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Friday, November 04, 2005

CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR (not yet anyway): The PRADA executive who mentioned Spring's MUST-HAVE bag is Mathilde Agostinelli, the PR manager of both PRADA and Miumiu. (I earlier stated her position as that of the Marketing director. My bad) In this BAZAAR article, encapsulated in the lower box is "Style Secrets- Spring must-have: the new pink Louis Vuitton Monogram tote". I am soo loving it :) Both the pink or the white monogram tote are soooo worth keeping. LV won't make this bag for the regular bag line, that's for sure.

Since I had already begun rummaging through my old magazines, ogling at what women have and what women want to have, I came across another BAZAAR article with real estate mogul's wife Susan Casden. Now THIS you gotta see. She has a droolworthy closet full of COUTURE LV bags, and (from my count) 7 (SEVEN!) HERMES plume bags (mostly croc), 11 (ELEVEN!) HERMES birkins (mostly exotic leather: ostrich, croc, alligator). Those HERMES bags alone already cost in the upward amount of US$ 265,000. And did I even estimate the cost of those LV bags? Not yet even!! *SHOCK: US$265k?? THAT'S A HOUSE IN MAKATI!* I hate that woman!! :D

CONFESSION: I don't reallly "hate" that woman, I just envy her. While I have to sulk in the little shack I call home, she swims in laps of luxury for us mortals to see and envy with ahem, emerald GREEN. Reality to me is this: I am just poor as hell as hell is rich with fire. *sniff... I am in dire need of a handout*

PATHETIC CONFESSION: My ploy to get rich? Last time I was in San Francisco, the Lotto winnings grew to a handsome $250 MILLION greenbacks. So, coughing up my last $20 in my dirty wallet (yes, $20 was ALL I HAD), I dunked in ALL of that for a chance to become a gazillionaire.

RESULT: I didn't win. If I did, YOU think I'D BE THIS ENVIOUS OF that Casden woman (damn, her world and mine are so far apart-- to be exact, a million light years apart)?? If I did, would I spit out so much drivel, so much rubbish enough to fill a landfill site? Hehe I didn't think so. Oh well swell!

Moving right along, Annyyyway on November 12- 13 (Saturday and Sunday), ROCKWELL TENT will again play host to another "VINTAGE BAZAAR, 'retail archaeology' " If you do go (which I highly recommend), PLEASE check out (and Buy!) the beautiful LANVIN inspired PEARL NECKLACES made (personally) by DAPHNE OSENA- PAEZ :)

NOTE: I posted TWICE today. It's a holiday by the way and while most of the ladies would be at ZARA shopping, I am obediently (albeit involuntarily) stuck at home with not a single cent to spare for ANYTHING. So I guess this is all I'll do today: Sort out fashion magazines and just drool over bags til I get a dry throat...

Ta-ta! :D