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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So my mobile phone inbox got flooded sometime in the morning yesterday-- people who've been reading my blogs texted to inform me that there were some "trolls" (as MS has so funnily used the word) saying stuff about me *come on, I never said I was a saint, did I?*

ALERT: I have total internet withdrawal. I was left without the net for a good three days and I was bitching about not having brought my ibook. But in the end, it was all good *like queer eye for the straight guy* -- I got to enjoy my family's company-- 100% attention to them, mind you :D

Anyway, I finally arrived from my Baguio trip. I have settled back into Manila rather nicely, albeit the warmer temp *hehe too cheap to turn on my a/c!!* Sooo, my normally silent system administrator sent me a note, asking what he should do about those tag messages (since there were supposedly I.P. addresses wherein he can trace where the messages come from). I told him to leave them there there so I could read them for myself. It's a free country and hey, if these people have something nasty to say about me, I'd like to hear it (or see it). So I come back and I don't get to read all of them anymore. I get the whole nine yards emailed to me.

MY TWO CENTS: I frankly don't get why some people would get riled up for something sooo trivial and silly. This is just a FUN blog-- everything is fictionalized in some way (and NOT meant to be taken seriously) so don't take everything so seriously or whoever is being mentioned in a glaring light would get offended. I don't need a real- life dramedy, for fudge's sake this is JUST A FRIGGIN BLOG *ugh*. And to clear it up, I don't feel threatened as a seller, there are frankly MANY other sellers who do what I do and are VERY respectable as well so it's always good to check out the other sellers and follow the general rule-- s/he who has the best price bags the customer! (that's what I would do myself-- shop around til I get the best price) *I don't beg to hog for THE position because that 2nd hand reseller throne rightfully belongs to authentecite *and that is friggin proof that I support having more resellers out there*. I may biatch and moan, and yes I admit, it wasn't nice of me to have written about it, but I also attest that it was truly upsetting to have gotten used that way (you try being in my shoes when that happened and let's see you NOT rant about it!). Oh well hey this is a dog-eat-dog world, and I have to take the good with the bad. Live and learn as they all say... I am entitled to my own opinion-- after all this is MY blog ( yes, to whoever said that I am pretentious and vulgar-- YES you are SOOOOO right! I like PRETENDING I'm rich *but I'm not. Like everyone else, I must work!* and oooh especially the vulgar part-- I am soooo vulgar even my own mom says so!! *woowoo* There, my own admission! I am not out to join some friggin popularity contest anyway, so sod off! *biatchhh* hehe) Anyway on a more serious note to the taggers concerned: thank you for your comments. I shall not explain myself any further than I already have, let me not stoop THAT low. I am shallow enough as it is. (And on another note: WOW you reaaally honored me by reading my blog! *hoot hoot* you increased my viewership cause the regular bag hags on the tagboard sorta expected a catfight! *woooohooooo!!*) Sorry hags, this little bag hag ain't doing catfights-- I ain't living that sorry a lifestyle YET, but if it's a CHANEL sample sale, then MAYBE I'll try the catfight thingie then... *hmmm*

Now that bugly bit of explanation aside, let's talk Baguio! Six hour ride to get there was no longer so bad, if you leave at a really ungodly hour *hehe, which is normal for me* The road going up there was fantastic. If I were a photographer, I would've loved to shoot there. Alas, I ain't a photographer and I don't have that eye for detail. *Plus I'm too lazy to bring out these heavy cameras and equipment. Oh wait-- do they have nice camera bags?... Hmmm...* hehehe..

We passed by the HUGE Lion's head (last time I passed by Kennon Road was when I was with my Daddy *I was 4 years old* so this place brought me back to that time when I was with Daddy... It was quite emotional actually), and got to Camp John Hay Manor about 20 minutes later.

As we checked in, I saw porters lugging a few LONGCHAMP overnight bags. *yay! I'm telling you, LONGCHAMP bags are totally worth it!!* Hags, if you have some spare dough to buy a new bag for Christmas, go to Rustans and invest in a LONGCHAMP bag. It's so easy to use-- it's so wash and wear *yep telling it like it is! Just dont wash the leather handles*

Anyway no trip to Baguio is complete without heading over to the ukay-ukay *these are thrift shops concentrated inside one big place* Two years ago on a trip to Baguio with the METRO WEDDINGS team, we were able to find a black CHANEL lambskin quilted bag for Php 1k! Shoot me, I didn't buy the bag and instead bought an 80- peso knit floral cardigan *hehe soooo 80s* So I went there this time, in search of a real bag that I can proudly tote and say, HEY UKAY-UKAY- BOUGHT-BAG!! Unfortunately the closest call I had was that of an HERMES (yes an HERMES) fourre tote canvas bag. Yes, an HERMES *nod nod* (scary thought to see an HERMES tote at an ukay ukay!) But the bag was truly beaten up like it was used to whack a cheating husband *hahahha it was THAT beat-up!* And the price that the lady wanted it sold for was too much. For THAT beaten up bag at Php 3,000 (I haggled it down to 2k)? I think not. I'd rather park my 2k at one of the handicraft stores that sells locally woven bags. *boy that would get me a LOT of bags!*

I also saw a REAL LV monogram noe bag but it's likewise sooo beat up (but it's also vintage). The datecode is not the same as the one now. The bag also stinks *blech!* Last price for it was Php900. *I'm such a badass, I haggle it down so low and then I don't buy it hehehehe* What I don't really understand with these stores is, how on earth can they put BOTH fake and real bags side by side? What I find even more interesting is, how can THEY tell if it's real or not! I would've thought it was just a guess, but they are pretty accurate!

There was an EXACT same GUCCI small logo bag (as the one I was selling on someone's behalf) for 800 pesos. How insane is that? I was like, OH MY GAWD, my seller's bag is here and the condition of this bag is not far off from the one she was trying to sell! No I didn't buy it because I wouldn't know what to do with that bag. I can't really afford to have any more bags this year. I've reached (and OVER reached) my bag quota for the year (and that quota can even spill out to next year)

The last bag I saw was a Blue Epi LV bag. VERY beat up again. For 800 pesos. No thanks. But wow, cheap eh? I wish they had good condition bags that fetched that price. Can YOU imagine, 800 pesos for a REAL designer bag in GOOD condition? *I would've died and gone to bag heaven!*

Spending a disappointing hour inside the Session Road ukay ukay made me want to hop over to the City Market, where therein lay the real Baguio gems! My oh my, my wallet certainly got it's not-needed stretch again, but hey you gotta be proud of me, I spent less than Php 1k!! yup, LESS than ONE THOUSAND PESOS! *that's a friggin milestone for me*

I bought my househelp and myself handwoven slippers for Php 30 each; little coin purses for Php 10 each, and billfold holders for Php 30 each! Also got messenger bags for Php 50 each! *so who says I can't use cheap stuff! I LOVE using cheap stuff-- I'm a TOTAL sucker!!*BRAG ALERT: I totally supported the local cottage industry and paid my dues to help the local economy!!

I also bought the famous EVERLASTING FLOWER GARLANDS for Php 15 each (bought 6 for my Daddy). My mom-in-law also spared me of more expenses by paying for the fresh veggies (which she got at 5 small packs for Php 100, which consisted of Romaine lettuce, Broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and small potatoes! what a deal!!)

WHAT-ON-EARTH-IS-THIS????: Someone pray tell what the hell these things are??? SUNDOT KULANGOT??? I found another vendor that was offering 5 bundles for Php 100 but I was just WAY TOO TURNED OFF to buy it. SUNDOT KULANGOT in English literally means "PICK BOOGER" *yum*. Yup, nose sh*t. Pick nose sh*t. It's so friggin grooooss. I can't fathom any tourist buying it except for the novelty of bragging that they actually had to PAY to get to Pick Booger. Gross.. Apparently it's a delicacy in Baguio that I will never get to try. Anyone tried this before????

Oh my gawd, a FROG BAG??? I understand if it's a frog appliqued bag, or the frog beaded bag of Judith Leiber...But A REAL FROG BAG??? *puke ewwwwwwww* It's just toooo sick!! Look closely at that right frog-- did you notice its eyes sorta popped out? *yuck yuck yuck!!*

Overall, I can tell you I had soo much fun, not even the nasty frog bags or those supposed nasty tags spoiled my short vacation. For those of you who plan to head to Baguio, I give TWO THUMBS UP to The Manor at Camp John Hay and Highly recommend it. Service was Excellent, food at LE CHEF was EXCELLENT (I had spicy laing with bangus belly for TWO days in a row, and had the Angel Hair Ala King *Chef Billy's pasta specialite*) We were all camped in a 2-bedroom suite with 2 balconies and a spacious living/dining room area (which we just totally junked with the kids puking and drooling at the table and all *eeew*).

I've frankly never had a cheaper holiday :D Anyway peeps I'm off for now! For those who find my blog offensive, please just stop reading my blogs to prevent further offense. And for those who read it and find it amusing and entertaining, cheers! There goes another blog post for me! ;)