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Friday, November 18, 2005


Wow what an exhilarating day! I was out with gals DP and FL today and we went a-shopping (just window shopping, thank you very much!!)

SHARE-A-SALE ALERT: Time for you peeps to head on over to the Shangri-la Mall for the Crazy SHOE sale of Homme et Femme (located outside of Homme et Femme)! They've got Y3 sneakers, Marni shoes, Viktor and Rolf slingbacks (ooh that pair you gotta have!), and some other interesting shoes! Price range: 6k- 14k. Go there this weekend girls!! Go go go!!

Homme et Femme also has a sale inside their store: I tried on a pair of black BALENCIAGA maryjane pumps. OH My Gawd the shoes were soooooo awesome on my feet!! If ANYONE has about 18K to spare (well I don't), go check this particular pair of shoes out, they are just sooooo gorgeous... :( *lust lust*)

Then we hopped on over to Jul Dizon Jewellery Salon (at Edsa Shangrila Hotel). I was immediately taken with this cameo ring... *sigh* So many things I want, but so broke I am :( DP and FL didn't really help either, they just HAD to prod and prod me to buy the stunning piece. Thanks to the gods of self-control, I DID NOT BUY IT!! :D I am So sooo proud of ME!! (If you do go to this hotel, you MUST check out Jul Dizon and look at the cameo ring. For a mere 32K, you can have it on your finger! hehehe then you can meet up with me and flash it in front of my face and see if I drool or yank it out of your finger ;D *evil grin*)

This is soooo cool-- DP and I were both using a BOTTEGA VENETA BAG. Both of our bags are brown and are the interwoven leather kind. Hers though, is the satchel, while mine is the hobo. I love love love our bags! hehe *damn shouldn't I already be getting some discount from SSI for publicly declaring my love for Bottega?? Nope, the gift certificate is not in the mail. I should just knock on the Huangs' door... and BEG!!*

Speaking of BOTTEGA VENETA, I have a better photo of their bags for Spring/ Summer 2006 and I have to tell you, I am soooo in love with them! I actually dreamt of this bag last night, would you believe. In my dream, this bag costs about $1.5k only *yeah right!!!!* Anyway this is the very same style bag that DP was carrying today. I am soooo loving this BANANA bag. If I do get this bag, I will let my yellow CELINE BOOGIE (which I got for $1,600) bag go. I think!! :)Quite frankly this bag is not bad although I still like the other better... I looove banana yellow in Bottega weaves!! I will be sooo watching out for this bag. Ahh time to ask for the banana bag from Neiman Marcus hehe.. But I will again be faced with sticker shock I'm sure...

Ok I am keeping this post short-- I have a short project that I got contracted to do *yeah!!* So I won't be in town for two days. But not to worry I sure will blog when I come back! Meantime, just text me at +639167580857!!

P.S. A new LOUIS VUITTON bag is out, called the TRAPEZE. It's from the Monogram Mini line. Nice! The monogram body comes in either rose or brown. I personally like the brown better than this, but nevertheless, it is a rather nice bag :D

Ta-ta!!! Be good this weekend! If you MUST buy a bag, TEXT me first before you go on your buying spree :) Or you can always check TRESOR :) *keep your bonus in check! hehe*