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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Evolution of My Addiction

Ok, I have two stories to share. One Funny, and One totallly MENTAL! This afternoon I met up with my fellow baghag KV, who has taken to adopting my BALENCIAGA magenta city bag (I hold you to your promise in taking care of her *stern look*). :D Had quite a laugh after I realized how much pent-up anger I still had over the *ahem* user-friendly seller. I guess I haven't gotten over her yet. Bad bad, SEE, let's not bring it up coz you end up opening the floodgates *whoosh* Or was it me who brought it up? *scratch head*

Ok wait-- I didn't even get to the mental and funny part. The latter part of my afternoon was spent again at, wherelse, TRUE VALUE (oh yeah my NEW hangout *shock*) to buy some Php 1,800 emergency lights (with mini electric fans and a radio and a mosquito repellant (what the?!?!) and a clock-- frankly I don't need an emergency clock OR an emergency radio-- my house strictly enforces the NEWS BLACKOUT LAW hehe). Anyway, You see, last night, I failed to mention we had a sudden power outage. At first I thought it was just my house because we must've been making the meters pant (with those high watt bulbs we installed!). To my comfort, we were not the only house without power. The whole block was without power (could MY HOUSE have caused it?! *hmm that's a thought to ponder, but again I shall never know till I get my 'lectric bill*) Anyyyway we jumped when the lights all went out. I may have been sortova girlscout when it comes to bags *I have pretty much all the cleaning agents and protector sprays that I need or don't really need but just bought*, BUT that power outage really took me by surprise. We had NO spare lights, NO flashlights, NO generator (you nuts, you know how much those things cost?? A friggin GOOD bag!). All we had were these scented candles. Yes, those. TONS of em. From my bathroom. ONE MINOR PROBLEM: Plenty candles, NO MATCH!!

YUP. SHAME SHAME. So we groped in the dark (oohh kinky) for a match til the lights went back on. That's the funny story. (Or at least I hope it was funny. OK that was a bad story.. A stupid one.. Ok Ok already I'm stupid. There! I finally admitted it!)

Now anyway, after TRUE VALUE, I met up with a lovely lady (and food stylist!) AN. At McDonalds. How cheap! A bag meeting at McDo? (I had to buy my kid the famed "pasalubong" fries: yeah right cheap shot of an excuse-- I just dont have money to meet AN anywhere else hahaha. I can only afford a REGULAR order of Fries!) Sooo, while AN and I talked about bags (what else!), there was this *creepy* looking man sitting on another table beside ours. While AN and I were laughing away, this guy just stood up, took his tray, walked over to our table, puts the tray down on the table and extends his hand, asks Moi "Hi May I join you?" What the ?!?! I was like, "Uhh... do I know you?" AN stares at this man and looks at me (with the equal 'what-the?!' look) The guy introduces himself to me and to AN. THEN ASKS ME "and you are..?" I probably looked mortified, so he extends his hand out to AN "and you are...?" Ohhhkayyy. What's this?! Someone please tell me this guy is NOT trying to pick us up (oh wow I'm so full of myself eh?)-- at Friggin McD's!! I found myself telling this guy that "Sorry we are having a private conversation." And the guy just picks up his tray and moves back to where he was previously sitting.

Ohkayy, moving right along: Designer authority bryanboy and I got to chatting about clothes (and bags)-- oh, before I get into the bag discussion again-- here's my take on expensive clothes, (BB wanted me to post this traumatic story of mine... what, to heal my trauma? *tsk tsk*) I knew the death of the days of my wearing expensive clothes. It was this: Sometime in the 90s, our *former* househelp came up to me with this shiny black cloth and said "Ma'am mahirap pong iplantsa itong damit nyo" (trans: Ma'am your shirt is hard to iron). So I looked at what she was holding and asked her "Umm, ano yan?" (trans: Um, what's that?) Then she said "Yung magusutin na blouse nyo" (trans: Your very wrinkled shirt). I spaced out momentarily, trying to think of what on earth that black thing she was holding up was, when suddenly I realized, IT WAS MY ISSEY MIYAKE SHIRT!! SHE IRONED IT AND TRIED ALMOST SUCCESSFULLY TO STRAIGHTEN THE WHOLE THING OUT!!!!

OK I won't go into further details (it can very well get pretty darn ugly) but this should give you a mental phot of my reaction: I spat fire like a VERY ANGRY dragon. That pretty much marked the end of my expensive clothing days. It was also pretty much that incident that gave birth to my then- new addiction: SHOES.
But having gotten pregnant, given birth and all that also ended my shoe addiction *somehow*, which THEN gave birth to my BAG addiction (So help me God).

So to continue, BB and I talked about bags and here's what we both sorta eyed (remember I'm into this croc bag stage, but can't really afford to buy a croc bag unless: I sell all my bags, belongings, PLUS pawn my own family *shock I'm so morbid for even suggesting such a thing!!*Slap me!!*). It's a NANCY GONZALEZ GREEN croc and python clutch. Now someone PLEASE explain this. WHY is it that (dead) python skin is illegal in California, when Live pythons and snakes are being sold IN California?! Can someone kindly ask the Governator Arnie WHY?! This clutch is so pretty... although I'm still not really predisposed to using small bags/clutches. *How can I fit my whole house in that puny bag?!* For those interested, check out neimanmarcus.com for it. The bag's a nicely priced US$ 975.

I think I'm gonna hafta cut this post short. I don't really feel too well, my face has become an acne farm *I can't handle being a domestic goddess, it's just not me :( * and I "supposedly" already need some form of therapy for the aches and pains in my body. How cruel. I always thought therapy was for senior citizens, so I don't really take too kindly with that suggestion. *Since when did my case segue into Geriatrics?? So soon?? Sigh if only you knew of my ailments.. aches and pains here and there.. sigh arthritis hitting a young' un= ME).

Oh by the way, I got a real touching email from JC who said my post about my Daddy touched her and made her want to call her Daddy. JC, do it. Daddy deserves to know you love him mucho. Give him a daily dose of loving if you have to. He deserves every bit of it. *Daddy, I hope you also know, wherever you are, YOU are still the number one man in my life... :( *

Baghag lawyers CL and PA are making my blog their SCRA (supreme court reports annotated). That being the case, maybe I SHOULD go to law school. I will pass with flying colors :D Heck I'll even submit tons of extra credit work :D

BRAG-A-BAG ALERT! Peeps who just had to share their bags to me (and I loooove looking at bags, sigh. what an incorrigible addict I am :(
JG: I'm glad you got an orange epi, and even happier that your hubby decided to pay for it, and an advanced Merry Christmas to you too :D
JP, OZ: If you hadn't sent me a photo of your bags, I wouldn't have even known that LV produced a Monogram Laser line. Although of course I'm not keen on men's bags, I must say the Mono laser leather is very interesting! Hold onto those bags, now that LV doesn't make that line. You have a collectible right there. AA swore she will use this Prada bag til she is 80 years old. I love the bag, girl! And don't think I'm not gonna check up on you 45 years from now... I want to see you toting this bag (with your fake mandibles heehee :D)

If you have a bag (or BAG CLOSET) you wanna show me, please email the photo to tresormakati@yahoo.com (that email can take photo files more than my regular mail). Don't be shy! Anonymity guaranteed :D

Ta-ta! :D