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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY FOR this silly shallow baghag :D

Here she is, my new BLACK BAG! While two dear ladies, Ms. K.O. and Ms. J.T. guessed it came from LOUIS VUITTON, NO ONE guessed the bag itself! *Tsk Tsk!* Do your homework, girls :D hehe

Girlfriends, I'd like you to meet My LOUIS VUITTON VIENNA MIZI (lambskin quilt) Bag :) She is gorgeous, even more beautiful than what I had imagined. If you have seen the DEAUVILLE (the J.Lo campaign bag) , then you'll pretty much get a grip on the size of this thing. It is NOT small, not even close to the size of the TROUVILLE as I had originally thought.

CONFESSION: I had always *loathed* using black bags-- Why? Because I already dress like a boring old hag, so the only way to spice me up is to pair me with a brightly colored bag! But why this black bag all of a sudden? Well, that's cause I HAVE NO DECENT BLACK BAG IN MY CLOSET-- AT ALL!! (or am I suddenly making the crossover from "young" mom to "matron" mom? *Gulp*

NAHHHH, come on, this bag can't be matronly, it is GORGEOUS... It's perfect for daily use (unlike my denim alligator BOOHOO!!)-- and It's not like cowhide where it develops a dark patina with constant use. This bag is practically unstainable! HAH!! *Gotta spray it immediately with leather guard!* Which reminds me:

P.S. Dear Ms. C.L. is suggesting baghags out there to try this "counter filler" product in TRUE VALUE called SUPER ERASER. It claims to take out tough stains from leather goods. At Php 47.75, it's a cheap purchase (rather than buying a NEW bag hahaha). Ms. C tried it on her white leather GUCCI and her yellow leather PRADA bags and the babies now look good as new! Thanks so much for this LEATHER CARE TIP! :) *My love to your baby, Little C. :)*

Ok.. back to this black bag: I think I will just ogle at this bag for a while... you know, a crappy habit that some of us women do when we get a new bag? NO "USE", JUST OGLE. Hehehehe... Guilty guilty!!

BAG ALERT: If you really totally dig this style (my VIENNA MIZI), you'll be extremely pleased to know that this style will be made in MONOGRAM CANVAS :)

Ok wait wait, This new bag is overshadowing the other events that transpired as I was at the LV boutique-- I simply MUST share!

How "thick-skinned" can someone get? Case in point: A lady walked into the LV boutique CARRYING AN *EWWW UGLY* FAKE SPEEDY. *SHOCK* Now, I don't want to lambast people who have fakes, but anyway, PLEASE DON'T BUY FAKES! Going back-- this lady just walks up to the other side of the store, carrying a fake monogram speedy and asking to see a DAMIER bag.

I am just too shocked for words... I wish they would leave their fakes at home and at least respect the store by not carrying fakes WHILE shopping IN THE STORE.

It's really like a slap to the faces of those who tote the real thing while shopping there. I did get upset (shocked is more like it), but I just thought that people who have fakes should have the decency to leave them at home if they intend to go to the REAL store that sells the REAL stuff.

UH OH: I just noticed my google ADS-- there are ads with the "wholesale designer bags for sale".. umm.. no I certainly did NOT ask for those.. please don't mind em!

Ok, enough nasty stuff! So my dear sis-in-law is in Singapore now-- she calls me up asking if an HERMES KELLY bag in potiron and clemence leather is nice. I was like, YES GIRL! But too bad, it's in the small 28cm size. Once we ladies tote bigger bags, there is NO TURNING BACK. How many of you there can still carry a small bag AFTER getting used to lugging around practically your whole house in that HUGE bag? Hmm? ANYONE? :D

Ms. K.O. of New York emails me and said her dear sis (who is preggy with twins *awww that is sooo great!*) was scrimping on her armoire and cribs for the babies to save and buy a LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM Messenger bag for use as a diaper bag *HEHEHE I'm SOOO evil, i hope this is NOT my fault!* Ms. K even offered to foot half the bill for the bag-- GEE GIRL, I WOULD LOOOOVE TO BE YOUR SISTER ANYTIME.. Umm, now about the LV bag that I like...... hehehee

Ok, I gotta get going now, I just really wanted to share this new bag with you bagaholics out there :) Please don't think I'm gloating. I love this bag and would also love if you can share with me the bags that you are lusting for or are getting :) *sigh WHEN will our addiction CEASE to Exist!!*

SPECIAL MENTION: By the way, thought I had to make a special mention of dear Ms. M.P. of LA-- I'm just glad you weren't hurt in the accident. And yes, girl GO CLAIM for the damage that the crazy driver did to your car. And FORGET buying a new Car: TAKE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT WHILE TOTING DIFFERENT NEW BAGS DAILY :) *hugs!*


Have a great day you all-- or whatever is left of it :)