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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

DECISION: Yes, I am finally decided on selling my BALENCIAGA magenta city bag. Here is my baby in all her glory. FINAL DETAILS: 1 preowned magenta BALENCIAGA city bag *purchased from Homme et Femme*, 1 mirror with tassel *unused*, 1 extra set of tassels *unused*, original BALENCIAGA box, original BALENCIAGA dustbag, 3 tags. Of course I gladly guarantee authenticity of this bag-- I can even meet buyer at Homme et Femme to have the bag authenticated! Bought this bag at Php 71K. Email (tresor@compass.com.ph) or SMS (+63916758-0857) if you are interested. There are no visible scratches on this bag that I can see, and the handles have slightly darkened. This Magenta bag is GORGEOUS and is one of Balenciaga's HOTTEST colors.

WHY do I want to sell it? 1. I have a new bag I need to pay for (c'mon you can't expect me to squander off my couch fund now, can you? *innocent look*) 2. i have a silver BALENCIAGA office bag i have yet to use :) *so i still have ANOTHER B. baby! :) *see, Ms. B: I may have said goodbye to ONE balenciaga bag, but THIS other baby is with me still, so I still have Balenciaga on my mind! *These Bags are HERE TO STAY!! Yeeehawwww*

I loved using this bag. I would not have wanted it sold originally, but I gotta make room for my new black bag (this being my FIRST "real" black bag) which I am picking up today (like this afternoon!!) Have you guessed what brand this bag is? :) Gimme a good guess, c'mon!! :) SMS me at (+63916-7580857, i'd love to hear what you THINK my lust-for bag is!)

BUGLY BAG ALERT: DIOR Flight Shearling East/West Bag. *eeewwwww* COST: US$1,790.00 (honestly, WHY waste good money on an UGG BOOT that you will wear on your shoulder?!!)

Aaaanyway, Thank you for your continued support, I have been so grateful for your SMS messages throughout this afternoon. I also got to chatting early this morning with Ms.K about our dear hubbies and how we end up having to sneak in our high ticket purchases-- sigh, very very few men can really understand this kind of passion we have for bags, eh? *double sigh*

Ms. S also emailed me earlier and she had to make me smile (thanks girl!) because she reminded me of how I am with my mom: yeah you're doing good girl, show Mommy what you like, then wait and see if she will buy it :) You can always share!! *You are lucky to have already done so hehehe :) And P.S., do enjoy that privilege while you can (while you are still not married heehee.. things change after marriage-- just ask me and Ms. K!) :D

ATTENTION: I am NOT discouraging single women out there from getting married! I can't do that-- after all, I was writing for a Weddings magazine for quite some time (wouldn't have done it if i didn't believe in it!)-- the whole wedding thing, the whole 9 yards-- it runs in my veins now whether I like it or not hahaha!! Girls, you better find men who can understand this bag addiction of yours-- that's ONE LESS THING to argue about (apart from the damn toothpaste tube squeezer or tube 'pusher' thing). Which reminds me:

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Calling all REMAINING eligible M. (I fear using the whole word "metrosexual" *I gotta hide before someone thwacks me with a fish here for using that term*) men out there: If you WANT to get married already, BE MORE ACCOMMODATING! Just cause we women can be very "high maintenance", doesn't mean we will be spending YOUR money (well just SOME money, but geeez, NOT ALL! Be a little selfless why don't you!) :D

PLEASANT SURPRISE: I received an email from a GUY :D *Wow I still cannot believe I have "metrosexual" *duck* male readers here! I am sooo loving it! Mr.R asked about what bag would suit him for everyday use to lug around his school books (he is still in college and adores LOUIS VUITTON). I suggest using the DAMIER CANVAS BROADWAY Or the MONOGRAM CANVAS ABBESSES. Both are awesome to use. I would skin a cat to have a Broadway as a baby bag and let my husband carry it hehee :D
If any of the NEW mommies' Hubbies out there are carrying a nice LV diaper bag, Gosh EMAIL ME! I'm SO JEALOUS!! :D *Perhaps you can get your hubbies to convince my hubby to BUY and carry a cool LV diaper bag :D hehehe wishful thinking AGAIN

Anyway I gotta go get some shuteye now, I haven't really gotten much sleep last night and had to go visit my Daddy at the cemetery today. Passed by my mom's early this morning to get my LOUIS VUITTON DENIM ALLIGATOR BAG because I've had a few gals asking to see another photo of it, so here it is (a closer look for you, sans the plastic sticker on the zipper and the plastic on the handles. Used her tonight for dinner while we dined on steak-- she sat in her own chair, hehe :) PERHAPS, I shall use her again tomorrow... hmm that's a thought! :) ENJOY the look of this baby (before she gets put back in her plastic, stickers and back into mom's for storage)! SIGH, She is really, truly one of a kind... *But geez I still can't believe I paid X amount for this baby!* Now does THIS look like a Greenhills (or worse, SHENZHEN) bag?

EAT YOUR HEART OUT, little-lady-who-asked-if-my-bag-was-from-Shenzhen! :D This ain't your average garden variety fake! This is THE REAL THANG :D *WoooWoOoO!!* (okay don't hit me for gloating-- I am only gloating about this bag to that ONE lady who ASSUMED it was fake!)Blech :P

Nitey nite!!