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Saturday, November 05, 2005

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Got an early message sent by Ms.L, stating that the other seller had sold an HERMES KELLY recently. Ms. L also hoped it wasn't the FAKE HERMES that I had mentioned. While some of you MAY have received this seller's email of bags she sells, I HAVE to post THIS photo of the Red HERMES KELLY (i got sent this via email last May 22, 2005) in question. It's supposed to be made of Courchevel leather. Anyway if you or your friends BOUGHT this bag, look at the back part of the belt (on the right which has the word HERMES PARIS *with a little boxed mark) on it. If there is no marking at the back, PLEASE contact me ASAP! *Please spread the word about this KELLY A.P.B.* It's a serious matter that deserves IMMEDIATE attention. I'm just trying to prevent a potentially catastrophic purchase/ "investment". No pun intended here. As I've said, if YOU wish to buy an HERMES KELLY, please please just go straight to the HERMES boutique. Reference price for a 28cm taurillon clemence now is about US$5,100. You're better off getting it in the boutique (now that the bag's available), and you also get first class service too! :D

Now onto more PLEASANT matters. PEARLS!!! Ok, Here's the word on the LANVIN- inspired pearls that were EXTREMELY difficult to make. Daphne is selling them between Php 1,000 to Php 1,400. She will try to send me pics of "how to wear" these baubbles.

Regular chat companion KO mentioned an experience that made me want to mention this here-- her bag got stolen (as it was left in her car) sometime a few Decembers ago (I think). Anyway yes, the Holidays are here and for sure, we will see a surge in crime rates against, especially stealing. CHRISTMAS TIP: Have ALL the cards inside your wallet Photocopied and kept in a safe place. This will save you the trouble of figuring out the card numbers if (heaven forbid) your wallet gets misplaced or stolen.

Sigh, it's a relatively slow afternoon-- I refused to unpack more boxes (of trash). *Blech* Today also happens to be the wedding of our photographer-friend Willy Saw. He has been a regular photo contributor with the ABS-CBN group of magazines. Had to holler a congratulatory greeting :)

Ok, here's more of stuff I want on my Christmas wishlist:
1. HERMES 32cm bleu roi crocodile KELLY (forget the bleu roi birkin- one croc Birk *either in emerald green or brown* and one croc Kelly would do just fine, thank you)
2. For my husband's ENDLESS nagging about my purchases to STOP (is there a potion i can make him drink so he can BUY me MORE bags? Amen to KO's suggestion!!)

Ok out of sheer curiosity, does anyone own a HERMES birkin? Email me if you own one, I'd love to see photos!

HONORABLE MENTION: Wow, bryanboy (the one person whose bag collection is Simply enviable) has nicely cited My BAG BLOG in his famous blog! On his post written on November 5, 2005 *wait, isn't that today?* wrote:

#8 - Manila's premier, by appointment only, designer bag consignment resource has a blog. Check out http://tresormakati.blogspot.com.

I'm flattered this babe mentioned this silly shallow bag blog! Bryanboy: if you are reading this, You Rock My World! *can I buy your macha waltz? (hehehe joke *err gee, that was a bad joke!) :D* NOTE: Asking a blue-blooded baglover to sell his/her bag to someone else is like asking a trypanophobic person to undergo multiple needle injections. It ain't gonna happen :D *Try prying my own birkin out of my hands-- aint gonna happen girl! :D

Ok enough chitchat, Ta-ta for now. Looks like I'm coming down with a cold (compliments of my husband).

Cheers girls!