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Saturday, November 05, 2005

*FLY ME TO THE MOON* That song just keeps ringing in my ear. Frank Sinatra. One of the greatest singers of all time in my book (next to Michael Jackson-- NOT!) I came home from a "concert" some 2 hours ago, and this architect guy (Your average Old Joe *who looked like Ramon Mitra* rest his soul) sang the Frankie song and I went *whoosh!* Awesome song, awesome voice. Apart from a 3.5 hour long concert which bored the wits out of me (I had resorted to text messaging NONSTOP), a couple of performers were quite topnotch.

Sooo what did I miss here? WoW I opened my mail and out poured 10 emails (in a span of 4 hours?!) asking me WHO this "seller" lady I was referring to in my earlier post! What is this all of a sudden, TRESOR'S rendition of WHEN CHIC HITS THE FAN?

Sorry girls, I ain't divulging any more info other than what I have written earlier (& other than what the people who informed me of this other woman already knew). Wow I refer to her like she is some mistress or something! *blah blah blah* Enough talk of this woman already, I don't want to give her any of my blogspace if she ain't paying me. *hehehe* Christmas is near so let's be of good cheer! *ra ra ra!* No negative vibes here please!!

HOLIDAY ALERT: Holy smokes, Christmas IS just a month and a half away! Oh how that scares me-- I have NOT done ANY form of shopping YET! OK, I swore off this holiday shopping rush, sigh. My former METRO WEDDINGS colleague and dear friend Fiona L. (editor of the sadly, now-defunct Metro Shopping) had featured a piece that Daph wrote about on holiday shopping. One of Daph's tips: Avoid shopping in the -ber months. Umm.. Ok, it's now Novem- BER! Ugh! WHAT made me forget to do early shopping?! *THINK: elusive couch? NEW BAG? elusive couch? NEW BAG? NEW BAG?*

Speaking of Daphne, I have yet to post the 4-1-1 on the pricing of the LANVIN- inspired pearls she is selling. I've had 5 inquiries about them this evening (as I sat through 3.5 hours of the concierto). I've asked for the prices of these and will post them tomorrow as soon as I hear from her. You gotta love Daphne. She is 1. very pretty+chic , 2. very smart, 3. very, very nice, 4. very creative, 5. very good a friend and a truly EXCELLENT and selfless mom (now if only I had the same amount of patience + selflessness that she has... sigh)

OFF TOPIC: Yay, a highlight of next week will be the dinner that my METRO girlfriends and I will be having. Post- METRO WEDDINGS magazine stint as Managing Editor, I am pleased to have been able to share a very tight relationship with these former colleagues. I love them dearly *squeeze squeeze*

Ok.. back to the bag topic: My fellow shopaholic buddy CY who is in Baguio tonight avec le hubby also sent me a text to look for a KOOBA sienna bag (she hasn't seen this bag and wanted my opinion). This Sienna bag looks like a smaller CHLOE silverado (with its whipstitch detail on the straps) *photo courtesy of ebay:luxtherapy* I don't know.. This isn't really all great, at least not in my eyes. Not bad, but just not nice enough. No can do, me no likey. Soooo that aint gonna be on my Christmas stocking this year, that much I'm sure.

CHRISTMAS WISHLIST: Ok, now that I have this blog, I guess it is time to put my so-called WISHLIST in writing (so I can SERIOUSLY prioritize what I really want, but this list is not in order) *woooHaa!* (P.s. this list COULD get longer as each day passes. I will not edit this list so I can see exactly what things I lust for and what things on this list change after a few days* P.S. if YOU have a Christmas wishlist that you think you can share with me, please email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com/ Send me an SMS at +63916-7580857 or

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: If you wouldn't mind owning a second hand designer bag, please check out http://tresormakati.tripod.com :D You might be able to pick a nice bag for Christmas! Reward yourself already!! :D

OK I keep straying-- HERE'S MY list:

1. EXCELLENT education for my children (YES, they HAVE to TOP the list or I'll be deemed an unfit mom :)
2. LV runway bag (can't tell you the name coz I dunno it either!)
3. iMAC powerbook
4. 8 ct. cushion cut diamond earrings (4cts. on each ear-- hehe like Oprah!)
5. HERMES 35cm Bleu Roi crocodile birkin
6. HERMES 30cm Emerald Green crocodile birkin
7. DIOR crocodile detective bag
8. GOYARD green shopper tote
9. BOTTEGA yellow runway bag (see previous post with the photo) *OR* that new BOTTEGA rust weave hobo
10. Laser facial treatment (is it IPL?) for life (and I never 'beautify' myself, but I want this!)
11. First class roundtrip tickets to Paris, with accommodations at George V
12. US $100,000,000 (so i don't have to complain about being broke again!)
13. LV baggy PM *possibly the cheapest of all in this list
14. Bryanboy's LV macha waltz OR his blue GOYARD travel bag *a toss-up!* (damn his bag collection... droolworthy! :p~~)

Hmm wow I can't believe I wrote THAT much ! HOLD IT! I should also insert this: #15. a NICE COUCH! *hehe in DIRE need of a couch!!!*

Nighty girlfriends! Now if I only learn to sleep earlier, then I won't be needing those laser treatments... sigh.