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Friday, November 11, 2005


OK, as promised. Here are photos of the DAPHNE pearls (I have baptized them and given them a new name :)). I wore TWO strands of pearls and fastened them together with my own brooch. This is one way of wearing it :)
I also tried wearing just a single strand of it (pearls larger) and tied it on the side (as opposed to letting the tulle hang in the back). A single strand is how the model on the cover of Vogue wore it.I think either ways look great. On our regular dinner with the Gals tonight, Daphne brought 4 necklaces with her (all my pre-orders). When she whipped it out, METRO WEDDINGS fashion editor Fiona L. and METRO beauty editor Mel C. (and soon-to-be Editor-in-Chief) tried to grab these necklaces, claiming ownership *P.S. Jo, we missed you! Anyway, of course they went home without any (SORRY GIRLS! ME FIRST!). So they'll just have to go visit Daphne at her booth TOMORROW-- SATURDAY NOV.12 at the VINTAGE BAZAAR (ROCKWELL TENT). You simply MUST go~! (Don't go on Sunday because Daphne might already have sold out these must-have necklaces! She didn't make too many of them because they were so labor- intensive. I totally cannot believe she did them herself!! Imagine here I am with so much idle time bitching about couches and bags, wherein I could've just been more constructive by helping her! Alas, I have neither talent nor patience to execute such beautiful pieces, Oh well swell...

Woke up late today-- I had a swig of NYQUIL last night (as opposed to the gelcaps I had before) and I was "punch drunk" the entire morning. The bad mommy in me emerged-- my kid was practically screaming my name this morning and I was still knocked out cold. To realize tonight that bryanboy totally missed his embassy appointment made me feel a tad better (ahh misery loves company).

HONORABLE MENTION: Bryanboy mentions your old baghag once again! (and once more, I am REALLLY HONORED!)

#5 - I had the pleasure of meeting the lady behind Tresor yesterday evening. I have absolutely no clue whatsoever on what she looks like (seriously, I was expecting someone in their 60's, extremely hairy and into viagra... you gotta love the internet hookups babe) and when this tall, chic, youthful, pretty lady approached me yesterday, I have to say I was rather disappointed.
You're beautiful sweetie! Acne Farm? What ACNE FARM are you talking about?
I know we didn't chat a lot last night Mrs. Tresor but we most definitely will... SOON! We have to do lunch... or dinner.. or tea... when I get back!!!!!!!!!

P.S. BB if you are reading this: obviously the lighting last night made you THINK you saw no acne farm, but it's there alright. Ripe for picking. *eew* In fact, I looked like one of your "Matronairs" last night with my HUMONGOUS turtle bag *gulp, I knew it looked matronic... I knew it!!*

Anyway, over dinner with the girls, we talked about, what else, BAGS (again!). Mel's going on her trip to HK tomorrow (to search for the GOYARD bag of OUR dreams and then some), while Fi just got back from HK (where she FAILED to find GOYARD for moi-- *ahem on purpose I reckon hehe*). We found ourselves talking about BEA VALDES' indestructible bejewelled bags. Since having gotten a prominent feature on VOGUE mag, Bea's bags have become popular and are now stocked at Barneys NY, Harvey Nichols HK, and SFA. One of Bea's bags which is to be featured (called MIDNIGHT CHICKEN) costs roughly about Php 130,000. (I didn't type the figure wrong-- it's really one hundred thirty thousand pesos!) The beadwork and 'jewels' on the bag are simply exquisite, and much attention is paid to detail. Fi says the stones on the bag are stitched so tight, you wonder how they did it (what with the irregular shapes of the stones-- this photo of BEA's bag is courtesy of MEGA magazine). I don't own a Bea bag-- I would like to, since they make good evening bags, but then again let's not forget that 1. I STILL live in Social Siberia, 2. Bea's bags are a bit small, and since I'm such a "matrona," I am used to squeezing my whole house into my bag-- a BIG one, 3. The most important of all reasons, I am dead broke AND jobless (CRAP! what a Friggin way to spend the holidays!).

So like all the other bags that I lust for, I must stop rationalizing them to anyone as business investments. Because quite honestly, that's just me being selfish (so what else is new!) And NO, I still DON'T have a couch.

THINK: If you realllly thought I was selfless, wouldn't you agree that I would have had a nice couch for my family to sit on by now? Or for that matter, dining chairs? (why am I so pathetic?! :( I guess this year is just really not my year... sigh)

Speaking of dining chairs, today is really such a depressing day for me. Majority of the people I texted never replied, numbers I called were ALL busy, and appointments I had were all but one, cancelled-- after I had wasted the entire afternoon waiting. My dining chairs were supposed to be reupholstered by some guy who has basically CANCELLED appointments on me TWICE (without bothering to call). I am soooo on the verge of a mental meltdown had it not been for the dinner tonight. What is it about being a domestic goddess? Aside from the unlimited internet access I have and take full advantage of everytime I have time (which is like, all the time), I have to grudgingly haul butt to meet plumbers, electricians, carpenters...Well and good if these people come on time or even COME AT ALL!! Today of all days, I wished I was sooooooo rich that I could just hire assistants and property managers to take care of these tasks for me.

I am certainly NOT meant to be a domestic goddess.

Sigh, why can't anyone out there just hire me! I am in DIRE NEED of a job so I can be on my way to earn those megabucks! *P.S. Don't think I won't be buying lottery tickets this year. I want that $7 million Super Lotto pot money!!

OBSERVATION: Do you notice that our materialism (or maybe just mine) is getting seriously out of hand? Are we really spending much, much more than what we earn? Let me know what you think! +63916-7580857.

SOCIAL CONSCIENCE ATTACK: Geez reading TIME magazine's interview with Bill and Melinda Gates made me realize one thing: If you EARN *not inherit or marry into* so much money already and can buy everything, you somewhat lose that material fulfillment. And what really ends up fulfilling you is when you learn to give a lot of it away to charitable causes (The Gates couple, as noted in their interview, have decided they are NOT leaving anything for their children. Imagine that! Their kids would probably be seething as they get older and realize this, since their rich kid counterparts suck Their own parents' funds dry with purchases left and right. Oh well swell...) In all honesty, there are so many more people out there who need the money to feed their children, to pay for serious medical attention, and to find themselves a roof over their heads. So this Christmas, please, I implore you to share some of your blessings with our less-fortunate brothers and sisters. Helping someone make their day/night better will also enable you to feel better about yourself. Really. My Daddy was always, always reaching out and helping people-- whether it was Christmas or not, and I think I should honestly stop bitching about anything and everything, and for once have him remember me as HIS daughter-- selfless, giving, passionate. And this I will do this Christmas. My ONLY good deed for the year. *shock!*

Ok enough serious talk. I should turn in for the night before I start weeping, what with these little isms that I have been writing. Besides, I should take my nightly dose of NYQUIL soon, to guarantee a cough-free sleep. (Yes I have a nasty cough almost to asthmatic proportions and I simply can't THANK my husband ENOUGH!!! He had his first sardines meal tonight. One of the many he will be having in the next few months *or even years* until he decides to buy me a bag-- a GOYARD please. It's no challenge if I ask for a LOUIS VUITTON) hehehehe...

WARNING: I TOOK MY BITTER PILL!! *muwahahahaha!!*