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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


NEWS FLASH: I carried my BLACK LV TURTLE BAG today to the doctor :D I was actually happy that the bag didn't look like a LOUIS VUITTON-- I love the look of anonymity this bag exudes! My doc (an LV fan) didn't even know that my Turtle bag was an LV! *hands down, WINNER!*

Anyway, I am supposed to abstain from eating or drinking after 10pm (which is NOW) because I am taking a blood test tomorrow to see if my CHOLESTEROL is up (maybe my BLOOD PRESSURE IS, what with all the darned bills to pay!) Being that we are without cable yet as of late, I went online AGAIN. *The mall is closed honey* Here's something to prepare you for the holidays. Something you can give to yourself of course! Or something you can show to your mom, dad, boyfriend, husband, etc... :D

So without further ado, more bag reviews:

GUCCI BLACK FLORAL EVENING POCHETTE: When I took one look at this bag, I thought IMMEDIATELY it was a LESPORTSAC-- you know, one of those floral ones! So anyway my interest in this bag didn't even got the balloon to inflate. Why pay a premium for a pochette that sorta reminds you of a cheaper (aka More affordable) bag. Nice, but in my opinion, get something else.
GUCCI BLUE HORSEBIT MONOGRAM HOBO BAG: I like this bag. It's a nice deviation from the regular monograms that we see of Gucci. The handle seems to be flat as well (bamboo can be difficult to carry). AND it has a zippered enclosure! Nice overall bag, with nice saddle brown calfskin leather detail. Something to think about at $1790. :)

Ooooh and HERE'S something I read up on the net (snippet taken from thebagsnob) The Hermes Kelly bag is making a splash of a comeback this season. It was all about the original classic that set fashionistas scrambling on the fall runway. The chocolate crocodile can be yours for $18,000.
This of course prompted me to check if anyone bought a KELLY bag in the last few months. My pretty sis-in-law decided to snap up that Potiron (orange) Kelly that was at Hermes in Singapore. *Good choice! She makes me proud! :D hehe* *Ahem, may I borrow? hehehe* She is so cute and could get away with almost anything!! :D
Sooo girls and boys, if you have saved up *think: fasting for a few years* go and get the ultra classic KELLY bag. But PLEASE don't go nuclear and buy the Hideous Bugly Sherling KELLY!!
NOTE TO SELF: If I sell my LV denim alligator neo speedy and probably a coupla more bags here and there (*gulp NOT my turtle bag!) and maybe try to ask for financial aid (hmm... can I ask for a character loan with a bank, if there still is such a loan given???)... Hmmm.... *I can't believe I am seriously thinking about this!! STOP ME!* Sigh, that BROWN CROC KELLY looks great on her... *Christmas is near and friends are dear... OK Friends, I *WANT* this bag as a Christmas gift (ALERT: Material girl in action). Sigh, I guess I will lose some friends this year... hehehe!!! Oh one can and should never stop wishing!! :D who knows!!
PRADA TIE-DYE HOBO BAG: Umm, quite frankly not liking it, but I'm sure logomaniacs will go loco for this one. The Prada inverted triangle logo is HUGE :) *VISIBILITY ALERT* This is a pretty funky bag-- (tie-dye!) I sorta like the passementerie (curlything details) that surround the logo. But I won't pay topbucks for this bag because of its rope handle. Doesn't it cheapen the bag?
CHLOE CLASSIC PADDINGTON: This beauty (i like it, obviously) has been here for a few seasons and is here to stay for sure. Leather is oh-so-soft! And they have new colors this coming shipment like whiskey, blu clair (seen on the photo), bordeaux, choco, tan, black, and white. The only setback to carrying this bag is its weight. The padlock is heavy *note Heavy, not "so-so". If you are used to carrying heavy bags, then this shouldn't be a problem for you. Thing is, you have to wait to get one. This bag is *sigh* sold out *STILL!*at US$1380.
BOTTEGA VENETA VELVET & LEATHER OPEN WEAVE BAG: You probably already know I really like color in bags-- so this bag gets high marks. I was able to touch this bag personally and I can tell you, there is NOTHING as soft as the leathers on the BOTTEGA bags. This is a pretty pricey bag at US$3850 since this particular bag is a limited edition Bottega. Like most, if not all Bottega leather weave bags, this is a keeper. So the price for this bag is all the worth to pay for an investment piece. Plus side: you won't see a lot of people carrying this bag because of its limited production!BOTTEGA VENETA WOVEN NAPA PRINTED HOBO: This dark orange hobo with subtle floral prints embossed on the woven leather is another score for Bottega. I love the color, and the hobo of Bottega is always a classic. It's one of those pieces you will just NOT want to resell. At US$1680, this is a pretty bag to use and keep for a long time. If you own pretty much all the brands that are worth owning and don't have a Bottega, this hobo is definitely the way to go.

P.S. PD: I love your BLACK MURAKAMI SPEEDY but I simply can't afford it! *umm I'm broke in case you guys forgot!*. THANK YOU for offering this beaut to me :( *PD read my blog (about my secret lust for the murakami speedy) and offered the bag to sell to me!*And sigh, it looks good (looks quite new too) Anyone else interested? Check TRESOR (there I go again, with my shameless plug)

P.P.S. I just got hold of this *Note: GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC* HERMES 32cm HAC birkin in RED (ROUGE VIF) togo leather with silver hardware. It's manufactured in year 2003, looks practically new and has all the trimmings-- box, raincoat, 2 dustbags, lock, keys, and HERMES bolduc ribbon! The seller is my client, and she is letting this baby go to pay for a NEW birkin. She had ordered a BLACK BIRKIN 35cm a few months ago at
HERMES Singapore and wants to ready herself in case the black birkin shows up in time for Christmas. I'm frankly not a red bag kinda gal *not since Daddy passed away* but if you know anyone *with a deep pocket* who'd be interested, let me know. P.S. the price is NOT for the faint-hearted, so if you don't wanna get sticker shock, don't ask :) hehe.. Anyway, email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com or text me at +63916-7580857.

OK I think that's enough reviews and bag photos-- for today. Now you can seriously start your bag wishlist. I wish you all pleasant dreams and also wish that you can each have a bag fairy who'll make your bag wishes come true :)

P.S. Quick Holler to Shar (I decided not to post your initials bec people might think otherwise of it :D) Cheers to you for taking the plunge and going back to school-- that's an excellent decision. Now, after you graduate from biz school, maybe you can help me get rich quick hehehe :D NIGHT!!