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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mornin peeps! *yawn* most of yesterday was spent again taking care of my household, but oohh highlights of yesterday include newly consigned bags! *woowoo*

A client came with two LV bags (BUCKET, SPEEDY 30). She's a super nice lady with a few too many bags that she doesn't use-- her bucket bag is pristine! Which reminds me, a few days earlier, I also had a consignment of a BURBERRY leather bag that looks like the LANVIN VINTAGE KENTUCKY bag. (I have yet to post the photo at http://tresormakati.tripod.com)

Has anyone seen the LANVIN bag? It's real nice. Lindsey Lohan here is seen toting the smaller version (VINTAGE KANSAS) It's something i certainly would not mind having, but won't go crazy if i don't get it either. I personally like this smaller version of the VINTAGE KENTUCKY. The bag basically looks like a soft-leathered, vintage-looking birkin tote. While i hold nothing against a bag that looks a bit like a birkin, i would've thought Alber Elbaz (of Lanvin) could've created something more "original"... But it is a nice bag, really! And it looks like a bag that can be schelpped around everyday. (yup, get mileage out of your expensive bag)

Anyway, I'll keep today's writeup short. And p.s. I'm no longer thinking about the YSL bag :D But mmmm.. the LV DENIM BAGGY PM is still lingering around in my thoughts...

Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon! I think i'll stop by rockwell and treat myself at Zara... which reminds me, i still have some shirts i got from anthropologie (www.anthropologie.com) that i haven't yet worn. Their clothes are soo yummy.. I'm so into this victorian era now. Not really a boho kinda chick, but i'll go with victorian anytime :D