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Monday, October 24, 2005

Here's a little something to add to this otherwise slow Sunday-- the SPRING SUMMER 2006 BAG COLLECTION of LOUIS VUITTON (some of these bags are just show collection prototypes while the others will be available by order in-store).

Here's my 2-cents: The scarf bags remind me too much of Hermes, the links print monogram bag reminds me of a vintage Gucci-meets-Roberta di Camerino, and the leather trouvillish doctor bag with all those studs and metal hardware are too "Versace" (i know this much because my mom owns a few Versace bags that like look this LV one!) And oh here's something for the fans of the multicolore Murakami line-- the MURAKAMI FRINGE collection :D

Safe to say I won't be spending much money after seeing this whole LV S/S 06 bag line :D Cute but not for me~ *yeehawww! I get to save money for that couch!! :D* Some of you might love this season's collection :) Enjoy the photos and have a great Sunday!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the shaggy fringey lv bags are they made from suede? the speedy looks like a shitszu hehehe!

4:54 PM  

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