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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I was already about to turn in late last night (or rather early this morning) when I received an email from Ms. S, asking me something about NEIMAN MARCUS.
So being the total pathetic addict that I am, I opened my web browser again and typed www.neimanmarcus.com. Opening that page is like opening pandora’s box. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you are lusting for like, what 5 things there, all worth at least $500 EACH.

Women—as I can attest, can hardly ever resist the urge to look at shoes. What’s the fun in
being a woman if you can’t enjoy shoes alongside bags? I have a very, very soft spot for shoes and this baby just caught my attention. I don’t know if you like it or find it gaudy (tell me what you think), but to wear these jeweled Giuseppe Zanottis would be the equivalent of treating your earlobes to an exquisite set of bejeweled chandelier earrings. Price tag: US$ 695—that’s Php 38,920 for your soles!

Aiyee!! Did I just develop a social conscience all of a sudden or what? 38K for shoes is way tooooo much! (and this would not have been my sentiment when I was still a single wench)!! Oh crud I’m such a damn shallow hypocrite—like yeah I sure won’t pay 38k on shoes now but would fork over my life savings for a bag (or the pot money for that couch!!!! *Gawd will this couch problem EVER get solved??!!!*)So those shoes will go to my imaginary wishlist (p.s. ive since lost count of the items on my wish list. Oh damn, what’s the point to this imaginary wishlist?! I have so many things I want that I don’t even remember WHICH item takes precedence in my “priority” wishlist anymore!) Chuck the shoes.

Moving right along, my continued surfing of the NM site made me remember a bag that I
regretted not buying! *BAWL!!!! * I don’t know what your sentiments are, so don’t gasp when I mention I wanted a FERRAGAMO!! Yes, yes, It’s sooooo over (as many would say), but you don’t understand! FERRAGAMO produced two great bags this year: one is that cream knit bag, and the other, a realllllly gorgeous (exotic skinned) lizard bag which had wooden links as handle-straps… When I was still in San Francisco, I saw the bag in-store. It cost approximately US$2,500. (YIKES!) Now why did I not buy it? Let me give you one of my most important and followed criteria for buying a bag now: BAG MUST HAVE RESALE VALUE. And it’s common knowledge that Ferragamos no longer have that oomph they once had back in the late 80s- early 90s, when all it took to be sassy was to carry a Ferragamo bag (admit it girls, you have AT LEAST one S. Ferragamo bag lurking in your closet). Anyway I held that beautiful bag close to me while my mom willingly volunteered to pay for it to end that longing look in my face which she absolutely finds pathetic. I declined most graciously because 1. Second- hand Ferragamo bags just have no track record of having good resale value. And more importantly, 2. It’s embarrassing to have mommy pay for such an expensive bag now that I am married!! (I loooove you mommy and thank you for the generous thought, but that’s too much to ask! Shame on me!)

Ahhh… we just have to loooove our mommies ☺ Which brings me to a pleasant message I received from Ms. C, after having been on “leave” to play fulltime mommy to the new addition to their family. We pingpong-texted each other about bags (what else) and expenses. The messages went along the lines of “our hubbies will reward us soon with good behavior”, and I wrote “highly unlikely! I’m already over-extended on credit with the ‘hubbard’ so no-can-do with a new bag.” Her reply, “temporary only I hope.” And I told her (head hung down in shame as I texted) “Hubby has already vowed to endorse my account to IMF. ” Ms. C, the IMF im talking about is not the IMF you all know (International Monetary Fund—aid by a group of developed countries to give soft loans to developing nations –that’s my hubby’s definition). Teehee, I didn’t tell you, but the IMF im talking about is I.’s Mom’s Fund. My good ol’ Hubbard figured that’ll be the only way to stop me from buying (or rather in his term, Hoarding like there’s no tomorrow)—to show my mom the bill and have her start paying (he knows I’d be so ashamed to even let mommy know what I buy). Sigh, the husband retaliates (I guess he read my blog last night about women being compulsive liars when it comes to shopping!) Oh well!
I schlepped my LONGCHAMP bag this afternoon to Market Market—I had to buy more things for my place (no couch YET). This is a PURELY necessities/home-related shopping, mind you. A few minutes before 6pm, I stopped to think, “Damn I’m so good and selfless today, I didn’t buy anything for myself!” But in less than five minutes after saying that?

RED ALERT! A pair of t-strap jeweled slippers beckoned me to try her on!
NOOooOOoOOOooOO!!!!! They are no Giuseppe Zanottis, but the price I’m sure isn’t even close to the designer shoes’ ! Ahh this’ll just be a harmless little VISIT. No exchange of money. You know what, I betcha they won’t even have it in my size, or if they did, it will hurt my foot so bad I wouldn’t want it at all.

TWO MINUTES was all it took for me to sit, fit, walk, and PAY for these shoes!!! TALK ABOUT LOW E.Q!! Oh I’m such a bad girl ☹ Damage to my personal card by TWINKY TABS: Php 2,075.00 *Ugh, what a hypocrite! Talk about having developed a social conscience… ☹

I feel horrible. Between buying the new trash cans and these new shoes, I decided I wanted to return the trash cans and replace them with new monoblock chairs for my househelp (ask my BABY MAGAZINE editor Margie Espino, who was texting with me the whole time while all this was happening. Margie said “return the shoes!” to which of course, I said? NOOOOO!!!).

Sigh, in the end, I couldn’t even exchange the trash cans (note: Metro Dept. Store has a No-return/exchange policy that says “exchange or return only allowed if ITEM BOUGHT IS DEFECTIVE. If “CHANGE OF MIND”, item return/exchange is not allowed). Then that stupid placard went on with “In order to better serve our customers, our customer service is available to be of help…”Ummmm WHAT??!! Yeah, say NO RETURN BUT WE’D BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU?! Geez not even an in-store credit policy… ☹

Anyway despite those run-ins, the day ended up alright. I came home to a waiting family with a new pair of shoes ( which I was quick to “camouflage” alongside the shoppingbagfuls of house-stuff) ☺

Have a great night, and please spread and share my blog with others *if my blog is therapeutic to you*. I really wanna reach fellow bag addicts out there :) Writing here to an unknown audience sure helps me ☺ and i hope you reading about how shallow i am can make you laugh :D

☺ P.S. Sorry about not having updated photos of the new bags on tresormakati.tripod.com ; please give me til november 5 to do it. (ive just been using my phone cam most of the time lately *im too lazy to charge the digicam battery haha!

More stuff to do tomorrow! NI-NI!!