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Friday, October 28, 2005


When I saw this FENDI B BAG, I gawked. I truly can’t decide on the fate of this bag- does it fall under the yay or the nay category. This bag displays quite an uncharacteristic marriage of elements—lace is very “Edwardian-Victorian” while chains are “heavy metal/ rock chic”. I honestly don’t think this bag is yanking my chain, if you know what I mean ☺ Although… as I stare at it some more, the bag is beginning to look better. (QUESTION: Doesn’t this bag sorta remind you of a doiley? I used to have this doiley table runner on my bureau chest when I was a little girl and it looks like this bag!) P.S. Actually I saw other B Bags that looked much nicer. Apparently this bag design is supposed to look like there are 2 huge buckles in the front. FENDI came out with a black croc one with blue rings on the chain-- That's more like it I think! *think luxe- think croc!*

Moving right along, I feel this post is going to be designated as a bag- bashing one, and to continue along that line of thought, here is a bag that is just SOOOO NOT RIGHT! I have formed a new bag category effective today: The “HOLY CRAP-THAT’S-THE-UGLIEST-BAG-I’VE-EVER-SEEN” category. And this BUGLY (butt-ugly) bag is an HERMES—sigh, of ALL the brands of bags that should produce a bugly one, it HAD to be an HERMES (boohoo!!~ I would still have pardoned UGGS for making those crappy bags ~ “ugg”h puke!~) *P.S. this bag was a fall 2005 bag-- the hell am I doing, reviewing a past season bag?! (that's your very opinionated, mommy-whose-head-has-been-in-the-sand-for-a-long-time writer at work)

What is it about this bag that makes me wanna duke it out with JEAN PAUL GAULTIER? Maybe because PROBABLY he took inspiration from the UGG BOOT revolution to make this bag (hey you never know what these creative minds are thinking nowadays, but if that was the case, then that’s just plain lazy of him not to think of something better than this. Even Chanel once jumped on the bandwagon and made shearling bags! Yuck, yuck, yuck!). You wear UGGS during winter (speaking of which, dear friend Ms.D saw someone wearing UGGS at the mall on a sunny day HERE in Manila a few days ago—umm… ohhkayyy…). Going back to the bag, can anyone PLEASE enlighten me as to WHY the bag needs to be warm? I can understand FEET, but since when did bags need shearlings?? Are we storing our skinless little barking teacup chihuahua doggie inside this bag?! I am just sooo OUTRAGED! Why, why, why?! I love HERMES bags and this bag totally ruined it for me. ☹

BUGLY BAG ALERT: FENDI also made a hideous looking METALLIC SHEARLING BAG (now THAT has got to be the worst!) *photo clipped from eBay*. I can’t begin to describe what the hell this bag is. It’s an all-in-one bag or what? FENDI SPY bags are SO hot, so there’s the hot SPY element. METALLICS are good for fall, so there’s metallic. Then the SHEARLING is a fall trend too.. Ewww…

Ok that’s enough bag bashing for today or I’ll have a crappy time for the rest of the day! I just moved my bags into their new home, and I unearthed a silver quilted BALLY bag (thanks to mommy-- this bag which once looked soooo matronic *umm it still does look matronic with them gold chains...* BUT now it also looks like the CHANEL 2.55 reissue bag ☺) lucky lucky me! ☺ I know, I know, I am pathetic. So sue me :)

Have a good one today girls!!


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