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Saturday, October 29, 2005

QUESTION: Can someone explain to me why it is that when some of us buy a new bag, we are hesitant to use it at first? For fear of it getting dirtied? Is that your habit too, or is it just me? I have the tendency to not use the newest bag in my collection until something newer comes along (then that's when you end up abusing your bag to death). Does that show the hoarder side of me? For my sake, I hope you are just like me (to confirm that I'm not really abnormal haha)

The one bag I now fear I used to death is my LOUIS VUITTON DENIM NEO SPEEDY ALLIGATOR bag. I looooove the bag. When I first laid my eyes on the bag when the model carried it off during the S/S 05 LV show, I KNEW I wanted it. I had just given birth to my second child then, and I just had to reward myself (for not having made ANY bag purchases during the course of my pregnancy! Imagine THAT!)

Rhea of LV had to literally beg (as she said) for one piece of this baby since there were only 20 allocated to Asia Pacific. Her hardwork has paid off, I got the beautiful bag toward the end of February-- I was an ECSTATIC new mom (bag and baby-- a double celebration!!) I had to sneak off to the boutique to pick up the bag (I was actually not allowed to go out for a whole month of my post-partum, so I really snuck out!)

For the first few days, I refused to take out the plastic on the handles of this gorgeous bag. I just stared at it and stared at it some more. A week or so later (when I could already go out), I carefully cut the plastic and VERY carefully took out the sticker- tape on the zippers. I used my new prize out with MUCH care-- teehee, I used it to go dine at Burgoo with my hubby and my toddler. OH GOD I almost almost splattered RED pasta sauce on my bag! *pant pant* Thank goodness nothing happened to it. When I got home that night, I carefully replaced back the sticker-tape on the zipper (I'm sooo anal about this).

I remember there was an LV press launch (for the new perle vernis, denim line, and a new suhali line and color) at Lumiere and I was invited (at that time, I was still working for ABSCBN publishing as Managing Editor of Metro Weddings). Of course I had to be a meanie and toted my CHLOE PADDINGTON bag hehee. But I asked to have my Speedy picked up from the house since the press peeps and Rhea asked to see it. When the bag came, Rhea laughed at me when she saw me carefully taking out the sticker tape of the zippers. I remember her commenting that she didn't realize that those things were reusable :)

So ever since the bag's "media debut", I had used it practically everyday, non-stop (for the price I paid, I might as well get a lot of mileage and use out of it! After all, it's denim, good for schlepping) I took it out of the country, used it daily as a travel/tourist bag! In fact, let me share TWO funny incidents about this bag. One lady at Greenbelt 3 approached me and asked me WHERE IN GREENHILLS I bought the bag!! :) No, I was not insulted at all, and instead I laughed so hard! Told her I bought it NOT at Greenhills but at Greenbelt, and she went (in tagalog) "there are bazaars here in Greenbelt??" I still laugh to this day when I remember the story. Another incident was when I attended a party and this Chinese lady just HAD to ask me if I got the bag in Shenzhen and proceeded to explain that there's a place in Shenzhen that made pretty good LVs and my bag looked like the one she saw!! *HORRORS*

Now THAT got me upset, but can't let tactless people get to you. So I just smiled at her as she rambled away with her so-called GOOD FINDS. My husband just stared at me the whole time, holding his laughter in until the lady left. Then he just GUFFAWED. And my husband NEVER guffaws. But that day, HE DID!

Soooo anyway, I used this bag over and over and over again til one day, I noticed that the handle's underside (also alligator leather) became matte and looked like it was getting rubbed off somehow. Only then did I realize this was NO oridinary bag. It CAN'T be used daily :( The sales associate in Hong Kong looked at me all wrong when I told her I was using the bag everyday. She just stared at me with wide eyes and said "AIYA, Alligator bag of LV not everyday bag la" This is horrid. I guess I have acidy palms. :( My bag now sits quietly in Mommy's place, where my other bags (I can't seem to let go of) retire.

I still try to bring this bag with me when I travel but I rarely use it now, to save its condition. A few people have already offered to buy the bag from me, but I am hesitant to let her go just yet. Oh well, we'll just have to see if I do get sick of it. If I do, then MAYBE, just maybe I will sell. I WANT VISITING RIGHTS THOUGH!!

But for now, sorry :) Bag stays. I plan to bring it with me to my next travel destination! :)

I just had to vent out my frustration on failing to preserve the "newness" of my um.. "baby" :) And p.s. that's why I wanted an LV BAGGY PM. so at least I can schlepp schlepp a denim LV bag :) *what a snoot!* hehehe.

Ta-ta! It's payday so go spend your money :) Check out http://tresormakati.tripod.com
or SMS me at +63916-7580857 if you need a shopping companion at Greenbelt :)

BULLETIN: My 1st shopping expedition with Ms. E will be held next week. We are both excited :) NOTE TO Ms.E: Prepare to shake up your Bank account! *She wants a BOTTEGA HOBO or a YSL
or a GUCCI-- I told her I'd get all three if they're all nice hahaha!* :D


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