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Monday, October 31, 2005

My bad, my bad for not having posted anything yesterday. Seven people texted me EARLY this morning asking, “Did you update your blog?” Wow I was surprised—I knew I didn’t really have a big following on my blog, but wow someone actually reads it ☺ I frankly, to this hour, CANNOT believe you read my silly ramblings, my blah blah blahs!!

For that, I THANK YOU! Please do spread the word, I’d love to hear from people who have equal the craziness for bags as I do ☺ You have no idea how comforting it is to know that I’m not the only one out there ☺

Today is Halloween and I got a message from Ms. J asking if she’d look a tad bit silly using an orange bag with her all black outfit (in keeping with the Halloween colors of black and orange). Not at all! It IS Halloween, and hey, if I still had my own orange Hermes Kelly, you would’ve been sure to see me carrying it today (alas, I had to let her go when a birkin came along)

I went trick or treating with my two kids this afternoon and was extremely exhausted out of my wits. My poor babies had to tote non-halloween themed bags (what a mom am I, for refusing to cough up Php 90 to buy each of them a “pumpkin bucket”).

Why be like everyone else (carrying either grocery plastic bags or the orange buckets) when my yaya (of my older kid) can tote a HARRODS Paddington Bear Shopping Bag (nasty!) AND let my other yaya carry a MANOLO BLAHNIK aqua blue shopping bag? (See the photo of the bags at work!) CONFESSION: I'm cheap OK? There. I admitted it. So spare me the bashing :D

I did not bring a bag for myself—after all, I don’t have a messenger bag or anything that can be slung across the shoulder (oh dear, does that mean I need to buy one?!) I still do have my old LV PURPLE VERNIS THOMPSON STREET that I hardly use.. Perhaps I can just buy a longer strap for it… Whatcha think? SMS me at (+63916)758-0857

I gotta go for now, have to sort the goodies in those two bags (time for the adults to seriously enjoy the candies :) Obviously my older kid got more goodies since the givers would've thought, ah toddler (can eat candies already), as opposed to my Manolo-Blahnik-shoppingbag- carrying-yaya-holding-my-8month old-baby (who proudly has two little teeth so far :) )

So how did YOUR halloween go? You might have something interesting to tell, so share it away! Email me at tresor@compass.com.ph

Hilarious Halloween. Hope you had a good one like I did!


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