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Sunday, November 13, 2005


WARNING: I guess I must've overdosed on my bitter pills today. Read on. It's best I warned you ahead of time *evil grin*

So I went to the Vintage Bazaar today. Made me seriously wonder WHY I can't be as entrepreneural as these people who sell all these very interesting trinkets except for ONE particular booth, where horrors upon horrors, I see a *gulp* FAKE *vintage* Louis V. carryall. What the?!?! Just cause that bag was old, doesn't make it REAL. It just makes it a friggin vintage Fake LV. *shame shame!* I will not name the booth. You HAVE to see it for yourself (if you can find it among thousands of items that were displayed all over the place.) It's Rockwell's own Marrakesh!

Apart from that unsightly piece of "vintage", all else was great! I hung out with D for a bit, reconnoitered and checked out stuff that would make good gifts, what with Christmas coming and all. *Alas I have but a P 1,000 bill and some coins, and a used Bazaar ticket in my wallet!* Jeepers guess who forgot to withdraw cash from the already below minimum bank account* hehehe :D

Daphne's booth was in the third row midsection of the whole tent. Interesting set-up (she was there since 8am!)-- D, I like the lanterns *wink!* Apart from her booth, I think most of the other spots were the same occupants/sellers as the ones at the last Vintage Bazaar. Nevertheless, this is a welcoming sight. I frankly have not done the Bazaar circuit in Four years. Not that I am jaded *well, yeah ok I am jaded*, but most of the things that get sold in those Bazaars are just the same old same old. So what was the point in going to one when you have actually pretty much seen them all? I digress.

Tonight, I changed into a black tee and accessorized it with my *new* Pearl necklace: I double-tied it and fastened a brooch on the knot (comprendez-vous?!). With the hubster in tow, we attended Celine Lopez' Loungerie Lux tee launch at Mix. The shirts were so cute *AND SMALL*. I was luckily able to find a LARGE *for myself* (p.s. I literally had to pry this shirt out of someone's hands) It's a catfight for these sizes.. the Small ones are really way too small-- in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they were made with my 4 year old niece's body in mind* This was my prize for the night. Damage done: P1,899.00; WHO paid? Surprise surprise!! It was my hubster who said, "I'll buy you the shirt since I can't afford to buy you the bag." (Check what's drawn on the shirt!!) *hahaha that's real sweet, and NICE try! :D* nevertheless, I looooved it. Hubby bought me a Birkin bag on a shirt. Aint that sweet??? :D *hehehe*

BITTER BIATCH ALERT: Of all the people I had to run into, it was that *cough! cough!* lady... Yes, yes, you all know who she is already, i've decided to call her "she-who-must-not-be-named" *giggle HOT gossip!!*. Remember? If you have selective amnesia (or are simply too old *ouch!* to remember), why don't you reread my old posts (ooh what a haughty remark! Boy am I bitter or what! haha) Soo anyway I decided to just plaster smile on my face and pushed aside all evil thoughts for a second when she saw me and called my name out. Hubby, meanwhile, was staring at her in disgust! *shock* You gotta love the hubster here. *While I like to think I took up the art of diplomacy and passed, I can tell you without a doubt that my husband failed it miserably. Tsk tsk, this must be all my doing! Biatch at work! evil evil I tell ya!* But anyway tonight's not the night for a catfight. Not with my new Daphne Pearls! *wink*

: So while hubby and I hung out with CL's dad (hehe we were talkingabout Seven jeans again-- we met CL's dad a few months back on a trip back from SFO to MLA-- he is sooo cool-- his opening line to me back then was "are you wearing seven jeans? they're the best!" ), I happened to ask Tito if it was true that he bribed CL with an Hermes Kelly bag so that she would break up with his then-boyfriend (as a result, that became the inspiration for Celine's 'kelly' bag series tee *which by the way is actually a birkin bag silkscreened onto the tee, not a kelly). Anyway while we were deep in discussion about this famous bag, who else but Assunta de Rossi- Ledesma walks through MIX doors with a 28cm HERMES black box leather (with gold hardware) rigide KELLY in tow! * I was for a split second, reminded of the also-present-at-the-party she-who-must-not-be-named and her attempted sale of the fake red kelly* WOW. The world is round and we all end up in one place: There's CL's Kelly-inspired tees, Lady Voldemort's attempt to sell a Hermes Kelly *cough, fake* (Ahem, Security! please escort she-who-must-not-be-named out... hehehe *oooh I'm such a biatch!! I'm sooo not over this, am I? ok ok, I'm learning to let go since it's almost Christmas! *geez!* Heyyy at least I can laugh about it :) *), and there's Moi, who just talked about the HERMES KELLY a few days ago! Sigh this was one big HAPPY HERMES REUNION! *Now if my sis-in-law were only around with her Potiron Kelly, then BB with his golden birkin (BB we missed you!!), plus TO and BD with their respective birkins, Holy Cow we could've easily held an HERMES CONVENTION right there!! *I suddenly felt dizzy with the thought... Or maybe it was the wine-- Note: I had been previously living in an alcohol-free body for over 3 years, GEEZ, so a sip of this stuff was doing lethal things to my body *choke choke*)

BAGHAG TO Shar: Seeeee, even Assunta carries a Kelly! Aint it nice? *nudge nudge!* :D

Anyyyway so after we leave the cocktail parteyy, we shortly passed by my fave store FIRMA to get 3 more of the Christmas decors for our tree (last year, I went to CHI CHI RICO at Market!Market! and practically hoard-hogged up their whole Christmas-tree decor selection). You gotta go there to get your decors, they're pretty affordable at P150 ea and are real nice (I'll take some photos of them tomorrow).

After that, we headed off to pick a place to eat for dinner. Along the way, I see a POOR fake of a tan CHLOE paddington and a fake LV speedy *eeeww, the woman looked like that same woman who walked into the LV boutique with the fake LV! Someone ARREST her for loitering within yards of the real store!! hahaha!!* Ok, ok enough mean streak already, what's with me today?! *slap slap!* So ok, let's recap the bags I saw today from the Bazaar, all the way to dinner--

1. LV monogram speedy 30
2. LV monogram denim neo speedy
3. LV monogram denim baggy PM (with the long strap!! smart shopper!!)
4. Longchamp striped bag (smaller than the same model of my own bag)
5. LV myrtille epi soufflot
6. LV monogram alma
7. LUELLA white gisele
8. PRADA microfiber backpack
9. GUCCI monogram hobo w/ bamboo handle
10. LV monogram manhattan PM
11. HERMES 28cm Kelly
12. BALENCIAGA white motorcycle city
13. LV red epi pochette

BRAG-A-BAG ALERT: Oh almost forgot! My bag today: LONGCHAMP periwinkle cabas; tonight: LV monogram satin glitter cabas :)

1. FAKE LV carryall
2. FAKE CHLOE tan paddington
3. FAKE LV speedy

*TUT TUT!! Don't wave those fakes in front of me or I'll puke* WARNING: bitter pill STILL taking effect* hehe :D

Anyway that's all she wrote! That's pretty much it for me today. I had a super fun time hanging with D, and a super fun date with the hubster (and my new birkin tee :D) Sorry for being such a meanie and a biatch today-- didn't I warn you-- I took the bitter pill today? *damn i'm just soooo full of myself, aren't i! ;D I promise tomorrow I won't be a mean biatch. We are all allowed those bitter-pill days you know. So go take yours and make someone's life miserable!! *evil wink*

P.S. LAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks to John O. , my NEW website http://www.tresormakati.com is up and running (still a mirror site) as I have added that for you to check the bags for sale (my other site http://tresormakati.tripod.com is still active, but you may use my own domain name now- it's way easier to remember! :) *Will be having more bags soon!!* For more info, contact me at +63916-7580857!