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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hi netizens! Just wanted to post these photos of the HERMES 32CM (Haut a Courroies) ROUGE VIF BIRKIN. This size is the original Jane Birkin model. It's always nice to know the provenance of the Birkin bag. So here's the 4-1-1- on Jane Birkin-- she is an English actress who found love in the arms of French pop poet Serge Gainsbourg (RIP) . They had a daughter together, Charlotte (who is by the way, the muse of designer Gerard Darel *see my post about the Darel bag, which Charlotte modeled).

And here's the all-important 4-1-1 on the Birkin bag (snippets from observer.guardian.co.uk)

The Birkin bag was created in 1984 after Hermès president Jean-Louis Dumas met the actress on a plane. Jane Birkin was struggling with the overhead locker, complaining that no one made a handbag that suited her needs. Dumas invited her to the Faubourg workshops where the Birkin bag was first sketched out. For such a cult item, it's surprisingly practical: easy to get into and deceptively large. As one owner proudly announced, 'Career, cosmetic and gynaecological needs are all served by a single bag.'

For years, Hermès's bestselling bag has been the Kelly - so called after Grace Kelly clutched one to her belly in 1956 to disguise the telltale bulge of her pregnancy from a Life magazine paparazzo.

However, recently, the waiting lists have started to swell with orders for the larger Birkin. Tech stocks may tumble and recession may loom, but the appetite for le Birkin in the haut monde seems insatiable. Kate Moss has one in denim. Naomi Campbell, Meg Mathews and Martine McCutcheon all have them. Bryan Adams buys them as presents for loved ones.

Owners tell you sotto voce how they managed to jump the queue to get theirs - about how they knew someone in the company who pulled strings. An entire geography of power can be mapped in the time it takes to get a Birkin.

Kate Betts, former editor-in-chief at Harper's Bazaar, knows all about that. As an editor, she jumped the queue easily for her first Birkin. However, she ordered a second shortly before losing that job in one of New York's high-profile cyclical media culls. Now at home bringing up her two-year-old, she doesn't know how long she's going to have to wait for her second. 'I'm not a fashion editor any more, so I expect I'll have to wait a little longer,' she says wryly. 'They're very elusive about it. "Oh, anywhere between three months and 12 years."'

Those in the know talk of their bags with the conspiratorial lust you normally meet in heroin addicts. One Vogue journalist who bought a Birkin in Hermès Rouge leather (this is THE bag my client is selling!) recently lives in fear that her husband will one day discover how much it really cost.

'I'm ashamed of myself,' the owner confesses penitently. 'I think it's an ill-making amount of money to spend on a handbag.'

She still finds herself gazing at her coveted bag, feeling faintly sick. She had wanted one for years and she knew that it's not the sort of bag her husband would ever buy her. 'For a straight man to think of going to a store to spend that much money on a bag is total anathema,' she says.

So the Vogue journalist ordered it herself, and when the horrifying day came to buy the most expensive thing she'd ever bought for herself, she snuck into the shop armed with cash, chequebooks and credit cards, scraping the money together from anywhere she could.

'Oh, it happens all the time,' the saleswoman soothed her embarrassment as she counted out the piles of money. 'You wouldn't believe how often. You wouldn't believe how much of the housekeeping money goes missing.' 'Oh good,' said the guilty shopper. 'I'm not alone.'

There you have it. The women described on the article I could've sworn, was ME *especially the "housekeeping money going missing"..So without further more chu-chus, here SHE is, Shining in 100% natural light. Leather: TOGO; Hardware: SILVER; Size: 32cm sac HAUT A COURROIES (trans: bag with belts on top). Comes with: TWO DUSTBAGS, LOCK (numbered) with 2 KEYS in Clochette, RAINCOAT (2 sets), HERMES BOLDUC 2003 ribbon, HERMES BOX

The plastic on the hardwares are all still intact, there are no visible marks or scratches on this bag that I see.The orange HERMES box has some tears and had to be taped up. There was slight damage to the box when it was shipped (and unfortunately, unintentionally mishandled by Customs *box only*). The BLINDSTAMP of this bag is year 2003, G. The craftsman's ID is also indicated beside the stamping.This is a GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC HERMES BIRKIN in the Special Order size. Now, it's time for all of us to *SWOOOON*!!!