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Monday, October 24, 2005

Good evening dear friend!
Today, I was at the Rockwell power plant mall THRICE—yep, THREE times (as in went back and forth thrice)

1st time was to go with my son to check out something at True Value (doing some home-related shopping). We were there for a short while (I was checking prices for some hardware thingie) and my son was immediately taken with this Thomas the Tank Engine train set that was moving about in its tracks which is surrounded by these tiny lit-up Christmas ceramic village houses. He was shrieking like a banshee when the train would move toward us. It was hilarious. But he would not budge when it came time to leave. So being the good mom that I am (cough cough), I had to bribe him—I promised I’d take him back to true value after he wakes up from his afternoon nap (and oh boy would that haunt me a few hours later).

I went back again to Rockwell (trip #2) since I forgot to have photos reprinted (my, oh my what is it with me lately, this being forgetful must have something to do with those damn epidurals… ahh a wandering mind—a new bag again perhaps??) Then it was off to do more errands before I headed back home for my 5pm appointment with a client. So I get home and my little dude was already awake and nagging me to go back to see the train! ( can’t fool toddlers these days :D) But have to hang out with my client first.

Anyway, this 5pm meeting made me realize one thing-- married women are so ingenious at making up these little excuses to their husbands to buy new bags (despite not having fully used yet the newest bag in their possession)! And once tired of lying (ahem, I mean, explaining) about that “need” to have a new bag, comes the sneakiness. Who hasn’t brought a new bag into their home, quietly slithering into the room, and unpacking the new bag straight into the very back of the closet (or worse, under the bed)?? Guilty? Guilty? :D gotcha. It’s alright to laugh and admit, you know that’s YOU (make sure husband is out of sight or earshot!) ☺ SCARY THOUGHT ALERT: Would there be more women in hell then? Because of this compulsion to lie about our bag purchases???!! OH DEAR!!!

So post-meeting, My son and I headed back to Spockwell (my husband’s loving term for the neighborhood mall… speaking of which, what is it about men and Star Trek!!!). My little man drags me back to True Value to stare at a now- stationary train. He stares at the whole thing for a good 10 minutes. TEN minutes (and the bloody man watching over us wouldn’t even turn the train on! Saving electricity, I guess). On an average day, I find this “wait” boring. But not today. I was in a self-reflecting mood. Analogy as follows: my son staring with awe at a now-stationary train engine set is to me staring with awe at a bag that was not available for purchase (waitlist only, sorry missy!) in a store window.

Sigh, yeah im comparing apples to oranges, but hey the concept is the same, same, same! Then I ran into another client with her boyfriend, and how she totes the LANVIN VINTAGE KANSAS bag in black! What a beauty, but noooo… THE COUCH, THE COUCH, THE COUCH!!

Damn if only I could fib my way into a new LANVIN bag (forego the couch and allow the husband to THINK that a couch is not really THAT important despite an obvious lack of furniture to SIT on around the house. I mean, really, who else will sit on the couch if not for the visitors? And we don’t really have any friends who come by to sit on our couch ☺ there’s always our ratty dining chairs anyway hahaha ☺)

Oh God, REALITY CHECK! Im not losing sleep over the LANVIN bag quite honestly. For once I am honest enough to admit that I am thinking about a couch. The photo shows one of the many we’ve seen (and are considering). But rats, why does that couch look soooo boring and unattractive now on the photo??!! hey your thoughts are appreciated. SMS text me +639167580857 on what you think. Or if you have suggestions on where to look for a nice fluffy one, let me know

I’m still waiting for my black bag to arrive… and it hasn’t yet. For some unknown reason, I am partly glad it hasn’t arrived. Otherwise, more bills to pay! But gee, I am still thinking about the LV denim baggy PM….

ANYWAY, enough blab for the night. LESSONS LEARNED TODAY: Never bribe your kid with a promise (or it’ll haunt you like it did me); and DON'T buy a bag on a whim (yeah right—I say this because the LANVIN bag is on waitlist-only and right now, I CAN'T GET TO ONE!!)

Sooooo to the women with low EQ (like me): CHEERS, go get that bag you want. Screw the couch. Visitors can go sit on your coffee table—just tell them APOLOGETICALLY that they can ! :D

P.S. note to mommies before i forget: i toted my BOTTEGA VENETTA HOBO in brown weave today (as a diaper bag), and it was fannnntastic!!