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Monday, November 14, 2005

Highs and Lows of Manila Shopping

Is this awesome or what: MT who's been corresponding with me via email/ text only (she's from the south) was in my fave store (True Value hahaha... this shop should already be handing me their privilege card!) yesterday. I've never met her yet, and voila, she saw me (as I looked like a REAL hag, all tired and dirty-- I honestly could not understand how she saw past the make up *from my METRO WEDDINGS staff photo*) and called out to me. I was like, hmm who's this chic woman, right? Then of course she introduces herself and OH MY, I can't believe I finalllly meet her! MT: I'm so glad to have FINALLY met you, girl!!

OK, today I experienced the high-end and low-end shopping of Manila (high- end being superrrr expensive, low- end being totally and affordably *is this a word?* cheap!) I was in Greenbelt 4 this morning. Passed by Bulgari and said hi to Mon Calica *p.s. if you gals are in the market for a new Bulgari watch or Bulgari jewellery, do look for Mon. He's cool*. Of course I walked out of Bulgari with nothing (as if I can afford anything in that store *uh huh*). Also went by Burberry. I hardly ever go to Burberry and the only thing I liked there was their diaper bag. But I recalled I had a new Bronze Burberry bag in my TRESOR inventory and had seen an orange version of the Burberry that I was selling. My client was selling hers (it's still available by the way) for Php 32,000. The orange one they had in the store (EXACTLY the same as this bronze one) is selling for 50.5k!! I sorta got sticker shock right there. The bag Tresor has is much cheaper by 18.5k! Mind you for 18.5k you can already get yourself a nice cosmetique pochette from LV! :D Quite frankly I like this bronze much more than the orange. This bronze reminds me of the Lanvin Kentucky bag* Hot hot hot!!*

In the afternoon, after my visit to baby Gab (thanks to your continued prayers, her condition is stable. Please do continue praying for her), I passed by Greenhills' tiangge to look for:
1. Cheap Christmas decor (I need a tree skirt)
2. Cheap cameo necklace (I haggled for one at the Vintage bazaar for 2.5k but I didn't get it. Still hoping I can find out for under 2k! yes, I am cheap. so what! :D)
3. Some nursery rhyme books for my friend to read to her daughter, baby Gab
4. DINNER (too lazy to cook tonight. blah. I'm no Nigella Lawson)

OPINIONATED BAG HAG ALERT: Greenhills (GH) is the perfect marketplace to scout for cheap but good finds. EXCEPT the damn fake designer bags. It's sad. And scary. I walked past an LV denim baggy bag that LOOKED real. *shock* I also saw a white leather CHLOE paddington *puke! it looked real fake and bugly* AND the classic-- I saw a BIRKIN type LV monogram bag *that was sooooo hilarious! It looked sooo bugly, a designer bag mutant!! hahaha :D* I would've been able to post a photo had it not been for my camera phone which konked out while I was in GH (my phone is just BEGGING to be treated by a Nokia quack doctor *the quacks are the ones in Greenhills. The real docs are in Nokia Care Center :D*

So, my mini shopping expedition yielded:
1. Cheap Christmas tree skirt (bought for 650 pesos)
2. Cheap cameo necklace? I'm afraid NOT. That damn woman wanted to sell me the cameo pendant for 8K!!! I mean, it's NOT gold and it certainly aint no Wedgewood cameo!! And its 8 thousand pesos?! Lady, who are you kiddin?! (I think I'll just get the 2.5K pendant. At least that
's a vintage piece AND it's set in some sort of gold.. like 10 kt.. better than the 8k gold- plated one!)
3. Got a bookset (princess stories) for baby G
4. Dinner: hah, I bought Popeye's chix. *gulp... there's no bird flu yet right?*

Overall it's been quite fun. High end meets low end in one day. Strange though, I hardly saw any Christmas decors for sale. What's with our holiday spirit? Have you already put up your Christmas trees in your homes? What are ya waiting for?? Put em up already!! NO excuse not to-- I mean, you only have TWO months out of the whole year to enjoy the bloody tree (after spending a few thousands on it), might as well get mileage off it! :D

Ok I am going to keep this post short, I will be updating www.tresormakati.com and am also posting some photos of how the PRADA bags look like when carried. By the way these PRADA bags were bought by my client at RUSTANS Prada, and all three bags are in excellent condition. For product shots, please just check em out in my TRESOR website PRADA HOBO with LUCITE HANDLE: Black microfiber hobo bag with lucite handle in very good condition, used about 5x. Zipper top enclosure. Prada triangle logo on the side of bag. Measures 14"L x 7"H. Bag is quite large and can carry lotsa things. Perfect for travel or daily use. Please check TRESOR for price and product shot. *p.s. you can actually use this as a diaper bag too for a quick trip to the mall with your baby :-) * PRADA BOWLER BAG: Black microfiber bowler bag with lock and key. Double rolled-leather handles make this bag easy to carry. Excellent condition, was not yet used by owner, just stored in its dustbag. Slight crumpling in the fabric (due to storage) but with frequent use, it should iron out. Measures 11"L x 5"H (w/o handles). Prada logo in the side. Price posted at TRESOR website.PRADA CUSHION "Plume" BAG: Shaped like the HERMES plume bag, this black cushion shaped microfiber bag has two leather handles as well as a lock and key. It was carried once or twice and was mostly kept in the closet. Measures 12"L x 9"H. The size is nice and big but is also not bulky. Zipper enclosure for security. Another perfect bag to use for travel because it's lighweight! For price info, please check the TRESOR website. This bag is in very good condition!

Ok gals, remember, it's already almost the end of November *well, it's practically half of November already anyway* So, reward yourself before the holidays!SHARE-A-SALE ALERT: Also for you bag hags out there, Dei Asia is holding a PRIVATE SALE from today til November 26 only--> 30% off + 20% off on Anya Hindmarch bags and , Fall 2005 Isabella Fiore bags. Dei Asia is located at 2/F Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas *in front of Greenbelt*

P.S. Daphne wishes to thank you for buying her handmade pearl necklaces and hopes you enjoy wearing them :)

Have a great night peeps! Time to pay attention to my TRESOR website! *Geez I've lost count of how many times I shamelessly typed the link for the site!! shame shame!!! (i've developed some sort of thick skin already, after the countless plugs-- at least I'M NO BITTER PILL today!* People have been complaining that I haven't been updating *teehee, sooooweee... I'm now a blog hog... hahaha*