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Saturday, November 12, 2005


GUILTY CONFESSION: As I sit here typing my thoughts for this post, I am stuffing my face with this AMAZINGLY YUMMY *and might I add ADDICTIVE* Kopi Bun (err, it's coffee bun I would think, but the brand's singaporean, so its KOPI!) Anyway I am URGING you *in fact, BEGGING YOU* to try these KOPI BUNS, available at KOPIROTI (186 Tomas Morato Ave, Q.C. tel#4141754; 226 Katipunan Ave, Blueridge Q.C. tel#4395471). I sooo swear by these buns. Forget that diet. I'd rather not eat breakfast and lunch just to munch on two of these. BUN REVIEW: I'm sucking on both my thumbs-- these will make Kentucky's tag a little run for their $-- Kopi Buns are finger- lickin' goood! *wink!* P.S. I'm so horrible, I wanna share my misery with you all (over ruining my diet of no-sweets-no-carbo haha). But hey you know I am sooo selfish and yet I am sharing this info about this good place to have good buns!! So take the info and use it well or I won't ever share ever ever again! *glare*

OoOh oooH speaking of which, I am pleased to inform you that the results of my blood chemistry are out-- My cholesterol and blood sugar are both at well- maintained levels! *celebrate with some *gulp HOLY COW* fatty sans rival now why don't we!!* N-O-T!!

Enough about my health and diet (like who cares about My diet anyway!!). In light of tomorrow's VINTAGE BAZAAR at Rockwell, I wanted to ask you all what kinds of bags you carry when you go to Bazaars (either for shopping and buying or just for feasting your eyes on the goodies being sold). I think this is how the Shopping totes were "born".

1. Must be lightweight
2. Must be carryable on the shoulder, on the crook of the arm, or hands (and if the bag has an extra long strap that allows it to be slung across your body, heck even better!)
3. Must be chic!
4. Must have some form of enclosure (either a flap or a snap button or a zipper)
5. Must be durable enough to hold small but heavy things

1. Must NOT look like a plastic shopping bag. Heavens, DO NOT bring a plastic bag with you! You're not going to Divisoria, you're going to a Bazaar! Show SOME class! hehehe :D
2. Must NOT be heavy. DON'T go toting your cool CHLOE Paddington WITH the padlock if you plan to go to a bazaar and do some buying-- are you out of your friggin mind?!
3. Must NOT have the bag opening at your back. In other words, I don't recommend you to use a backpack unless you are willing to have some lucky thief swipe your wallet and mobile phone away.
4. Must NOT be wide-open for all the world to see. There are some bags that have very wide openings and no enclosures, it would also be so easy for thieves to just dip their hand and take whatever they can grope inside.
5. Must NOT be a hand-held bag. Nothing is worse than having to drop all your purchases on the floor while you hold your handbag in on hand and try to pry open the stubborn zippers on another. Nothing is more awkward than that!

BAZAAR shopping is an art. While I continue to be the worst sucker in town, not knowing how
to haggle (and in the process ALWAYS getting ripped off), I know better to carry a shopping tote for my purchases. And the LONGCHAMP les pliages bag tops my list as THE shopping tote to have. It's affordable, (I think at about 5k ea for the smaller models) lightweight, WASHABLE (a DEFINITE PLUS!), and foldable!!

I personally have 5 LONGCHAMP bags-- and have loved using them. They travel a lot with me and have never failed me *to date*! But if you have more budget than I do, then go for the LV DENIM BAGGY (either PM or GM) and buy the extra long strap. And if all else fails, (i.e. you REALLY want to carry your CHLOE paddington or your FENDI spy), you can always ask your dear husband/ dear boyfriend (if the men are nice enough) to carry your stuff when you shop. OR if you are just overloaded with cash (ahem, Rich), just bring your yaya along :D *i have the option of NEITHER so I will just have to stick it out with my trusty old Longchamp bags :)

See you all at the Bazaar tomorrow! :) Don't forget to pass by Daphne's for her pearls! Please do come early or you won't be left with any *oh wow that rhymed!*

P.S. on a totally unrelated topic: I know this might be a bit much of me to ask of you, dear reader, but please pray for my friend's 4 month old daughter Gabby who is currently confined in the pediatric ICU for life-threatening internal hemorrhaging and seizures (hers is an extremely rare case in that all doctors -- pedia neurologists among them, don't exactly know why this is happening to this baby :(. We almost lost her two days ago. :( Her body is weak but her spirit and will to live are strong. With your prayers, we all hope she overcomes this and grows up to be a normal, happy girl (who will hopefully love bags as much as we all do). I ask of you, please please pray for her, and pray for her parents as well, who are trying their hardest to be strong throughout this ordeal. This is something very close to my heart (1. I am a mom myself, and 2. this is happening to a dear friend of mine) and it really means so much to me that you all pray for her. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!