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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So my mobile phone inbox got flooded sometime in the morning yesterday-- people who've been reading my blogs texted to inform me that there were some "trolls" (as MS has so funnily used the word) saying stuff about me *come on, I never said I was a saint, did I?*

ALERT: I have total internet withdrawal. I was left without the net for a good three days and I was bitching about not having brought my ibook. But in the end, it was all good *like queer eye for the straight guy* -- I got to enjoy my family's company-- 100% attention to them, mind you :D

Anyway, I finally arrived from my Baguio trip. I have settled back into Manila rather nicely, albeit the warmer temp *hehe too cheap to turn on my a/c!!* Sooo, my normally silent system administrator sent me a note, asking what he should do about those tag messages (since there were supposedly I.P. addresses wherein he can trace where the messages come from). I told him to leave them there there so I could read them for myself. It's a free country and hey, if these people have something nasty to say about me, I'd like to hear it (or see it). So I come back and I don't get to read all of them anymore. I get the whole nine yards emailed to me.

MY TWO CENTS: I frankly don't get why some people would get riled up for something sooo trivial and silly. This is just a FUN blog-- everything is fictionalized in some way (and NOT meant to be taken seriously) so don't take everything so seriously or whoever is being mentioned in a glaring light would get offended. I don't need a real- life dramedy, for fudge's sake this is JUST A FRIGGIN BLOG *ugh*. And to clear it up, I don't feel threatened as a seller, there are frankly MANY other sellers who do what I do and are VERY respectable as well so it's always good to check out the other sellers and follow the general rule-- s/he who has the best price bags the customer! (that's what I would do myself-- shop around til I get the best price) *I don't beg to hog for THE position because that 2nd hand reseller throne rightfully belongs to authentecite *and that is friggin proof that I support having more resellers out there*. I may biatch and moan, and yes I admit, it wasn't nice of me to have written about it, but I also attest that it was truly upsetting to have gotten used that way (you try being in my shoes when that happened and let's see you NOT rant about it!). Oh well hey this is a dog-eat-dog world, and I have to take the good with the bad. Live and learn as they all say... I am entitled to my own opinion-- after all this is MY blog ( yes, to whoever said that I am pretentious and vulgar-- YES you are SOOOOO right! I like PRETENDING I'm rich *but I'm not. Like everyone else, I must work!* and oooh especially the vulgar part-- I am soooo vulgar even my own mom says so!! *woowoo* There, my own admission! I am not out to join some friggin popularity contest anyway, so sod off! *biatchhh* hehe) Anyway on a more serious note to the taggers concerned: thank you for your comments. I shall not explain myself any further than I already have, let me not stoop THAT low. I am shallow enough as it is. (And on another note: WOW you reaaally honored me by reading my blog! *hoot hoot* you increased my viewership cause the regular bag hags on the tagboard sorta expected a catfight! *woooohooooo!!*) Sorry hags, this little bag hag ain't doing catfights-- I ain't living that sorry a lifestyle YET, but if it's a CHANEL sample sale, then MAYBE I'll try the catfight thingie then... *hmmm*

Now that bugly bit of explanation aside, let's talk Baguio! Six hour ride to get there was no longer so bad, if you leave at a really ungodly hour *hehe, which is normal for me* The road going up there was fantastic. If I were a photographer, I would've loved to shoot there. Alas, I ain't a photographer and I don't have that eye for detail. *Plus I'm too lazy to bring out these heavy cameras and equipment. Oh wait-- do they have nice camera bags?... Hmmm...* hehehe..

We passed by the HUGE Lion's head (last time I passed by Kennon Road was when I was with my Daddy *I was 4 years old* so this place brought me back to that time when I was with Daddy... It was quite emotional actually), and got to Camp John Hay Manor about 20 minutes later.

As we checked in, I saw porters lugging a few LONGCHAMP overnight bags. *yay! I'm telling you, LONGCHAMP bags are totally worth it!!* Hags, if you have some spare dough to buy a new bag for Christmas, go to Rustans and invest in a LONGCHAMP bag. It's so easy to use-- it's so wash and wear *yep telling it like it is! Just dont wash the leather handles*

Anyway no trip to Baguio is complete without heading over to the ukay-ukay *these are thrift shops concentrated inside one big place* Two years ago on a trip to Baguio with the METRO WEDDINGS team, we were able to find a black CHANEL lambskin quilted bag for Php 1k! Shoot me, I didn't buy the bag and instead bought an 80- peso knit floral cardigan *hehe soooo 80s* So I went there this time, in search of a real bag that I can proudly tote and say, HEY UKAY-UKAY- BOUGHT-BAG!! Unfortunately the closest call I had was that of an HERMES (yes an HERMES) fourre tote canvas bag. Yes, an HERMES *nod nod* (scary thought to see an HERMES tote at an ukay ukay!) But the bag was truly beaten up like it was used to whack a cheating husband *hahahha it was THAT beat-up!* And the price that the lady wanted it sold for was too much. For THAT beaten up bag at Php 3,000 (I haggled it down to 2k)? I think not. I'd rather park my 2k at one of the handicraft stores that sells locally woven bags. *boy that would get me a LOT of bags!*

I also saw a REAL LV monogram noe bag but it's likewise sooo beat up (but it's also vintage). The datecode is not the same as the one now. The bag also stinks *blech!* Last price for it was Php900. *I'm such a badass, I haggle it down so low and then I don't buy it hehehehe* What I don't really understand with these stores is, how on earth can they put BOTH fake and real bags side by side? What I find even more interesting is, how can THEY tell if it's real or not! I would've thought it was just a guess, but they are pretty accurate!

There was an EXACT same GUCCI small logo bag (as the one I was selling on someone's behalf) for 800 pesos. How insane is that? I was like, OH MY GAWD, my seller's bag is here and the condition of this bag is not far off from the one she was trying to sell! No I didn't buy it because I wouldn't know what to do with that bag. I can't really afford to have any more bags this year. I've reached (and OVER reached) my bag quota for the year (and that quota can even spill out to next year)

The last bag I saw was a Blue Epi LV bag. VERY beat up again. For 800 pesos. No thanks. But wow, cheap eh? I wish they had good condition bags that fetched that price. Can YOU imagine, 800 pesos for a REAL designer bag in GOOD condition? *I would've died and gone to bag heaven!*

Spending a disappointing hour inside the Session Road ukay ukay made me want to hop over to the City Market, where therein lay the real Baguio gems! My oh my, my wallet certainly got it's not-needed stretch again, but hey you gotta be proud of me, I spent less than Php 1k!! yup, LESS than ONE THOUSAND PESOS! *that's a friggin milestone for me*

I bought my househelp and myself handwoven slippers for Php 30 each; little coin purses for Php 10 each, and billfold holders for Php 30 each! Also got messenger bags for Php 50 each! *so who says I can't use cheap stuff! I LOVE using cheap stuff-- I'm a TOTAL sucker!!*BRAG ALERT: I totally supported the local cottage industry and paid my dues to help the local economy!!

I also bought the famous EVERLASTING FLOWER GARLANDS for Php 15 each (bought 6 for my Daddy). My mom-in-law also spared me of more expenses by paying for the fresh veggies (which she got at 5 small packs for Php 100, which consisted of Romaine lettuce, Broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and small potatoes! what a deal!!)

WHAT-ON-EARTH-IS-THIS????: Someone pray tell what the hell these things are??? SUNDOT KULANGOT??? I found another vendor that was offering 5 bundles for Php 100 but I was just WAY TOO TURNED OFF to buy it. SUNDOT KULANGOT in English literally means "PICK BOOGER" *yum*. Yup, nose sh*t. Pick nose sh*t. It's so friggin grooooss. I can't fathom any tourist buying it except for the novelty of bragging that they actually had to PAY to get to Pick Booger. Gross.. Apparently it's a delicacy in Baguio that I will never get to try. Anyone tried this before????

Oh my gawd, a FROG BAG??? I understand if it's a frog appliqued bag, or the frog beaded bag of Judith Leiber...But A REAL FROG BAG??? *puke ewwwwwwww* It's just toooo sick!! Look closely at that right frog-- did you notice its eyes sorta popped out? *yuck yuck yuck!!*

Overall, I can tell you I had soo much fun, not even the nasty frog bags or those supposed nasty tags spoiled my short vacation. For those of you who plan to head to Baguio, I give TWO THUMBS UP to The Manor at Camp John Hay and Highly recommend it. Service was Excellent, food at LE CHEF was EXCELLENT (I had spicy laing with bangus belly for TWO days in a row, and had the Angel Hair Ala King *Chef Billy's pasta specialite*) We were all camped in a 2-bedroom suite with 2 balconies and a spacious living/dining room area (which we just totally junked with the kids puking and drooling at the table and all *eeew*).

I've frankly never had a cheaper holiday :D Anyway peeps I'm off for now! For those who find my blog offensive, please just stop reading my blogs to prevent further offense. And for those who read it and find it amusing and entertaining, cheers! There goes another blog post for me! ;)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Off to Pine and Country!

Hmm... my invitation to the private Louis Vuitton pre-Christmas sale came hand delivered *wow I felt like a VIP already *choke!**
Apparently it says here that the invitation is good for 2 people only. So if there is someone out there planning to buy an LV bag by month-end, December 1 is the perfect time to go-- you can have champagne and hors d'oeurves while you let your credit card do the work! (don't embarrass me, buy something BIG and EXPENSIVE there! *hehehe bad bad!*) let me know!

By the way that's another photo of the ASTROPILL (as requested!). I am placing an order for a black murakami astropill. It's so cute too but it's currently out of stock. I am strangely drawn to the astropill. Heck even the name itself draws me in. Sounds so... out of this world ?! *eh?*

Sigh... Sometimes (rather OFTENTIMES) I wish I can get like, bulk discount at Louis Vuitton. I swear most of my money has already gone to them this year, and yesterday when I asked Abby to total up all my expenses at the Bag temple, I myself was shocked *my knees went wobbly and turned jelly on me*

ALL my money that I had saved AND earned, went to LV. I should be crowned the NEW MISS LV VIP 2005. *beauty queen wave* *ewww siiiick-- my royal wave ranks WAY HIGH up there, next to Goyard silk boxers man eeewww*

I will keep this post short tonight because I am heading up to Baguio reallly early tomorrow morning. For some R&R *like I haven't really gotten R&R by being a housewife hehehe HEY being a stay home mom is HARD work eh! Don't you snicker!*

So I'm thinking I should use my Green Goyard for my three-day trip to Pine and Country... I am by the way, going to be staying at the world-class THE MANOR. I looove staying at The Manor. There's the most exquisite gastronomic feast prepared by Chef Billy King (of Le Souffle fame), and there's the Manor grounds where the air is fresh and the kids can run around freely without inhaling pollution or pungent odors. *snicker*

Say, what do you guys think of this PRADA yellow bag? It's all leather and quite soft, and the color yellow is the same shade as the LV yellow that's now discontinued. I rather like this bag, it's real pretty and has two drawstrings on each side of the bag, with pockets to boot. It looks real functional without sacrificing looks. The bag looks practically brand new and is being offered to me at Php 45,000. My seller friend bought the bag for almost 75K and has carried it out twice. This bag was bought at the Bev Hills Prada. It's cute (but reality check: I AM BROKE) I sorta didn't wanna post the bag in my TRESOR site yet because I am still looking at the bag, and thinking if I want it or not ;) *Barring current financial circumstance!* I'm just selfish hahaha. Anyway this bag still has its ORIGINAL BOX and dustbag (woohoo!)

My friend RC who flew back from Vegas a few weeks ago had new bags shipped to the Philippines (proof that Neiman Marcus DOES ship to the Philippines), one of which is a BALENCIAGA TWIGGY GRAPHITE GRAY (US$1250)
and the other, another BALENCIAGA WORK DARKBLUE DENIM WITH BROWN LEATHER TRIM (US$1450).These are of course, without a doubt authentic, because they were purchased from the personal shopper at Neiman Marcus that we both share (hehehe the SAME shopper that Lady Voldemort had wanted ME to share with her. HAH!! err NoOOOooo Way *cough cough, so what if I'm selfish, at least I'm not user friendly hehee biatch!* Anyway more info: The BALENCIAGA TWIGGY comes with the dustbag, extra tassels, mirror, all tags, and shoulder strap (THIS IS A NEW BAG). The BALENCIAGA WORK comes with dustbag, extra tassels, mirror, all tags. There is no shoulder strap for the work bag (it never came with one). These are new bags and are sold out most everywhere you go, so if you are interested in either of these babies, let me know fast! These bags can be authenticated at Homme et Femme. I have no time to update my TRESOR site, so these bags will have to stay on this blog post for the meantime!

I gotta run along and finish packing so I can get some shuteye! Have a great long weekend and if you need to ask about the bags, just SMS me at +63916758-0857! I won't have access to the net this weekend!

xoxo ciao hags!!


ROARING BIATCH ALERT: I just hate it when people I barely know act like they know me so well to ask these favors-- actually it would be nice to call it a "favor" but some people just have the friggin nerve to demand(!) for certain things.

While I was with PA and her friend for lunch, I get this SMS message from KM, a guy whom I particularly dislike for his cocky know-it-all/have-it-all attitude. He apparently just got married (I'm not that good a friend *or maybe I'm not even a friend* to be invited to his wedding, and even if I were invited, I would not even have bothered to go because there is no value added in knowing this guy, he is a straight A user just like Lady Voldemort. PA should know :)

So anyway his text went like this "I just got married this weekend and wanted to ask if you can arrange to have our wedding featured at METRO WEDDINGS." I was like "HuH??!!" Ok, first of all, I am no longer with the magazine. Second of all, NOT EVEN A FREAKING HELLO first before the favor? Third, I was not invited to the wedding and YET you ASK ME to feature your wedding?!! Come on schmuck, it's clear to both of us that we are NOT friends (or else I'd be invited *hahaha I'm sooo sour graping hahaha!*) and then you get the nerve to ask for a fabor? Perdon pero no way Jose! People who have your cocky-I-have-it-all attitude don't deserve press space. So, theoretically if I were still connected with Metro Weddings Magazine, I'd still NEVER feature your wedding. This guy, I tell you, belongs with Lady Voldemort. USER friendlies!! *muwahahahahahaha I am soooo biatchy today!!!!! But Im telling you this guy just is NOT worth any of my time*

Soooo moving right along, after my meeting with PA, I passed by Louis Vuitton again :) Rhea and Abby were both there, so we ended up chatting. In comes this Nicole Richie-meets-Vanessa Traina chick wearing a school uniform and funky black shoes (not your ordinary Gregg shoes hehehe.. more like Prada to me). This gal is young-- about 16 or 17 (I later find out she is 16!).

She walks through LV with her male friend (I think.. or relative who also goes to the same school). And I'm telling you I swear this girl is soo cool-- so VERY nicole richie. Turns out she is TT, a super designer bag lover too. And funny thing is, I've actually chatted with her on the phone in the past, and my goodness I didn't even know this was her until Marivic tells me who she is.

So I introduced myself and oh my Gawd it's like we've known each other for agesss.. Her dad apparently ordered the white mink bag for her (yes, THE white mink runway bag). I know, I know, she has the coolest dad who spoils her silly, with the best brands of bags and the best things. I swear she IS the Nicole Richie of the Philippines. TT knows her stuff too well, and she just really shocks me (I'm impressed). I thought I already knew the youngest gal in town who splurges on bags, and oh I am sooooo out of the loop, until today, when a chance meeting led me to TT!

I stayed at LV for the loooongest time *like I became an honorary sales associate today hahaha* In fact, I stayed there long enough to have LV client Dr. M call marivic to reserve a particular bag that we had chatted about last night. It's a VIENNA quilted bag although I didn't remember if it was a KLARA or the non-alligator version of this bag in the photo. My goodness my memory just fails me. Anyway, it was a toss between the Vienna quilted bag or the SUHALI shopper. I told Dr.M-- GET THIS QUILT BAG! Suhali line will stay for a very long time, but this quilted vienna line is just for winter '05. It's a collectible! :) And funnily, Marivic hands over the LV boutique phone to me and said "Someone wants to talk to you." I was like, holy crap, I can take calls at LV now? hahaha!! I was at LV thaaaaaat looooong.
Oh oh oh!

CONGRATULATIONS to KLT for guessing correctly that I had gotten an ORANGE HERMES SCARF. She gets a teeny tiny keychain from HK Disney (no I haven't been there yet but hehe I've been to the store. Doesn't that count? :D) Who knows, next time I do a guessing game, I might give away my own LV bag? hehehehe... *wishful thinking eh?* Sigh, I was chatting with KO last night about her friend who works for NBC and prepares the payments of Katie Couric, Matt Lauer. She told me that Katie C. gets roughly $7Mill a year. **PARDON: MAKE THAT BETWEEN $12-16M a YEAR!! (thanks KO) HOLY CRAP! See, if I made it BIG and make THAT much, I'd be giving away Hermes scarves, wallets, and even bags as prizes!! *siiiigh*

So going back to what I was saying earlier, my prolonged stay at LV made me succumb to the credit card swipe AGAIN. Now, what on earth could I possibly get at LV, right? Well, I can tell you this thing is soooo damn cute that it's extremely hard to resist buying it. It's an ASTROPILL. hehe looks like some teeny UFO with little red lights when you press the belly of the pill. Here it is, strapped onto my Blue Goyard St. Louis PM which I toted today for the 2nd time *sans the silk boxers guy* hehe.. *eewww that just brings nasty memories* I sooo hope that everytime I tote my blue Goyard, I won't be reminded of that icky man!!! *gulp, what a morbid thought!!*

Anyway this LV ASTROPILL is one of those light up thingies when you press in the middle-- perfect for those power failures that our country was once soooo famous for :) hey you never know when you'll need these things. And what better way to look for your keys in the dark! It's soooooo cute hehe. If you had watched this old flick called BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, this astropill looks so much like that little tincan baby UFO :D

**HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ME AND TO YOU-- SO GO GET YOURSELF A CUTE ASTROPILL! :D** Ok on a rather serious note, I want to greet you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for, we have to be thankful that we have been blessed with the gift of life, the gift of sharing our joys with others, and the gift of love. Life may be crappy at times, but at the end of the day, don't forget to be grateful for what you have. Blessings will come to those who wait and those who are honest, compassionate, and sincere. Don't forget that! :) *Time to thank husband so maybe he can pay for the astropill *snicker selllllfishhhh!!* (just kidding, I am not THAT nasty. I know how to be thankful too, you know! I'm not a totally selfish biatch! hehe and I'm NOT defensive! *glare*)

IMPORTANT EVENT: If any of you readers are seriously planning a NEW LV purchase and are planning to head over to LV within the next few days, save this date: DECEMBER 1-- LV is having a private client get-together from 7pm to 10pm, where they will fly in limited pieces of bags from their new collections (i.e. the Monogram Mini Camel Trapeze PM *only ONE piece for the night! It's P 76,000.* the GM is shown here). This is an invitation- only event, but if you are seriously planning to make a purchase, let me know so I can include you in. LV also already brought in the new cruise collection line of bags (which I find extremely cute). Shown below is the GLOBE SHOPPER CABAS TOTE. There are also different sizes which translate to different colors like Blue and Cranberry.
The bag is rather heavy, but it's pretty. If you buy one of these, make sure to invest in a can of SCOTCHGARD which is available at True Value. You will need to spray the bag before you use it just so it will repel much of the dirt that might stick to the bag. Crap happens :) But not if you can help it! :D

COUCH UPDATE: See, after having blogged for nearly a month now, I am VERY ashamed to say, I still DO NOT have a couch. Just ask DOP, who was over at my place the other day-- she SAW that I didn't have chairs on my dining table, and I had a ratty old couch. She tried to make me feel better by telling me my place looks ok (It's alright D, I know my place is soooo bare.. hehe). Sigh, I guess I better start selling my other bags to buy a couch *boOOohoOooO hoOooo* I NEEEED A COUCH ALREADY!!!!! *HEEEEEELP!!!*

So ok, Here's the bag I want or rather PLAN to sell. I'm still undecided though... *sigh* Anyway Maria Sharapova is seen carrying the PINK version of this LV Monogram Satin Glitter Cabas Tote :) I am planning to let the WHITE version of this bag go.. It's exactly the same size and model. I am however, unwilling to let it go at a low price-- because 1. This bag is a limited edition bag!!! *that says it all, honey!* Anyyyway, I have the pink of this exact same bag (otherwise I won't even think of letting this go!) :-) If you are interested in the bag, I am willing to discuss terms. But I will already let you know that the bag will cost 6 figures. It's a lizard trimmed bag, hence the price. Soooo if you are faint-hearted, don't bother asking me :-) *I would NOT wanna be the reason for your heart attack hehehe **wink!!!* But boy this really saddens me every time I have to begin editing my bag collection. I need a JOB!!! *Can SOMEONE out there offer me a job already??* hehehe

Oh here let me MOONLIGHT: If YOU need a personal shopper to help you pick out bags at Greenbelt 3, hehehe call me! For a small fee, I will hang with you and help you decide on purchasing the right accessory or bag that would reflect your personality ;) hehehe I gotta charge now, gas is expensive, hags! Money doesn't grow in my backyard (maybe it does on your side of the lawn, honey, but IT AIN'T GROWIN' ON MINE!!) *hehehe*

Sooo that's all I can say for now, *shock, what with my motor mouth not even pit-stopping, am I really already at the end of my post????* Alas, this bag hag is tired. I spent I think an hour at LV today and my credit card went the extra mile today. So I better give my good hand (the hand that signs them damn cardslips) a rest :-)

And please please text/ SMS me at +639167580857 if you plan to buy something at LV. Hold it off til December 1. Don't worry I won't charge you for having your name placed on the list hahaha :) BUT you better make sure you're buying something :) *hehehe the astropill!! It's horribly CUTE!!*

Nite hags! and HAPPY TURKEY DAY AGAIN *ahem my version of Thanksgiving was having a TURKEY AND CHEDDAR CHEESE FOCCACIA BREAD at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.. hehehe Gobble Gobble!!*

Mwahhh baghags :D

Thursday, November 24, 2005


WOW, I was honored to be part of an interview by Daphne for F-- it was about weddings. And we talked about, *ahem, self-centered biatch alert* MY wedding which took place like, um.. 4 years ago.

Anyway I'll share some of my wedding photos wherein you can see the setup of the tables. (sorry, I won't be posting a photo of myself on the big day-- I may be self-centered, but I'm NOT YET THAT self-centered.. besides, I have a face only a mother could love, so there!)I had no real flowers on my wedding reception-- except for the sampaguita garlands that were placed on the candelabra centerpieces for "scent" purposes. The reception, I must say, was spectacular. My designer, Dr. P (who has since retired) is THE MOST AMAZING guy ever. He owns all those candelabras. (He is a collector).
The exterior of the reception site was lined with roughly 300 porcelain angels holding trumpets to, (in Dr. P's words)"herald the entry of the newlyweds" *teehee what a way with words eh?* In other words, to make me and my hubby feel like VIPS *umm as IF we truly were! VIP-wannabes YES, VIP? Nope!*

So anyway I was a pretty useless interviewee, quite honestly. I couldn't even remember what personal touches I had with that wedding!! But I do remember it was so awesome, even I was so awestruck. I didn't realize it was gonna come out that way! I just let Dr.P work his magic, as I fussed with my own gown (PRONOVIAS). Sigh, I love weddings... That was what inspired me to become a weddings writer actually. Imagine I was actually a lot more hands on with the wedding set-ups that Daphne and I did for METRO WEDDINGS than my own wedding! Isn't that hilarious! *This is so true, but ALL brides go through the stage where after they have their own wedding, they want to be wedding coordinators-- I, was guilty to such stage!*

Ok, enough wedding talk, this would take forever if I talked about MY wedding (self centered BIG TIME!). Sooo, this afternoon, I took out my GOYARD bag for a spin. The BLUE one. This GREEN FIDJI HOBO (the photo doesn't do this color justice)is just too pretty to use... I have taken the liberty of retaking a photo, this time, more close-up so you hags can see the detail invested by Goyard into this handpainting of monograms. I swear, hand jobs *errr.. I mean hand-painting* is a lost art *hehehe kinky* If you hags are super interested in GOYARD, do check out their website at www.goyard.fr

BAG FACT: Goyard has been in the luggage/trunks business since 1853-- one year earlier than Louis Vuitton! Trunks were covered with this waterproof monogram canvas. Goyard was carried by European aristocrats (Royal court of England), An American president, The Emperor of Russia, Literary royalty Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes creator), Rockefellers, and the Ritz, among others. This brand is etched in luggage history, and is definitely considered the Mother of ALL Monograms. How luxe is it to carry a bag that has its monograms ALL HANDPAINTED?

Ok, THIS particular section of the post, I am dedicating to KO and CL: I had to go to Western Union today and guess what, of all the possibly UNSIGHTLY things I should see, I see a MAN wearing his SILK BOXER SHORTS (with gusto I might add). It was SOOO GROSS and totally GHASTLY. I almost laughed out loud when he walked into the place, and the only thing that refrained me from doing so was my texting to CL about it. CL thinks perhaps this man thought BOXERS meant a BOXER'S shorts. And to think the print on his silk boxers were too similar to my Goyard bag! *eeeewwww* I swear, if I had bent over just a tiny bit, I would've already seen his butt cheek *eeww morbid, it COULD be hairy too!* What a horrible way to debut my Goyard :(

So anyway, I just tried my best not to laugh since it would be terribly rude to do so. But as soon as that man left, I just GUFFAWED. OUT LOUD. What a gross way to end a day.

SHARE-A-SALE-ALERT: Well it's not really a sale sale, but Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman are offering free shipping on purchased items on their website. Saks Fifth Avenue also has a sale and offers free shipping (thanks for the heads-up KO). Check it out :) *Saks fifth's sale includes this LUELLA bag-- the bastardized Gisele. It was $1195.00 and is now just $836.50... umm, wow that's a good mark down, but NO thanks! hehe*

Anyway, do check out the sites. Maybe you can find something you like. Not me though. I'm broke, and I just want another Goyard hahaha. Ta-ta for now :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

OCW WORK to SPEND Program (Part 2)

So anyway after my gallavants to the great malls of Hong Kong with the time I had, I headed back to the airport.

See, I would normally, and without hesitation, tell you, I hate airports. BUT! I'd like to make an exception. I LOVE Chek Lap Kok HK Airport.

You've got a FULLY LOADED CHANEL boutique *except that they don't have the 2.55 anymore* (not one of those teeny tiny ones that only sell cosmetics-- which I personally find TOTALLY USELESS-- I don't know how to put on make-up. So I'm a freak. there!)A GUCCI boutique that carries everything from bags (Guccisima.. damn I like those patent blue monogram bags) to walletsAND an HERMES boutique that not only carries perfumes, but also jewelry and PLUME bags!!
MAKE A GUESS and GET A GIFT: OoOoohhh.. What's did I get at HERMES? What's in this orange box?? :) Want to receive a teeny tiny DISNEY HK souvenir? (Ok fine, call me a cheapskate. Fine fine! But hey, No way, I can't give you this HERMES thing that I got, I almost fought tooth and nail for this! haha *cough selfish biatch!* ) Send me an SMS +639167580857 and give me a goooood guess (be specific on what it is and color) ! hehee..

Anyyyway, HK airport has designer boutiques on its roster that would put OUR own country's malls to shame! *Ahem well they DON'T have an LV boutique IN the airport! HAH!*

But... They have Prada, Shanghai Tang, Longchamp, The Disney Store (a kid's equivalent of a designer boutique), AND they have LANVIN!!
I swear that's pretty damn tough to beat. And Oh yes, LANVIN airport store carries mostly men's stuff BUT they carry the pearls!! For those of you who had bought Daphne pearls, here's something to feel further good about-- The Lanvin pearls are being sold for HK$2000 (TWO THOUSAND HK BUCKS!) They now come in pink and yellow ribbon-ties, and of course the classic black tulle!

Anyway so I did a double take on CHANEL's bags. What on earth is this??!! So they have shearling bags (eeeew), but why do I see a mirror image of a Fendi Spy in these bags (right side)?? Ok, I super don't like these (not that I liked the Spy bag either).

As I boarded my plane after the delightful last minute designer splurge, I can tell you this.

WHY I LOVE FLYING CATTLE-CLASS (err.. COACH *and I don't mean the bag* ):
1. I get to rub elbows with people from high places-- Did you know that I sat ADJACENT to a presidential security guard and a presidential granddaughter's nanny? Now WHO can tell me that they have shared the same experience? *brag brag!!*

2. Riding coach makes me feel rich. When I used to ride business class back when I was still a single hag, I always felt that I didn't belong there-- heck I sat among all these rich women and dapper men... I so don't belong. I looked like a friggin' pauper, wearing ratty jeans and all. NOW, I feel like a rich hag (even if Im not). Hehe I am carrying an Hermes paperbag for crying out loud! How many passengers in coach carry that???!!! *biatch alert!*

3. Airfare is free (this time only), BUT on a regular travel basis, airfare is MUCH cheaper-- all the more reason to save up and buy a new bag! *selfisssh!!*

As I look back on this wonderful trip, I felt fully charged (well not really, wait til I get my credit card bill!). I guess there is STILL some hope of me trying to make a decent living with what little connections I have. I still would rather be offered a fulltime job, but hey, this short trip to HK for work ain't so bad. But I do hope too, next trip, I won't squander off my earnings, just like I did *and more* on this trip!!

Happy reading! I have to make a run for my doctor's appointment now. Crud, I hope this ain't appendicitis or kidney stones.. *Boy my mind sure does wander around... does that make me a super hypochondriac??!!*

Ta-ta for now!

Monday, November 21, 2005

OCW WORK to SPEND Program (Part 1)

Ok, here was my OCW WORK-TO-SPEND program. This is extremely embarrassing to divulge, but it MUST be shared. I know I am seriously NOT the only woman in the world going through this.
CT of Cagayan De Oro mirrored my sentiments when she said, "...once I buy a designer bag, I'll be hooked." And I tell you, it's SO TRUE.

So how do I justify these insanely outrageous purchases? No, I did not marry into the Asian equivalent of Donald Trump (hah, if I did, would I have been blogging still, OR worse, would I be working still? Heck, I'd be the Asian Melania Trump, waiting for Baby Trump to pop out! Then go back to buying jewels from Fred Leighton.. ahhh Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...)

I WORK! Over the weekend of November 18-2o, I became another one of those Filipina OCWs, working in Hong Kong, the tax-free designer heaven. Ey, don't laugh, you gotta respect all these OCWs and domestic helpers in HK. Do you know that they form a bulk of the reason as to why the peso is strengthening against the almighty greenback? Yes, yes it's because these OCWs have been remitting their earnings from the mighty Tai Tais. So to the OCWs out there who could be reading my blog, I just want to say, I hold so much respect for you all, for having the strength to be away from your families for a long time, to earn a decent living for them and be able to send your kids to schools whence you yourselves might have not had the money to finish back then. I really admire you all, 100%. Pat yourselves in the back because you are all doing a very honorable thing.

And then you have ME. A bag hag OCW whose sole purpose of work is to be able to pay for a new bag. PA-THE-TIC. So it was a weekend stint that won't earn me much, but will certainly afford me at least a bag or two. So yeah I am a bit on the good side of luck this time, to have had this opportunity to earn something. But oh dear, am I so heartless, to leave my kids to their grandma, so that their crazy mom can work to buy a bag?

YES. *sniff* I am a selfish Biatch... Biatch biatch biatch! *boohoo!!*

P.S. THIS WHOLE TABLE and its contents is on my kids' Christmas wishlist*Ahem ahem* Grandparents!!! Can you PLEASE BUY THIS FOR THE KIDS? *sniff, 1. bag hag is too poor to even buy ONE thing on the table, 2. bag hag is too STINGY to buy this for the kids, 3. bag hag biatch REFUSES to buy this for the kids.. don't want them to grow up all spoiled and bratty *cough cough, like me hahaha*

Hehehe Selfish biatch in me left my kids back home because they don't know HARVEY NICKS is open in HK now, do they? HAH! So I packed my bags and left for LV country...

PANDORA BAG MANIA: Shortly after arriving HK, Holy cow, do YOU know that I saw about SIX PANDORA MONOGRAM SPEEDY BAGS?? And that's like in the span of 45 minutes (where I lingered about at the airport, strolled inside the airport train)!! Then within the day (from the time I had lunch, went back to the office, to the time I got off work, went home to change, headed out to dinner, and came back home), I must've caught at least SIXTY (60) women carrying them! Is it just me, or did I actually set foot in SPEEDYLAND?? Speedy bags of all sizes and colors-- from the small 25, to the 40, from the Murakami line to the (now discontinued) Cerises to the long- discontinued Graffiti Line to the Denim Line! They were EVERYWHERE, carried by practically EVERY WOMAN!! Some women prefer to let their Speedy bags slouch while others religiously cut out cardboards to place on the bottom of their bag (for structure). Wow. See, that's something I certainly did NOT notice before. SPEEDY BAGS ARE SO HOT there! I'm telling you, that bag is the friggin reincarnation of pandora's box. Get it and it wreaks havoc on your bank account not long after.

Ok Ok so enough blah blah blah already. I bet you hags wanna already know what kinda damage I did to my card, right? Well ok, P and K have been texting me and asking if I did get anything in HK. P. was able to guess it right down to the color *hahaha sh*t I'm becoming predictable!* So ok, THIS IS WHERE I DEPOSITED MY EARNINGS FOR THE TRIPHARVEY NICHOLS! The perfect place to go when you have moolah to spend!! Me? Bahh.. I only have... *count money* And I don't think I can afford to do all floors of Harvey Nicks. Oh gawd, send me to the psychiatric ward please!!DAMN, if THIS was the psychiatric ward, then I am RIGHT AT HOME :D This is an unauthorized photo of the GOYARD boutique inside Harvey Nichols. Can someone look at all those luggages??? Geez, no wonder Bryanboy fell head over heels for this brand too! I practically went ballistic at Goyard! I had THREE sales associates helping me. THREE, ALL MEN! Apparently they thought I was some wanna-be Japanese lady whose mission in life is to buy out the whole store! (Well, not really buy the whole store. Crap, I don't even have any money to buy a train case!) The sales peeps were so helpful and had brought out like 6 styles for me to try on, in SIX colors. That was like, 36 bags!! Was that crazy or what??!!! *There were 10 colors total I think--red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, powder blue, white, black-black, black-tan, and brown*.

I ended up settling for this: A GREEN GOYARD FIDJI HOBO BAG (its more emerald-greenish than this)... Ok ok, you may not think of this bag much, I mean, after all, it's a coated canvas bag. And Goyard didn't even bother to coat or do a lining on the interior of the bag. This hobo is made of the thinnest canvas I know (hence making this bag THE LIGHTEST BAG AMONG ALL MY BAGS). But what makes it soooooo awesome is the amount of detail in the monogram. THE MONOGRAM IS HANDPAINTED! I need not say more. So let me introduce you to this other bag.

GUILTY: I bought TWO GOYARD bags, ok? What was I thinking? Ok, here's what ate me up at the time I was at Goyard. This brand has been here for sooooo long, and is slowly being reintroduced back into the mainstream designer brand. I better snatch them up before they increase their prices like LV or HERMES. After all, I am paying for craftsmanship here. And my gosh, it's SO LIGHT!! I bought the light blue shopper tote that has the attached pochette. And if I honestly were not broke after these two bags (yes, I am WORSE off now than before I decided on initiating my OCW Work-to-Spend Program!!), I would've settled for a THIRD bag!

SHOCKING REVELATION: I've apparently hit like, THREE things on my Christmas wishlist. It would've been ok, BUT IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET!!!!!!!

DON'T ASK about my financial state. It's too sensitive a topic for me to discuss right now *sniff* But hey as I proudly tote my Blue shopper, I can be assured that if someone decides to dip his/her hand into my bag (this blue shopper doesn't have any snap enclosures/zippers), they will be fairly disappointed when they take off with my wallet. Why?
1. Mounting debt on credit card= NO AVAILABLE BALANCE (muwahahaha)
2. NO cash (only receipts!!)

Take THAT, you potential wallet swiper! :D *if I can't have a financially worry-free Christmas, who says you CAN?! hehehe*

My trip was overall good (except for the financial part, right?). On Sunday, my LAST day and ONLY FULL day to actually go around and shop, I get hit hard with a realization that I might not 1. Leave HK just yet, 2. Leave HK without much chance to really window shop. Because right before lunch, I get this nagging stomach cramp (that I had two days before I left), and the pain intensified and localized in my lower right back and lower ab. I was scared that I even asked for the house doctor. I just prayed, Please don't let this be appendicitis, or worse, some ovarian cyst (that I'm unaware of having?!) that ruptured. *My mind just does these crazy things, thinking of worst-case scenarios... Ok so I'm a freak.*

Sometime between thirty minutes to an hour later, the pain just went away like that *snap fingers* (I will be visiting my doctor tomorrow or Wednesday). So I guess there was some form of happy ending to this after all. So I happily packed my stuff away and got my luggage (take note, singular noun. LUGGAGE) checked in early. *I only bought 2 Goyard bags for myself, and 3 bags for 3 other people-- compact bags I might add).

I HAVE HIGH E.Q.: For those who didn't think I can actually stop myself from shopping AND BUYING, HAH!!! *defiant glare* hehehe :D

I was just left with my trusted LONGCHAMP bag. So, I went sightseeing and window shopping with the time I had left. I saw a realllly cute CELINE PATENT PURPLE LEATHER TRUNKETTE. *siiiighhhhh* I think patent (VERNIS) leather is back, and the color PURPLE/EGGPLANT. These dark colors are perfect as well for fall/winter, but this rich eggplant color of CELINE is too good to pass up. Too bad I have two Goyards already :( I can't afford. But maybe if someone is going to HK, they can get this bag for themselves and just parade it in front of me. hehehe THAT would be equally awesome!

ooOoh THIS I gotta share. CHLOE Pacific Place has new stock of Paddingtons! They have the new whiskey color as well as the indigo. And they also have tons of the python silverado. In case anyone is interested :) The bags are approximately US$1500 when converted.
BOTTEGA ALERT: You want to get ready for summer? Then GET THIS BAG! You already know how I feel about Bottega bags. THIS orange weave shopper tote is PERFECT for summer. I love orange, and I love Bottega, and I love this style. It's a marriage of three. So get it! What stopped me? Simple: My current sorry financial state. DUH!

WHO IS THIS MAN???: Hmm.. just thought I should mention this guy. Ok, I have NO clue who this man is, but I take it he's some HK actor, what with the screaming teenybopper chicks swarming all over him. I decided to just take a photo for posterity. So if SOMEONE OUT THERE can identify this man, great. But I honestly don't find him cute... But hey if I were a tween, maybe he would appeal to me.. hehe.. *gulp my age is showing* Again if someone can tell me who this mystery HK actor is, would be cool. At least I get bragging rights that hey, I bump into people with some kind of power hehe.. * PA-THE-TIC!*

I also passed by HERMES (of course) to ask if there were any croc kellys or birkins available (and also confirm how much croc kellys are *they are now worth almost $18,200*). I'm sooo tempted to buy a scarf... But they are pretty steep...

Sigh, moving right along, I heard from friends that Kitty Go's followup book of When Chic Hits the Fan was released in Manila over the weekend. Which just reminded me of this. Kitty mentioned back in book one, that there were two kinds of people (correct me if i'm paraphrasing it wrong): the US group (the can- afford- Yohji Yamamoto- clothes- at full price) or the NOT-US group (obviously the ones who can't afford Yohji/Rei Kawakubo et al.; this includes the people who just buy designer frocks on sale-- *ahem GUILTY!! err sometimes I don't even wanna cough up money to buy designer clothes EVEN after marked down! I'm far tooo cheap! I like bazaar clothes-- Abercrombie, Hollister.. hehehe SooooO??? They're just things to cover me up-- I don't mind putting a sack over my body, geez! I have a friggin' family to feed, ok?! *snicker hehe*) So anyway I stared at this COMME des GARCONS frock and realized, Heyyyy, I proudly belong to the NOT-US group! SIGH, I love being in the NOT-US group. Because I am proud to admit I looooove freebies, cheap stuff, and bargains!! :D Damn, I am a certified OCW!! Isn't that what WE love? :D

Ok, if YOU have NOT been to ROGER VIVIER (or if you still haven't heard of him), then you HAVE to pass by the Roger Vivier boutique at the Landmark. The shoe prices are NOT for the faint- hearted. I must say, I was very lucky to have gotten my mom's Viviers because I frankly can no longer fork over US$400 for a pair of fancy shoes (even though the thought of having a NEW Vivier is just too tempting!). Roger Vivier back then is to Manolo Blahnik now. Two words for this man-- footwear genius. He made the coronation shoes of Queen Elizabeth R II, invented the comma heel, and the more famous stiletto and platform! So to pay homage to this man (who sadly passed away already), I passed by the boutique whereby I saw a HK$16,000 pair of pink satin, fully beaded shoes (and was sickly tempted to try on, but held on to my morals that if I can't afford it, don't even dare try it). CRAP! HK$16,000!! But you know what? They're gorgeous!!!! *salivate, drool, etc etc*

On the same topic (shoes): I wanted to share a brief experience about Manolo Blahniks (which unfortunately, due to the incidentS *yes, plural*, won't ever make me buy his shoes anymore :(( I wore my Manolos last week, after having stored them for a year (carefully stored I might add) and for some odd reason, the rubber part in the right heel BROKE OFF. Thinking it might have just been a fluke, I wear another pair of Manolos on a separate occasion, and guess what, the rubber part in the heel BROKE OFF AGAIN! (Maybe I'm getting on the heavy side, and Manolos' delicate shoes no longer carry my weight!! *BoooOhooOOo!*) So there. I just briefly passed by Manolo B. boutique to let the manager know of it. NO, I did NOT get a new pair of shoes for free as a result of my complaint. Apparently I should just take it with Mr. Blahnik personally :D *hmm if I bring Mrs. Marcos with me, will he give me a new pair of shoes?? *blink blink, maybe I should use my ahem, connections?* hehehe all for a FREE pair of shoes.. sigh. *cough cough FREELOADING BAG HAG BIATCH ALERT!*

Anyway I think it's time to turn in for the night. I'll continue writing up about my work-to-spend OCW program tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying this literary piece of mine so far *hahaha* :D

P.S. I have to sort out a HUGE sack of bags (uh oh, I hope no more Ferragamos) that came for me this weekend. Gee thanks ELC for sending it over. Nothing beats having an extended closet in my house eh??!! hehehe.

If you have any comments (positive I hope!) please don't hesitate to email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com or text/ sms (+63916)758-0857. NIGHT NIGHT Bag hags :D

OCW Bag Hag from HK is back!

WooHah, I SUPER missed blogging! There were times when I just sooo wanted to leave a short post, but alas I couldn't, as I was with my editor the whole time.

For the peeps who didn't know, I was last weekend, an OCW-- yep, an overseas contract worker! I did some freelance work to be able to earn more moolah to buy new bags (yup, pathetic. hey so what, I'm desperate! at least I won't go stealing someone else's money, right?;)

I'll keep this short-- I need shuteye. Yesterday (sunday) was my last day in HK and my ONLY day to really shop, and geez, sometime before noon, I get a cramp which intensified and got to the point where it was so excruciating that we had to call in the house doctor. I was praying it was not appendicitis or anything that would require surgery WHILE I was in HK (I loooove HK since it was my second home for awhile, but I sooo don't want to be confined in a hospital there. Trust me, it ain't pleasant) but thank God, about an hour later, it just went away! I am still baffled. But I am gonna have to take an ultrasound later on in the day.

Anyway later on I shall be giving you a full account of my weekend as an OCW in HK :D For the peeps who wish to go to HK, here's a travel advice:

HK 4-1-1 weather: Between 18-20 deg C. (bring light sweater)

Later hags! Nitey for now-- its 3:00AM!

Friday, November 18, 2005


If anyone is going to Europe (Italy in particular) this Christmas, I thought you might find this article extremely interesting (from the UK Telegraph)

I hafta share this info with you gals since I have neither moolah nor "real time" to fly over to Italy to taste a slice of this sheer heaven. So if you go, don't you DARE forget me, remember I SHARED THIS ARTICLE WITH YOU! *biatchy tone* hehehe

Rumours of a retail treasure-trove sent Bryony Gordon high-tailing it to Italy

Somewhere in the hills of Tuscany, in the middle of fields of sunflowers and picturesque villages, it is said that if you look hard enough, you might just find the fashion equivalent of a magical fairy castle.

Bryony Gordon shopping
Bryony Gordon shopping at The Mall, 'one of the best-kept secrets in fashion'

According to rumours, here you can buy clothes and accessories by Gucci, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani for a fraction of the price of British stores. Such are the bargains to be had that, it is said, people are now travelling to this part of Italy not for the culture, but for the cheap couture. Some even say it's possible to get there and back in a day, which certainly trumps a trip to Oxford Street.

It all seems too good to be true; indeed, so shrouded in secrecy is this haven that you have to wonder whether it really exists. It's called The Mall and seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in fashion. It is written about and discussed on the internet, but you'll struggle to find an address and there's no website for it.

When I ask an acquaintance who claims to have shopped there, all he can tell me about the location is that "it's in the middle of nowhere". He tells me that I will need to ask the locals for directions, but this is difficult considering I am not really sure where the locality is, except that it's in central Italy.

Another friend tells me, not entirely helpfully, that it is about an hour's drive from Pisa airport. Determined to discover this mysterious mecca, I book a cheap Ryanair flight. On arrival, I ask a couple of people at the car-hire office, the information kiosk and the airport's designer fashion shop if they can point me towards the local discount high-fashion emporium, but I'm met with stony silences. Finally, I'm given the name of a town. It is Leccio, and it is a 90-mile drive from the airport, just south-east of Florence.

When I finally arrive - having got lost in the complicated motorway system several times - it is as if I'm seeing a mirage. In front of me stands a set of modern buildings that are incongruously set in the rolling Tuscan countryside. But it's what's inside them that matters - they house designs from Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Stella McCartney stores, as well as Sergio Rossi, Emanuel Ungaro, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Marni, Tod's, La Perla and Valentino.

Brony Gordon in the shops
'Some items are last season, some are samples'

The Mall is a discount outlet, but not as we know it. The shops are elegantly laid out, like the finest Sloane Street flagship stores, and the staff are dressed immaculately in their respective employer's designs. The only difference is the price.

At Stella McCartney, shoes are discounted by 50 per cent, dresses by up to 70 per cent (a silk satin gown cost just €370). On my visit, Alexander McQueen designs were being sold with up to 30 per cent off, Balenciaga with up to 60 per cent deducted.

At Gucci, wallets were on sale at the price of decent fakes (€120, down from €265). A gold clutch bag with green serpent detail was reduced from €6,900 to €3,110. You could even buy a Gucci surfboard (reduced from €1,807 to €489) - although even at that price you'd probably rather hang it on the wall than risk ruining it by surfing on it.

At Yves Saint Laurent, a dress with coin embroidery was down to €1,650 from €4,087. Handbags at Fendi were half price, while at Marni they had almost 75 per cent knocked off. Armani suits were on sale for €300.

How do they do it? Fabrizio, the smartly suited manager, told me that the site was owned by the Gucci group and opened four years ago. But that was about all he had to say, other than that we were not allowed to photograph inside the shops. A handsome Armani assistant was more forthcoming. "Some items are last season and some are samples," he smiled. "Others are seconds; The Mall is the final stop for all the Armani clothes that haven't been bought for whatever reason, whether they haven't been stored right or pressed correctly."

But the distance from civilisation does not deter diehard shoppers, many of whom have come from overseas. Lauren Baird, Natalie Carnes and Cara Boccieri, are twenty-somethings who have travelled from California. "We heard about it from friends," says Baird, who has so far bought a Stella McCartney skirt for 60 euros and has her eye on a Fendi bag and Gucci wallet. "I've been dying to come for ages."

Veryan Bradshaw, an Australian living in Hong Kong, has visited every summer for the past three years.

"You can buy wonderful things at great prices, and you don't have to sift through mountains of clothes," she says. "It's a very pleasant shopping experience." During that time, she has bought a dress in Valentino, a bag from YSL and some Balenciaga trousers.

But one person's bargain is another's second mortgage. I found myself squealing: "A tiny YSL clutch bag that's the size of a mobile phone for only £100? I can't afford not to!"

My bank balance begs to differ, but having gone out of my way to find the elusive Mall, I feel I deserved a bit of retail therapy - and I've seen a pair of Stella McCartney shoes with my name on them.

How to get there

By car: from Florence - take the Autostrada A1 towards Rome. Leave the motorway at the exit marked Incisa and turn right onto the SS69 for Leccio. Continue straight through Leccio, and The Mall is on the left.

By train: a train runs from Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence to Rignano sull'Arno. Leccio is about a five-minute taxi journey from there.

By shuttle bus: the Mall runs a daily service to and from Florence. Information: 00 390558657775.

The Mall: via Europa 8, 50060 Leccio Reggello, Florence, Italy. Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm and on Sunday 3pm to 7pm.


Wow what an exhilarating day! I was out with gals DP and FL today and we went a-shopping (just window shopping, thank you very much!!)

SHARE-A-SALE ALERT: Time for you peeps to head on over to the Shangri-la Mall for the Crazy SHOE sale of Homme et Femme (located outside of Homme et Femme)! They've got Y3 sneakers, Marni shoes, Viktor and Rolf slingbacks (ooh that pair you gotta have!), and some other interesting shoes! Price range: 6k- 14k. Go there this weekend girls!! Go go go!!

Homme et Femme also has a sale inside their store: I tried on a pair of black BALENCIAGA maryjane pumps. OH My Gawd the shoes were soooooo awesome on my feet!! If ANYONE has about 18K to spare (well I don't), go check this particular pair of shoes out, they are just sooooo gorgeous... :( *lust lust*)

Then we hopped on over to Jul Dizon Jewellery Salon (at Edsa Shangrila Hotel). I was immediately taken with this cameo ring... *sigh* So many things I want, but so broke I am :( DP and FL didn't really help either, they just HAD to prod and prod me to buy the stunning piece. Thanks to the gods of self-control, I DID NOT BUY IT!! :D I am So sooo proud of ME!! (If you do go to this hotel, you MUST check out Jul Dizon and look at the cameo ring. For a mere 32K, you can have it on your finger! hehehe then you can meet up with me and flash it in front of my face and see if I drool or yank it out of your finger ;D *evil grin*)

This is soooo cool-- DP and I were both using a BOTTEGA VENETA BAG. Both of our bags are brown and are the interwoven leather kind. Hers though, is the satchel, while mine is the hobo. I love love love our bags! hehe *damn shouldn't I already be getting some discount from SSI for publicly declaring my love for Bottega?? Nope, the gift certificate is not in the mail. I should just knock on the Huangs' door... and BEG!!*

Speaking of BOTTEGA VENETA, I have a better photo of their bags for Spring/ Summer 2006 and I have to tell you, I am soooo in love with them! I actually dreamt of this bag last night, would you believe. In my dream, this bag costs about $1.5k only *yeah right!!!!* Anyway this is the very same style bag that DP was carrying today. I am soooo loving this BANANA bag. If I do get this bag, I will let my yellow CELINE BOOGIE (which I got for $1,600) bag go. I think!! :)Quite frankly this bag is not bad although I still like the other better... I looove banana yellow in Bottega weaves!! I will be sooo watching out for this bag. Ahh time to ask for the banana bag from Neiman Marcus hehe.. But I will again be faced with sticker shock I'm sure...

Ok I am keeping this post short-- I have a short project that I got contracted to do *yeah!!* So I won't be in town for two days. But not to worry I sure will blog when I come back! Meantime, just text me at +639167580857!!

P.S. A new LOUIS VUITTON bag is out, called the TRAPEZE. It's from the Monogram Mini line. Nice! The monogram body comes in either rose or brown. I personally like the brown better than this, but nevertheless, it is a rather nice bag :D

Ta-ta!!! Be good this weekend! If you MUST buy a bag, TEXT me first before you go on your buying spree :) Or you can always check TRESOR :) *keep your bonus in check! hehe*

Thursday, November 17, 2005


SAY IT WITH PRIDE: I am living proof that Christmas indeed comes to those who don't wanna wait (aka impatient biatches: cough, ME). Yup, that's My arm, and Yup THAT'S MY BAG!! Did I buy this? NooooOo (again where would I get the money to buy this?!) I got this as my CHRISTMAS GIFT (ok peeps, strike out this bag from my wishlist!!)

So dig this, early this morning, I went to my closet (where all the garment bags are) to rummage for a gown to wear to an upcoming wedding. Brief description of my closet: We don't have any "doors" of any sort in our walk-in closet. Everything is pretty much out in the open, so there really is not much space for my hubby to conceal a big LV box. The only conceivable place was the small space behind the gowns (inside garment bags) because I have NOT touched those gowns in ages (1. they don't fit me, 2. I don't really like wearing gowns to weddings, 3. no other occasion would require me to wear a gown). So it was strange that I went to check up on some old gowns *just to see if ANY of them would fit again). Then, there it was, a big brown paperbag with LOUIS VUITTON printed on the side. And a BOX was in it too. I don't recall ever keeping anything behind the gowns... So I might as well check.

Of course it was the LV DENIM BAGGY PM! *shock shock!!!* I confronted my husband (of course!), asked him if he bought anything from LV lately and he just gave me an "I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about" face, then said "No" *with conviction I might add!*
Then I went into the closet and go "Then pray tell what is this? Stocking up for your phantom mistress in case LV decides to hike up their prices again?"

Then he smiled. *awww that melted me really* He said "Didn't wanna give it to you til Christmas!" So that was all there is to it! How happy did you think was I?
HAPPY METER: 0-10, 10 being the happiest. I was a staggering ELEVEN!! 11 *fireworks please!!* Oh and CONGRATULATE ME!!!! +639167580857 *Please don't hate me for this bag hehehe*

P.S. See, I have a NOSE for these things, you know. :) Tell me WHY on earth I had to dig through my old gowns?! I KNEW something must be there.. hahaha... I ain't the bag hag for Nuthin!!

And THAT, my dear friends, was the start of my day! :)

NAME DROPPING ALERT: I will brag and by golly I WILL BRAG! I have friends in high places!! *woohoo!* CASE IN POINT: Fellow bag hag MB of PnG has to my delight, sent me home with a bagful of Rejoice shampoo packs! *rejoiiiiiiiice, the freeloader in this baghag (cough cough, ME) liiiives!!!!!!* hahaha! :D *who doesn't love a friggin freeloader of a bag hag, eh??* hehehe...

: since you asked for what my TOITLE (turtle) BAG really looks like when carried, THIS photo is pour toi! :) For the others of you who thought the Turtle bag is small, you're all wrong! It's HUGE! Like a deauville :D I bring my whole house with me when I carry this bag!Ohhhh here's a piece of fashion news that we peeps might be interested in (I know I was! Thanks to DOP who brought this to my attention!): BEA VALDES, the Philippines' chic bag lady export that landed on the pages of American Vogue, is BACK on VOGUE once more (see December issue with Keira Knightley). This time, her US$1000+ necklace makes it on a third of the Wintourian page. (Get a copy of the December Vogue and don't ask me to take a larger photo of the article. Come on, don't be cheapskates!!) That's perhaps one small step for Bea, but for sure THAT'S ONE GIANT LEAP FOR THE FILIPINOS! :D

I can't wait to see MY name in lights too *um, like the only way MY name would come out in any newsies or mags (take note, local only) is when 1. I commit some sort of unthinkable crime, 2. I wear some nasty looking outfit that automatically puts me in the worst-dressed list or "don't-let-this-happen-to-you" section (with those black bars across the eyes of women).*

Ok, CS, as per your request, I am posting a pic of the BOTKIER bag that I wouldn't mind using (if someone were kind enough to buy this-- although I won't buy the bag for myself). This is a BOTKIER CLYDE BAG in pewter. What do I like/not like about the bag: 1. I like it because it's pewter. I love metallic colors especially ones that have this antiquey shine to it (not those gaudy and overly shiny silvers *practically mirror-type*). The Clyde is one of Botkier's most popular styles, quite similar to a Balenciaga actually-- that it can either be handheld or carried on the shoulder. The exterior pockets are a plus. You can never really have enough pockets! What I don't like-- the pewter version has silver hardware. I would've been happier if they were sorta antiqued silver, not the shiny new ones. Quite roomy at 10 1/2"H x 15"W x 4"D. Price is fairly reasonable at US$625 (Php 35k). The bag is fairly light too, like a Balenciaga (again).

OOF I just remembered! I need to say supppppper THANKS to L.V. (girl I wish I actually had that for initials too hahaha). I have to tell you girls, L.V. is heaven- sent. She just happened to also have some remodeling work done in her home and has so graciously shared some decorating supplier info with me, which I will seriously be taking up early next week. I need to get this done already! THANK YOU L.V.!

Ok bag hags, here are more FENDI B BAGS for you. These bags are gonna hit stores I believe, early next year and will probably (or rather, in ALL LIKELIHOOD) be sold out. I have no idea if the blue patent will even be produced, but hey, I am super loving the white canvas-blue patent combination. This is the perfect size. If you peeps have some spare cash to throw away for a new bag, I suggest getting this B bag for next year, in the size that I prefer (hehe SELFISH!). It's so pretty. The B Bag also comes in larger sizes. The all-blue patent leather one is the bigger one. The straw-and-green-snakeskin combination is beautiful as well, although I might not be able to justify an expensive bag purchase if the bag is made of straw... I don't know, I guess it's just me (or not. Your thoughts, please!!) Speaking of the B Bag, Lindsey Lohan was already spotted with a Tan one. I am not liking the tan color. I think this Fendi Buckle Bag would look excellent with a bright color. The big buckles spell whimsy to me, and therefore deserve to be in an equally bold color, what with a pretty "loud" design. Remember I reviewed the floral B bag (the one that looked like a doiley)? Well that to me, was not working, because of the lace. I don't think floral lacey elements would marry well into the sorta rough-unpolished-chain look on bags. The patent works well because it has that biker-babe thing/ look going on...Oh wait, this snakeskin-and-python shape reminds me so much of one of the LOUIS VUITTON MURAKAMI EYE series bag (the Eye Love You-- the one that looks like a Retro). I honestly am finding this combination quite likeable. But again, it's straw, and even though there are snakeskin trims, it still doesn't justify the high price that one will most likely pay to own this baby. ELEMENTS ANALOGY: I wonder... Straw is to spring/summer as shearling is to fall/winter... I am not liking those two elements there. Shearling I can understand if expensive. Straw I simply can't. It is very fragile and get equally dirty like canvas easily. Plus there is the possible unravelling of the straw- weave which would make the bag unsightly... Plus I also can't understand why it is expensive, at par with leather.. why why?

BUGLY ALERT: Ok, I don't wanna have to do shoe reviews here coz like I said before, I might end up with a new shoe blog, but THIS shoe is just BEGGING, BEGGING to get a feature!!!
PRADA WICKER PLATFORM *shock- puke* This shoe is soooo bugly! Reminds me of my grandma's rocking chair!!! I would never be caught dead wearing this shoe even if you buy this for me as a gift! I generally like Prada shoes (KO bought herself a pretty funky- colored pair at a reallllly cheap price too! Lucky chick!!) All I can say is, BUGLYYYYYY for this wicker platform. Even if it gets offered to you for US$10, Do yourself a favor, DON'T BUY THIS!

And while we are on the subject of PRADA, I was actually
finding some of her bags quite acceptable, but the overall feeling is that Miuccia is milking the PRADA name and logo-- the bags for S/S 06 have VERY prominent logos on the bags (in fact, some of the bags look like the dustbags already, with the large logo printed on the front of the bag :D) Check out this red crocodile-trimmed canvas bag. It's got that cute element (I like croc, so I'm biased...) of the red croc trim and that super cute luggage-tag thingie on the side *giggle* but the logo is quite frankly a bit too big for me. But hey, this is probably what'll yank the chain of the consumers, right? After all, logo mania is all- year round. I'll accept this as a gift if the croc trim was blue ;) hehee

So enough reviews for now, gotta save some for tomorrow. Think about the FENDI bags. Hey Dr.M: The Fendi B Bag also comes in patent black :) *wink!*

I'm meeting up with the girls tomorrow, so I gotta sleep early (aka before 3am). Have fun and keep reading! If you Must, PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG WITH OTHER FELLOW BAG HAGS!! ;)

P.S. I have updated TRESOR to include a few more newly posted bags. Check it out if you are bored online :)

I also might as well do some light Christmas shopping tomorrow (I might be the only one left without any gifts under my tree! Seeing how everyone likes to shop way early nowadays to avoid the rush!) Ta-ta!!