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Thursday, November 17, 2005


SAY IT WITH PRIDE: I am living proof that Christmas indeed comes to those who don't wanna wait (aka impatient biatches: cough, ME). Yup, that's My arm, and Yup THAT'S MY BAG!! Did I buy this? NooooOo (again where would I get the money to buy this?!) I got this as my CHRISTMAS GIFT (ok peeps, strike out this bag from my wishlist!!)

So dig this, early this morning, I went to my closet (where all the garment bags are) to rummage for a gown to wear to an upcoming wedding. Brief description of my closet: We don't have any "doors" of any sort in our walk-in closet. Everything is pretty much out in the open, so there really is not much space for my hubby to conceal a big LV box. The only conceivable place was the small space behind the gowns (inside garment bags) because I have NOT touched those gowns in ages (1. they don't fit me, 2. I don't really like wearing gowns to weddings, 3. no other occasion would require me to wear a gown). So it was strange that I went to check up on some old gowns *just to see if ANY of them would fit again). Then, there it was, a big brown paperbag with LOUIS VUITTON printed on the side. And a BOX was in it too. I don't recall ever keeping anything behind the gowns... So I might as well check.

Of course it was the LV DENIM BAGGY PM! *shock shock!!!* I confronted my husband (of course!), asked him if he bought anything from LV lately and he just gave me an "I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about" face, then said "No" *with conviction I might add!*
Then I went into the closet and go "Then pray tell what is this? Stocking up for your phantom mistress in case LV decides to hike up their prices again?"

Then he smiled. *awww that melted me really* He said "Didn't wanna give it to you til Christmas!" So that was all there is to it! How happy did you think was I?
HAPPY METER: 0-10, 10 being the happiest. I was a staggering ELEVEN!! 11 *fireworks please!!* Oh and CONGRATULATE ME!!!! +639167580857 *Please don't hate me for this bag hehehe*

P.S. See, I have a NOSE for these things, you know. :) Tell me WHY on earth I had to dig through my old gowns?! I KNEW something must be there.. hahaha... I ain't the bag hag for Nuthin!!

And THAT, my dear friends, was the start of my day! :)

NAME DROPPING ALERT: I will brag and by golly I WILL BRAG! I have friends in high places!! *woohoo!* CASE IN POINT: Fellow bag hag MB of PnG has to my delight, sent me home with a bagful of Rejoice shampoo packs! *rejoiiiiiiiice, the freeloader in this baghag (cough cough, ME) liiiives!!!!!!* hahaha! :D *who doesn't love a friggin freeloader of a bag hag, eh??* hehehe...

: since you asked for what my TOITLE (turtle) BAG really looks like when carried, THIS photo is pour toi! :) For the others of you who thought the Turtle bag is small, you're all wrong! It's HUGE! Like a deauville :D I bring my whole house with me when I carry this bag!Ohhhh here's a piece of fashion news that we peeps might be interested in (I know I was! Thanks to DOP who brought this to my attention!): BEA VALDES, the Philippines' chic bag lady export that landed on the pages of American Vogue, is BACK on VOGUE once more (see December issue with Keira Knightley). This time, her US$1000+ necklace makes it on a third of the Wintourian page. (Get a copy of the December Vogue and don't ask me to take a larger photo of the article. Come on, don't be cheapskates!!) That's perhaps one small step for Bea, but for sure THAT'S ONE GIANT LEAP FOR THE FILIPINOS! :D

I can't wait to see MY name in lights too *um, like the only way MY name would come out in any newsies or mags (take note, local only) is when 1. I commit some sort of unthinkable crime, 2. I wear some nasty looking outfit that automatically puts me in the worst-dressed list or "don't-let-this-happen-to-you" section (with those black bars across the eyes of women).*

Ok, CS, as per your request, I am posting a pic of the BOTKIER bag that I wouldn't mind using (if someone were kind enough to buy this-- although I won't buy the bag for myself). This is a BOTKIER CLYDE BAG in pewter. What do I like/not like about the bag: 1. I like it because it's pewter. I love metallic colors especially ones that have this antiquey shine to it (not those gaudy and overly shiny silvers *practically mirror-type*). The Clyde is one of Botkier's most popular styles, quite similar to a Balenciaga actually-- that it can either be handheld or carried on the shoulder. The exterior pockets are a plus. You can never really have enough pockets! What I don't like-- the pewter version has silver hardware. I would've been happier if they were sorta antiqued silver, not the shiny new ones. Quite roomy at 10 1/2"H x 15"W x 4"D. Price is fairly reasonable at US$625 (Php 35k). The bag is fairly light too, like a Balenciaga (again).

OOF I just remembered! I need to say supppppper THANKS to L.V. (girl I wish I actually had that for initials too hahaha). I have to tell you girls, L.V. is heaven- sent. She just happened to also have some remodeling work done in her home and has so graciously shared some decorating supplier info with me, which I will seriously be taking up early next week. I need to get this done already! THANK YOU L.V.!

Ok bag hags, here are more FENDI B BAGS for you. These bags are gonna hit stores I believe, early next year and will probably (or rather, in ALL LIKELIHOOD) be sold out. I have no idea if the blue patent will even be produced, but hey, I am super loving the white canvas-blue patent combination. This is the perfect size. If you peeps have some spare cash to throw away for a new bag, I suggest getting this B bag for next year, in the size that I prefer (hehe SELFISH!). It's so pretty. The B Bag also comes in larger sizes. The all-blue patent leather one is the bigger one. The straw-and-green-snakeskin combination is beautiful as well, although I might not be able to justify an expensive bag purchase if the bag is made of straw... I don't know, I guess it's just me (or not. Your thoughts, please!!) Speaking of the B Bag, Lindsey Lohan was already spotted with a Tan one. I am not liking the tan color. I think this Fendi Buckle Bag would look excellent with a bright color. The big buckles spell whimsy to me, and therefore deserve to be in an equally bold color, what with a pretty "loud" design. Remember I reviewed the floral B bag (the one that looked like a doiley)? Well that to me, was not working, because of the lace. I don't think floral lacey elements would marry well into the sorta rough-unpolished-chain look on bags. The patent works well because it has that biker-babe thing/ look going on...Oh wait, this snakeskin-and-python shape reminds me so much of one of the LOUIS VUITTON MURAKAMI EYE series bag (the Eye Love You-- the one that looks like a Retro). I honestly am finding this combination quite likeable. But again, it's straw, and even though there are snakeskin trims, it still doesn't justify the high price that one will most likely pay to own this baby. ELEMENTS ANALOGY: I wonder... Straw is to spring/summer as shearling is to fall/winter... I am not liking those two elements there. Shearling I can understand if expensive. Straw I simply can't. It is very fragile and get equally dirty like canvas easily. Plus there is the possible unravelling of the straw- weave which would make the bag unsightly... Plus I also can't understand why it is expensive, at par with leather.. why why?

BUGLY ALERT: Ok, I don't wanna have to do shoe reviews here coz like I said before, I might end up with a new shoe blog, but THIS shoe is just BEGGING, BEGGING to get a feature!!!
PRADA WICKER PLATFORM *shock- puke* This shoe is soooo bugly! Reminds me of my grandma's rocking chair!!! I would never be caught dead wearing this shoe even if you buy this for me as a gift! I generally like Prada shoes (KO bought herself a pretty funky- colored pair at a reallllly cheap price too! Lucky chick!!) All I can say is, BUGLYYYYYY for this wicker platform. Even if it gets offered to you for US$10, Do yourself a favor, DON'T BUY THIS!

And while we are on the subject of PRADA, I was actually
finding some of her bags quite acceptable, but the overall feeling is that Miuccia is milking the PRADA name and logo-- the bags for S/S 06 have VERY prominent logos on the bags (in fact, some of the bags look like the dustbags already, with the large logo printed on the front of the bag :D) Check out this red crocodile-trimmed canvas bag. It's got that cute element (I like croc, so I'm biased...) of the red croc trim and that super cute luggage-tag thingie on the side *giggle* but the logo is quite frankly a bit too big for me. But hey, this is probably what'll yank the chain of the consumers, right? After all, logo mania is all- year round. I'll accept this as a gift if the croc trim was blue ;) hehee

So enough reviews for now, gotta save some for tomorrow. Think about the FENDI bags. Hey Dr.M: The Fendi B Bag also comes in patent black :) *wink!*

I'm meeting up with the girls tomorrow, so I gotta sleep early (aka before 3am). Have fun and keep reading! If you Must, PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG WITH OTHER FELLOW BAG HAGS!! ;)

P.S. I have updated TRESOR to include a few more newly posted bags. Check it out if you are bored online :)

I also might as well do some light Christmas shopping tomorrow (I might be the only one left without any gifts under my tree! Seeing how everyone likes to shop way early nowadays to avoid the rush!) Ta-ta!!