!) 2. I haven't used my ahem, Turtle bag a.k.a. black Vienna Mizi yet, 3. Prices at Louis Vuitton Greenbelt, Manila for the speedy 25 and 30 are Php 36,200 and Php 37,800 respectively. SHAMELESS PLUG: I have a preowned speedy30 if you are interested. Please click on TRESOR . 4. What on earth is ISM? *the only ISM my brain churned out is that dirt stock that I tried investing my little savings on and ended up losing lots more. So, I hope reader CARLA doesn't mean my unscrupulous seller is a boardmember of that company... Coz if she is, then I WANT MY INVESTMENT MONEY BACK!!!!!! *fuming* Darn girls, don't give me a reason to get all riled up over this seller. (P.S. Carla: email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com coz I really wanna know what you're talking about..) MIKAEDO: you are right. I believe in karma. Totally. My friend MC told me last night that I should never allow people to pick my brains. Because apparently at times, I do. MC thinks I'm gullible *boohoo!*WHY can't people like this unethical lady just do their own nose picking instead?* GULP- the next thing I know, she'll have her own bag blog *HAHAHA!!* Now THAT would be hilarious!!

DESIGNER BAG RESALE BUSINESS FACT: In this business that I'm in, I sincerely and honestly believe that to be a designer bag reseller, YOU MUST BE A BAG LOVER-- A DIE-HARD BAG LOVER (i.e. Moi- Metro's PURSE Lady *yep that article's about me! P.S. that was my CHLOE PADDINGTON. Ugh, can I be more self-centered and shameless?!?!? *cough, thick-skinned Biatch* hehe). Anyway, if you aren't even a consumer, then chances are you would have probably allowed yourself to sell a FAKE bag without even knowing it. *tsk tsk* You catch my drift, girls? *wink wink!*

As my hot, hot favorite singer (Robbie Williams- whom I MISSED seeing by like 5 minutes when he was in Channel V *I was working at STAR TV News that time- same floor, different division*) sang " No regrets, they don't work.."

SELF REFLECTION: It's alright. If I didn't get screwed by her, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to see a fake Hermes Kelly. There, I said it. My mean streak has come out! *evil grin* (Ahhh truly, In every dark cloud, there's a silver lining)

SERIOUS NOTE: ok, girls, that's honestly a dead issue already ok? Let it go. It already happened and there's nothing anyone can do to reverse the situation. But heck if she starts a blog and COPIES my style, Honey, I AINT playing goodie goodie no more! *WAR FREAK mode* :D hahaha!!

Speaking of REGRET: Hot mommy-lawyer CL said that she had such a painful experience about a purchase regret, I mean, a "no-purchase regret". She says she SHOULD'VE bought the bag. While she palpitated over a Pink GUCCI monogram bag upon first sight a few years ago (to be exact, 1996 or 97-- that bag would've been vintage by now haha) , she didn't buy the bag. She held back *WHY girl?! Why!* (Her reason was "SUDDEN SOCIAL CONSCIENCE" ATTACK *ladies, this happens to all of us, so read on) That painful "no-purchase regret" and SSC attack of an experience still haunts her to this day. MORAL LESSON: If you find a bag that you palpitated over, BUY it. Most stores have a 7 or 14-day return or store credit policy. Should you change your mind once you claimed your stake on that bag, you can always return it. But hey, let's be nice people here, DON'T go using the bag to every place you know THEN decide you want to return. That's not ethical, ok? *No matter how tempting it may be*

You already know about my version of no-purchase regret. Remember the FERRAGAMO lizard bag? (See archive OCT 25 post) Well I still think about it. In fact, I walked into the FERRAGAMO boutique (and I have NOT done that in a long time except for business purposes where I had to 'pull-out' the Floral bag which I featured for METRO magazine *see photo*) to ask if they can special-order that lizard bag from last season for me. Of course the answer is no. The only bag they had brought in was the real nice crochet cream bag. That's nice too. It was a trend that was also followed by GERARD DAREL. So tell me whatcha think of the DAREL crochet bag which is seen here being carried by Charlotte Gainsbourg. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS BAG! P.S. this bag is approx EU300+ if I'm not mistaken.. (It even came out in python! How luxe is that!)

Anyway I plan to turn in early again tonight. I am trying to suppress a possible full-blown colds/cough=FLU. Special thanks again to my dear husband who shared this virus with me overnight hehehe... :D

Tomorrow is a looong day and this is actually probably my last of the double-triple posts/day trend. Errands, errands and more errands to run!! Sigh, to run a household... :D

The NYQUIL has begun to take its effect! I'm off to bag la-la land! Cheers!!

And P.S. Howdy to fellow LV logomaniac JP of OZ :) Keep collecting! We can beg on the streets together :D hehehe