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Monday, November 07, 2005


HAGS: hysterical accessories gathering syndrome. THE FASH PACK: You are too hilarious, thanks for that perfect acronym!! YES I have that problem (and so do many netizens out there! :-) We are not alone!! *wwoooohaaa!*

Was chatting with BABY MAGAZINE editor Margie about BOTH our endless search for couches. I ran into her at the Budji Layug (Movement 8) showroom, as she and hubby were also on the lookout for a couch. It's been a week already and still NO COUCH-- that goes for both of us. P.S. what Margie failed to know is, within a week, I got a new bag :D *hahaha bad bad!*

JP from OZ reminded me about this other IT bag-- the bag that is gaining much popularity lately: The ALEXANDER MC QUEEN NOVAK. I had seen this bag at the cover of WWD Accessories and was secretly liking it. But it was in CROC. Now we all know Croc bags *without known labels* can already cost an arm and a leg, but an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN CROC? You have gotta be kidding me already! (Which reminds me, that DIOR detective croc bag which has a price tag of US $18,000 is soooo yummy. I got to hold the bag for a good 5 minutes, tote it within the floors of Neiman Marcus. And that's all. I didn't get to take home that bag. WHY? Because I am NOT Susan Casden or the Traina sisters) *bawl*

Anyway this NOVAK croc bag in green is something else. (Mc Queen took inspiration from actress Kim Novak of Hitchcock's Vertigo fame) The turnlock & buckle of this bag briefly reminded me of the older GUCCI bags, but overall the bag looks good. Will I buy it? If I had the money, sure why not. But if you ask me if I'd buy the regular leather version of the Novak, I'll pass. It sorta reminds me of my black TURTLE bag (coz it's big-- although of course no comparison here!)

Remember the B bag? Well here's another version of it, in VERY MOD blue. It's kinda cute. Sorta. But also not something I will buy. At least it's not yet calling out to me in my sleep *Gulp!* So what do you bag netizens think of this Blue B Bag (FENDI)? Feel free to leave notes or comments about the bag on my TAGBOARD :)

Sigh, maybe I'm getting tired of all these new bags. After all, one can only suffer from HAGS for so long. I'm just one of those women who have first world wants but have third world pockets. I digress. But I guarantee you this, it's NOT anywhere in my New Year's Resolution (yet) that I will buy less bags next year. *But really, it depends if I get a good job by next year. If I am still jobless, how can I buy more?!*

So tell me this. What makes a bag an IT bag? Does it have to be carried by a celebrity for it to become a HOT item? I.E. does Sienna Miller have that Midas touch when it comes to bags? Did the Olsen sisters' nonstop toting of the BALENCIAGA bags make you want to own one too? And will Lindsey Lohan's recent photo of her toting this B bag make FENDI do double jackpot with first the Spy and then this B bag? P.S. I can see my baghag buddy CY toting this blue bag. It's Soooo Her!! *I will call and inform her later :D* (My GOOD DEED!)

Share your comments/opinions on my Tagboard or feel free to email tresormakati@yahoo.com Or SMS at +63916-7580857!

Time to head out again. And let me just say that your messages on email/text/tag make me smile :) If you also have a bag that you think looks hot, let me know so maybe we can lust for it together :D

P.S. GOOCHI GIRL: thanks for enlightening me on the acronym of ISM (I was seriously thinking of that dirt stock! Red epi alma is 40K. And speaking of alma-- ALMA: how cute is that, you have the same name as the LV bag so now you need to get your namesake and tote it!!! I'll try to find a wallet for you but ya gotta let me know which one you like!

bye for now! :-) *I can't believe this, I AM BECOMING A BLOG HAG BAG HOG!! this is my 2nd post today and quite honestly, I have a LOT of things to do!* :D