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Thursday, October 27, 2005

It’s so strange. Sometime this afternoon, I was reminded of how I spent the day at the US Embassy as I waited for my son’s visa—I went people watching… Wow, all these people from different walks of life, paying for a chance to open door #3 and live the American dream.

I scanned the room and saw two women all dressed up and carrying a monogram GUCCI bag and a LOUIS VUITTON ellipse PM respectively. As you may already know, bags are status symbols now (you don’t have to afford and buy a nice car for people to think you’re rich—a bag will do. Better yet, a bag that COSTS as much as a car would do *think CROC HERMES!* ) Anyway, the more expensive and recognized the brand, the more sign of affluence it emits. We live in a gold-collared generation where we have “first world wants, and third world pockets”(as one fashion daily coined the phrase).

Note to self: I should start buying cheap bags—coz that sure would reflect MY current financial state: POOR! Case in point: I looked at myself, aw crud, if there was anyone who won’t pass a visa interview, it would’ve been me, hands down (thank God im not the applicant!). What was I wearing?! I wore an ABERCROMBIE pink pique shirt (the Php 350 shirts from the bazaars—I HOPE they aren’t fake, and just REAL overruns hahaha) and a pair of cheap US$7 jeans (that were made in the PHILIPPINES though bought in the US—yay, BUY PINOY ☺ ) from the CHARLOTTE RUSSE BARGAIN BIN. I looked so much worse than the domestic helpers—those dometic helpers really dress up for the interview and there I was, looking like a two-bit trailer trash. (P.S. I hold so much respect for these domestic helpers for going so far as leaving their families to earn a better living. They remit so much money to the Philippines every Christmas season, driving the greenback down a bit *and that's good for our economy!* ahem, economist-wannabe at work). Again, I thank thy lucky stars I was not the one applying for a visa. Anyway I wonder if those ladies got theirs… Who knows, I might bump into them in December at UNION SQUARE or SERRAMONTE MALL (THE Pinoy Mall) in San Francisco! ☺ hehehe

Call me cheap but I loooove bargains. Looove looove looove em. When I get the chance, I still visit those bazaars for which our country is famous. The last one I went to was the Rockwell tent vintage bazaar. I think there’s one coming up this November 12—and ohh please go check out my friend Daphne Osena- Paez’ LANVIN- inspired hand-strung pearl necklaces! They’re sooo Hot right now ☺

I was reading an article in MEGA magazine as I had a de-stress shampoo+blowdry session (
I was in dire need of a good head scrub- my headful of hair is itching!!! *EEEWWW GROSS I CANNOT BELIEVE I MENTIONED THIS!! Oye at least I'm HONEST :)* And yep, shopping for furniture stressed me out. Plus I’m sick of looking at furnitures!! SEND ME BAG SHOPPING ANY DAY, PLEASE!!!! If you need a shopping companion at Greenbelt 4, I’d be HAPPY to go with you! But please! NO FURNITURE SHOPPING!) Ok, I strayed there—as I was saying, there was a letter to the editor in MEGA from Homme et Femme, opposing the magazine’s “supposed” recommendation of a BALENCIAGA- inspired bag that was featured from an issue back.

WHAT is it about BALENCIAGA MOTORCYCLE bags that they spawned soooooooo many
copies and look-alikes? Let me dissect this to death: In MY opinion (B. bag fans: please don’t castigate me for saying this!) The style of the “MOTO” bag is not THAT unique really. The leather is very thin, like "vinyl" as what my hubby said (hence him hating the bag). And there are so many Fakes or copies of the bag! So WHY BUY THIS BAG? What honestly compelled me to buy the bag was its COLOR. My IM buddy Ms. B had been wanting a Moto bag and had told me to check out the MAGENTA color. When I saw it, I was soooo BOWLED OVER! Look!!! And I was told also that Balenciaga will come out with a Moto bag in EMERALD GREEN!! *palpitating at the VERY thought!! If I see the bag, it COULD very well be orgasmic! *Shudder*

CONFESSION: I'm SO cruel. I am supposed to let this magenta baby go already, to make room for a new bag. But... *sigh* I'm so faint-hearted. What if I sold this bag and regretted it after??? Where can I get another Magenta Moto bag?! *oomppphhh!!* My BAG INDECISIVENESS merits a whole new blog of its own. Blah :( TOPIC CHANGE!!

Has anyone seen the new CHLOE bags?
What on earth are those horizontal lines/ zipper thingies??!!If you loved the PADDINGTON or the SILVERADO, you'd be just as curious to see if Chloe Creative Director PHOEBE PHILO outdid herself in the upcoming collection. I am personally not liking these bags. I betcha though, if someone like SIENNA MILLER would tote one of these, it'll become an instant hit and be sold-out again. We are Soooo NOT falling for that again (celeb endorses bag, bag becomes AS FAMOUS as celebrity!) *yeah right, as if we can realllly resist!* (hey I DID resist the nagging urge to get a FENDI SPY bag. I just could not relate to J.Lo. *she has a SPY bag* I'm Sooo glad I didn't succumb or else...)

Ohh ohh ohhh--- before i sign off for the night (or morning rather), here is a photo of Shu Qi at
the opening of the Paris LV, holding these SUPER CUTE mini MURAKAMI ALMA bags *i believe them to be bag charms* (they come in Epi and Monogram canvas too!) I wonder if these will ever be available at the LV boutique here... Was told these cost 600 Euros (Heffftyyy price tag!) Hmm... Ohhh look at the background-- is that an EPI ellipse i see?

Ok time to turn in for the night! Hafta wake up early tomorrow! Ta-ta!