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Monday, October 31, 2005

My bad, my bad for not having posted anything yesterday. Seven people texted me EARLY this morning asking, “Did you update your blog?” Wow I was surprised—I knew I didn’t really have a big following on my blog, but wow someone actually reads it ☺ I frankly, to this hour, CANNOT believe you read my silly ramblings, my blah blah blahs!!

For that, I THANK YOU! Please do spread the word, I’d love to hear from people who have equal the craziness for bags as I do ☺ You have no idea how comforting it is to know that I’m not the only one out there ☺

Today is Halloween and I got a message from Ms. J asking if she’d look a tad bit silly using an orange bag with her all black outfit (in keeping with the Halloween colors of black and orange). Not at all! It IS Halloween, and hey, if I still had my own orange Hermes Kelly, you would’ve been sure to see me carrying it today (alas, I had to let her go when a birkin came along)

I went trick or treating with my two kids this afternoon and was extremely exhausted out of my wits. My poor babies had to tote non-halloween themed bags (what a mom am I, for refusing to cough up Php 90 to buy each of them a “pumpkin bucket”).

Why be like everyone else (carrying either grocery plastic bags or the orange buckets) when my yaya (of my older kid) can tote a HARRODS Paddington Bear Shopping Bag (nasty!) AND let my other yaya carry a MANOLO BLAHNIK aqua blue shopping bag? (See the photo of the bags at work!) CONFESSION: I'm cheap OK? There. I admitted it. So spare me the bashing :D

I did not bring a bag for myself—after all, I don’t have a messenger bag or anything that can be slung across the shoulder (oh dear, does that mean I need to buy one?!) I still do have my old LV PURPLE VERNIS THOMPSON STREET that I hardly use.. Perhaps I can just buy a longer strap for it… Whatcha think? SMS me at (+63916)758-0857

I gotta go for now, have to sort the goodies in those two bags (time for the adults to seriously enjoy the candies :) Obviously my older kid got more goodies since the givers would've thought, ah toddler (can eat candies already), as opposed to my Manolo-Blahnik-shoppingbag- carrying-yaya-holding-my-8month old-baby (who proudly has two little teeth so far :) )

So how did YOUR halloween go? You might have something interesting to tell, so share it away! Email me at tresor@compass.com.ph

Hilarious Halloween. Hope you had a good one like I did!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

QUESTION: Can someone explain to me why it is that when some of us buy a new bag, we are hesitant to use it at first? For fear of it getting dirtied? Is that your habit too, or is it just me? I have the tendency to not use the newest bag in my collection until something newer comes along (then that's when you end up abusing your bag to death). Does that show the hoarder side of me? For my sake, I hope you are just like me (to confirm that I'm not really abnormal haha)

The one bag I now fear I used to death is my LOUIS VUITTON DENIM NEO SPEEDY ALLIGATOR bag. I looooove the bag. When I first laid my eyes on the bag when the model carried it off during the S/S 05 LV show, I KNEW I wanted it. I had just given birth to my second child then, and I just had to reward myself (for not having made ANY bag purchases during the course of my pregnancy! Imagine THAT!)

Rhea of LV had to literally beg (as she said) for one piece of this baby since there were only 20 allocated to Asia Pacific. Her hardwork has paid off, I got the beautiful bag toward the end of February-- I was an ECSTATIC new mom (bag and baby-- a double celebration!!) I had to sneak off to the boutique to pick up the bag (I was actually not allowed to go out for a whole month of my post-partum, so I really snuck out!)

For the first few days, I refused to take out the plastic on the handles of this gorgeous bag. I just stared at it and stared at it some more. A week or so later (when I could already go out), I carefully cut the plastic and VERY carefully took out the sticker- tape on the zippers. I used my new prize out with MUCH care-- teehee, I used it to go dine at Burgoo with my hubby and my toddler. OH GOD I almost almost splattered RED pasta sauce on my bag! *pant pant* Thank goodness nothing happened to it. When I got home that night, I carefully replaced back the sticker-tape on the zipper (I'm sooo anal about this).

I remember there was an LV press launch (for the new perle vernis, denim line, and a new suhali line and color) at Lumiere and I was invited (at that time, I was still working for ABSCBN publishing as Managing Editor of Metro Weddings). Of course I had to be a meanie and toted my CHLOE PADDINGTON bag hehee. But I asked to have my Speedy picked up from the house since the press peeps and Rhea asked to see it. When the bag came, Rhea laughed at me when she saw me carefully taking out the sticker tape of the zippers. I remember her commenting that she didn't realize that those things were reusable :)

So ever since the bag's "media debut", I had used it practically everyday, non-stop (for the price I paid, I might as well get a lot of mileage and use out of it! After all, it's denim, good for schlepping) I took it out of the country, used it daily as a travel/tourist bag! In fact, let me share TWO funny incidents about this bag. One lady at Greenbelt 3 approached me and asked me WHERE IN GREENHILLS I bought the bag!! :) No, I was not insulted at all, and instead I laughed so hard! Told her I bought it NOT at Greenhills but at Greenbelt, and she went (in tagalog) "there are bazaars here in Greenbelt??" I still laugh to this day when I remember the story. Another incident was when I attended a party and this Chinese lady just HAD to ask me if I got the bag in Shenzhen and proceeded to explain that there's a place in Shenzhen that made pretty good LVs and my bag looked like the one she saw!! *HORRORS*

Now THAT got me upset, but can't let tactless people get to you. So I just smiled at her as she rambled away with her so-called GOOD FINDS. My husband just stared at me the whole time, holding his laughter in until the lady left. Then he just GUFFAWED. And my husband NEVER guffaws. But that day, HE DID!

Soooo anyway, I used this bag over and over and over again til one day, I noticed that the handle's underside (also alligator leather) became matte and looked like it was getting rubbed off somehow. Only then did I realize this was NO oridinary bag. It CAN'T be used daily :( The sales associate in Hong Kong looked at me all wrong when I told her I was using the bag everyday. She just stared at me with wide eyes and said "AIYA, Alligator bag of LV not everyday bag la" This is horrid. I guess I have acidy palms. :( My bag now sits quietly in Mommy's place, where my other bags (I can't seem to let go of) retire.

I still try to bring this bag with me when I travel but I rarely use it now, to save its condition. A few people have already offered to buy the bag from me, but I am hesitant to let her go just yet. Oh well, we'll just have to see if I do get sick of it. If I do, then MAYBE, just maybe I will sell. I WANT VISITING RIGHTS THOUGH!!

But for now, sorry :) Bag stays. I plan to bring it with me to my next travel destination! :)

I just had to vent out my frustration on failing to preserve the "newness" of my um.. "baby" :) And p.s. that's why I wanted an LV BAGGY PM. so at least I can schlepp schlepp a denim LV bag :) *what a snoot!* hehehe.

Ta-ta! It's payday so go spend your money :) Check out http://tresormakati.tripod.com
or SMS me at +63916-7580857 if you need a shopping companion at Greenbelt :)

BULLETIN: My 1st shopping expedition with Ms. E will be held next week. We are both excited :) NOTE TO Ms.E: Prepare to shake up your Bank account! *She wants a BOTTEGA HOBO or a YSL
or a GUCCI-- I told her I'd get all three if they're all nice hahaha!* :D

Friday, October 28, 2005


When I saw this FENDI B BAG, I gawked. I truly can’t decide on the fate of this bag- does it fall under the yay or the nay category. This bag displays quite an uncharacteristic marriage of elements—lace is very “Edwardian-Victorian” while chains are “heavy metal/ rock chic”. I honestly don’t think this bag is yanking my chain, if you know what I mean ☺ Although… as I stare at it some more, the bag is beginning to look better. (QUESTION: Doesn’t this bag sorta remind you of a doiley? I used to have this doiley table runner on my bureau chest when I was a little girl and it looks like this bag!) P.S. Actually I saw other B Bags that looked much nicer. Apparently this bag design is supposed to look like there are 2 huge buckles in the front. FENDI came out with a black croc one with blue rings on the chain-- That's more like it I think! *think luxe- think croc!*

Moving right along, I feel this post is going to be designated as a bag- bashing one, and to continue along that line of thought, here is a bag that is just SOOOO NOT RIGHT! I have formed a new bag category effective today: The “HOLY CRAP-THAT’S-THE-UGLIEST-BAG-I’VE-EVER-SEEN” category. And this BUGLY (butt-ugly) bag is an HERMES—sigh, of ALL the brands of bags that should produce a bugly one, it HAD to be an HERMES (boohoo!!~ I would still have pardoned UGGS for making those crappy bags ~ “ugg”h puke!~) *P.S. this bag was a fall 2005 bag-- the hell am I doing, reviewing a past season bag?! (that's your very opinionated, mommy-whose-head-has-been-in-the-sand-for-a-long-time writer at work)

What is it about this bag that makes me wanna duke it out with JEAN PAUL GAULTIER? Maybe because PROBABLY he took inspiration from the UGG BOOT revolution to make this bag (hey you never know what these creative minds are thinking nowadays, but if that was the case, then that’s just plain lazy of him not to think of something better than this. Even Chanel once jumped on the bandwagon and made shearling bags! Yuck, yuck, yuck!). You wear UGGS during winter (speaking of which, dear friend Ms.D saw someone wearing UGGS at the mall on a sunny day HERE in Manila a few days ago—umm… ohhkayyy…). Going back to the bag, can anyone PLEASE enlighten me as to WHY the bag needs to be warm? I can understand FEET, but since when did bags need shearlings?? Are we storing our skinless little barking teacup chihuahua doggie inside this bag?! I am just sooo OUTRAGED! Why, why, why?! I love HERMES bags and this bag totally ruined it for me. ☹

BUGLY BAG ALERT: FENDI also made a hideous looking METALLIC SHEARLING BAG (now THAT has got to be the worst!) *photo clipped from eBay*. I can’t begin to describe what the hell this bag is. It’s an all-in-one bag or what? FENDI SPY bags are SO hot, so there’s the hot SPY element. METALLICS are good for fall, so there’s metallic. Then the SHEARLING is a fall trend too.. Ewww…

Ok that’s enough bag bashing for today or I’ll have a crappy time for the rest of the day! I just moved my bags into their new home, and I unearthed a silver quilted BALLY bag (thanks to mommy-- this bag which once looked soooo matronic *umm it still does look matronic with them gold chains...* BUT now it also looks like the CHANEL 2.55 reissue bag ☺) lucky lucky me! ☺ I know, I know, I am pathetic. So sue me :)

Have a good one today girls!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

It’s so strange. Sometime this afternoon, I was reminded of how I spent the day at the US Embassy as I waited for my son’s visa—I went people watching… Wow, all these people from different walks of life, paying for a chance to open door #3 and live the American dream.

I scanned the room and saw two women all dressed up and carrying a monogram GUCCI bag and a LOUIS VUITTON ellipse PM respectively. As you may already know, bags are status symbols now (you don’t have to afford and buy a nice car for people to think you’re rich—a bag will do. Better yet, a bag that COSTS as much as a car would do *think CROC HERMES!* ) Anyway, the more expensive and recognized the brand, the more sign of affluence it emits. We live in a gold-collared generation where we have “first world wants, and third world pockets”(as one fashion daily coined the phrase).

Note to self: I should start buying cheap bags—coz that sure would reflect MY current financial state: POOR! Case in point: I looked at myself, aw crud, if there was anyone who won’t pass a visa interview, it would’ve been me, hands down (thank God im not the applicant!). What was I wearing?! I wore an ABERCROMBIE pink pique shirt (the Php 350 shirts from the bazaars—I HOPE they aren’t fake, and just REAL overruns hahaha) and a pair of cheap US$7 jeans (that were made in the PHILIPPINES though bought in the US—yay, BUY PINOY ☺ ) from the CHARLOTTE RUSSE BARGAIN BIN. I looked so much worse than the domestic helpers—those dometic helpers really dress up for the interview and there I was, looking like a two-bit trailer trash. (P.S. I hold so much respect for these domestic helpers for going so far as leaving their families to earn a better living. They remit so much money to the Philippines every Christmas season, driving the greenback down a bit *and that's good for our economy!* ahem, economist-wannabe at work). Again, I thank thy lucky stars I was not the one applying for a visa. Anyway I wonder if those ladies got theirs… Who knows, I might bump into them in December at UNION SQUARE or SERRAMONTE MALL (THE Pinoy Mall) in San Francisco! ☺ hehehe

Call me cheap but I loooove bargains. Looove looove looove em. When I get the chance, I still visit those bazaars for which our country is famous. The last one I went to was the Rockwell tent vintage bazaar. I think there’s one coming up this November 12—and ohh please go check out my friend Daphne Osena- Paez’ LANVIN- inspired hand-strung pearl necklaces! They’re sooo Hot right now ☺

I was reading an article in MEGA magazine as I had a de-stress shampoo+blowdry session (
I was in dire need of a good head scrub- my headful of hair is itching!!! *EEEWWW GROSS I CANNOT BELIEVE I MENTIONED THIS!! Oye at least I'm HONEST :)* And yep, shopping for furniture stressed me out. Plus I’m sick of looking at furnitures!! SEND ME BAG SHOPPING ANY DAY, PLEASE!!!! If you need a shopping companion at Greenbelt 4, I’d be HAPPY to go with you! But please! NO FURNITURE SHOPPING!) Ok, I strayed there—as I was saying, there was a letter to the editor in MEGA from Homme et Femme, opposing the magazine’s “supposed” recommendation of a BALENCIAGA- inspired bag that was featured from an issue back.

WHAT is it about BALENCIAGA MOTORCYCLE bags that they spawned soooooooo many
copies and look-alikes? Let me dissect this to death: In MY opinion (B. bag fans: please don’t castigate me for saying this!) The style of the “MOTO” bag is not THAT unique really. The leather is very thin, like "vinyl" as what my hubby said (hence him hating the bag). And there are so many Fakes or copies of the bag! So WHY BUY THIS BAG? What honestly compelled me to buy the bag was its COLOR. My IM buddy Ms. B had been wanting a Moto bag and had told me to check out the MAGENTA color. When I saw it, I was soooo BOWLED OVER! Look!!! And I was told also that Balenciaga will come out with a Moto bag in EMERALD GREEN!! *palpitating at the VERY thought!! If I see the bag, it COULD very well be orgasmic! *Shudder*

CONFESSION: I'm SO cruel. I am supposed to let this magenta baby go already, to make room for a new bag. But... *sigh* I'm so faint-hearted. What if I sold this bag and regretted it after??? Where can I get another Magenta Moto bag?! *oomppphhh!!* My BAG INDECISIVENESS merits a whole new blog of its own. Blah :( TOPIC CHANGE!!

Has anyone seen the new CHLOE bags?
What on earth are those horizontal lines/ zipper thingies??!!If you loved the PADDINGTON or the SILVERADO, you'd be just as curious to see if Chloe Creative Director PHOEBE PHILO outdid herself in the upcoming collection. I am personally not liking these bags. I betcha though, if someone like SIENNA MILLER would tote one of these, it'll become an instant hit and be sold-out again. We are Soooo NOT falling for that again (celeb endorses bag, bag becomes AS FAMOUS as celebrity!) *yeah right, as if we can realllly resist!* (hey I DID resist the nagging urge to get a FENDI SPY bag. I just could not relate to J.Lo. *she has a SPY bag* I'm Sooo glad I didn't succumb or else...)

Ohh ohh ohhh--- before i sign off for the night (or morning rather), here is a photo of Shu Qi at
the opening of the Paris LV, holding these SUPER CUTE mini MURAKAMI ALMA bags *i believe them to be bag charms* (they come in Epi and Monogram canvas too!) I wonder if these will ever be available at the LV boutique here... Was told these cost 600 Euros (Heffftyyy price tag!) Hmm... Ohhh look at the background-- is that an EPI ellipse i see?

Ok time to turn in for the night! Hafta wake up early tomorrow! Ta-ta!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I was already about to turn in late last night (or rather early this morning) when I received an email from Ms. S, asking me something about NEIMAN MARCUS.
So being the total pathetic addict that I am, I opened my web browser again and typed www.neimanmarcus.com. Opening that page is like opening pandora’s box. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you are lusting for like, what 5 things there, all worth at least $500 EACH.

Women—as I can attest, can hardly ever resist the urge to look at shoes. What’s the fun in
being a woman if you can’t enjoy shoes alongside bags? I have a very, very soft spot for shoes and this baby just caught my attention. I don’t know if you like it or find it gaudy (tell me what you think), but to wear these jeweled Giuseppe Zanottis would be the equivalent of treating your earlobes to an exquisite set of bejeweled chandelier earrings. Price tag: US$ 695—that’s Php 38,920 for your soles!

Aiyee!! Did I just develop a social conscience all of a sudden or what? 38K for shoes is way tooooo much! (and this would not have been my sentiment when I was still a single wench)!! Oh crud I’m such a damn shallow hypocrite—like yeah I sure won’t pay 38k on shoes now but would fork over my life savings for a bag (or the pot money for that couch!!!! *Gawd will this couch problem EVER get solved??!!!*)So those shoes will go to my imaginary wishlist (p.s. ive since lost count of the items on my wish list. Oh damn, what’s the point to this imaginary wishlist?! I have so many things I want that I don’t even remember WHICH item takes precedence in my “priority” wishlist anymore!) Chuck the shoes.

Moving right along, my continued surfing of the NM site made me remember a bag that I
regretted not buying! *BAWL!!!! * I don’t know what your sentiments are, so don’t gasp when I mention I wanted a FERRAGAMO!! Yes, yes, It’s sooooo over (as many would say), but you don’t understand! FERRAGAMO produced two great bags this year: one is that cream knit bag, and the other, a realllllly gorgeous (exotic skinned) lizard bag which had wooden links as handle-straps… When I was still in San Francisco, I saw the bag in-store. It cost approximately US$2,500. (YIKES!) Now why did I not buy it? Let me give you one of my most important and followed criteria for buying a bag now: BAG MUST HAVE RESALE VALUE. And it’s common knowledge that Ferragamos no longer have that oomph they once had back in the late 80s- early 90s, when all it took to be sassy was to carry a Ferragamo bag (admit it girls, you have AT LEAST one S. Ferragamo bag lurking in your closet). Anyway I held that beautiful bag close to me while my mom willingly volunteered to pay for it to end that longing look in my face which she absolutely finds pathetic. I declined most graciously because 1. Second- hand Ferragamo bags just have no track record of having good resale value. And more importantly, 2. It’s embarrassing to have mommy pay for such an expensive bag now that I am married!! (I loooove you mommy and thank you for the generous thought, but that’s too much to ask! Shame on me!)

Ahhh… we just have to loooove our mommies ☺ Which brings me to a pleasant message I received from Ms. C, after having been on “leave” to play fulltime mommy to the new addition to their family. We pingpong-texted each other about bags (what else) and expenses. The messages went along the lines of “our hubbies will reward us soon with good behavior”, and I wrote “highly unlikely! I’m already over-extended on credit with the ‘hubbard’ so no-can-do with a new bag.” Her reply, “temporary only I hope.” And I told her (head hung down in shame as I texted) “Hubby has already vowed to endorse my account to IMF. ” Ms. C, the IMF im talking about is not the IMF you all know (International Monetary Fund—aid by a group of developed countries to give soft loans to developing nations –that’s my hubby’s definition). Teehee, I didn’t tell you, but the IMF im talking about is I.’s Mom’s Fund. My good ol’ Hubbard figured that’ll be the only way to stop me from buying (or rather in his term, Hoarding like there’s no tomorrow)—to show my mom the bill and have her start paying (he knows I’d be so ashamed to even let mommy know what I buy). Sigh, the husband retaliates (I guess he read my blog last night about women being compulsive liars when it comes to shopping!) Oh well!
I schlepped my LONGCHAMP bag this afternoon to Market Market—I had to buy more things for my place (no couch YET). This is a PURELY necessities/home-related shopping, mind you. A few minutes before 6pm, I stopped to think, “Damn I’m so good and selfless today, I didn’t buy anything for myself!” But in less than five minutes after saying that?

RED ALERT! A pair of t-strap jeweled slippers beckoned me to try her on!
NOOooOOoOOOooOO!!!!! They are no Giuseppe Zanottis, but the price I’m sure isn’t even close to the designer shoes’ ! Ahh this’ll just be a harmless little VISIT. No exchange of money. You know what, I betcha they won’t even have it in my size, or if they did, it will hurt my foot so bad I wouldn’t want it at all.

TWO MINUTES was all it took for me to sit, fit, walk, and PAY for these shoes!!! TALK ABOUT LOW E.Q!! Oh I’m such a bad girl ☹ Damage to my personal card by TWINKY TABS: Php 2,075.00 *Ugh, what a hypocrite! Talk about having developed a social conscience… ☹

I feel horrible. Between buying the new trash cans and these new shoes, I decided I wanted to return the trash cans and replace them with new monoblock chairs for my househelp (ask my BABY MAGAZINE editor Margie Espino, who was texting with me the whole time while all this was happening. Margie said “return the shoes!” to which of course, I said? NOOOOO!!!).

Sigh, in the end, I couldn’t even exchange the trash cans (note: Metro Dept. Store has a No-return/exchange policy that says “exchange or return only allowed if ITEM BOUGHT IS DEFECTIVE. If “CHANGE OF MIND”, item return/exchange is not allowed). Then that stupid placard went on with “In order to better serve our customers, our customer service is available to be of help…”Ummmm WHAT??!! Yeah, say NO RETURN BUT WE’D BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU?! Geez not even an in-store credit policy… ☹

Anyway despite those run-ins, the day ended up alright. I came home to a waiting family with a new pair of shoes ( which I was quick to “camouflage” alongside the shoppingbagfuls of house-stuff) ☺

Have a great night, and please spread and share my blog with others *if my blog is therapeutic to you*. I really wanna reach fellow bag addicts out there :) Writing here to an unknown audience sure helps me ☺ and i hope you reading about how shallow i am can make you laugh :D

☺ P.S. Sorry about not having updated photos of the new bags on tresormakati.tripod.com ; please give me til november 5 to do it. (ive just been using my phone cam most of the time lately *im too lazy to charge the digicam battery haha!

More stuff to do tomorrow! NI-NI!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Good evening dear friend!
Today, I was at the Rockwell power plant mall THRICE—yep, THREE times (as in went back and forth thrice)

1st time was to go with my son to check out something at True Value (doing some home-related shopping). We were there for a short while (I was checking prices for some hardware thingie) and my son was immediately taken with this Thomas the Tank Engine train set that was moving about in its tracks which is surrounded by these tiny lit-up Christmas ceramic village houses. He was shrieking like a banshee when the train would move toward us. It was hilarious. But he would not budge when it came time to leave. So being the good mom that I am (cough cough), I had to bribe him—I promised I’d take him back to true value after he wakes up from his afternoon nap (and oh boy would that haunt me a few hours later).

I went back again to Rockwell (trip #2) since I forgot to have photos reprinted (my, oh my what is it with me lately, this being forgetful must have something to do with those damn epidurals… ahh a wandering mind—a new bag again perhaps??) Then it was off to do more errands before I headed back home for my 5pm appointment with a client. So I get home and my little dude was already awake and nagging me to go back to see the train! ( can’t fool toddlers these days :D) But have to hang out with my client first.

Anyway, this 5pm meeting made me realize one thing-- married women are so ingenious at making up these little excuses to their husbands to buy new bags (despite not having fully used yet the newest bag in their possession)! And once tired of lying (ahem, I mean, explaining) about that “need” to have a new bag, comes the sneakiness. Who hasn’t brought a new bag into their home, quietly slithering into the room, and unpacking the new bag straight into the very back of the closet (or worse, under the bed)?? Guilty? Guilty? :D gotcha. It’s alright to laugh and admit, you know that’s YOU (make sure husband is out of sight or earshot!) ☺ SCARY THOUGHT ALERT: Would there be more women in hell then? Because of this compulsion to lie about our bag purchases???!! OH DEAR!!!

So post-meeting, My son and I headed back to Spockwell (my husband’s loving term for the neighborhood mall… speaking of which, what is it about men and Star Trek!!!). My little man drags me back to True Value to stare at a now- stationary train. He stares at the whole thing for a good 10 minutes. TEN minutes (and the bloody man watching over us wouldn’t even turn the train on! Saving electricity, I guess). On an average day, I find this “wait” boring. But not today. I was in a self-reflecting mood. Analogy as follows: my son staring with awe at a now-stationary train engine set is to me staring with awe at a bag that was not available for purchase (waitlist only, sorry missy!) in a store window.

Sigh, yeah im comparing apples to oranges, but hey the concept is the same, same, same! Then I ran into another client with her boyfriend, and how she totes the LANVIN VINTAGE KANSAS bag in black! What a beauty, but noooo… THE COUCH, THE COUCH, THE COUCH!!

Damn if only I could fib my way into a new LANVIN bag (forego the couch and allow the husband to THINK that a couch is not really THAT important despite an obvious lack of furniture to SIT on around the house. I mean, really, who else will sit on the couch if not for the visitors? And we don’t really have any friends who come by to sit on our couch ☺ there’s always our ratty dining chairs anyway hahaha ☺)

Oh God, REALITY CHECK! Im not losing sleep over the LANVIN bag quite honestly. For once I am honest enough to admit that I am thinking about a couch. The photo shows one of the many we’ve seen (and are considering). But rats, why does that couch look soooo boring and unattractive now on the photo??!! hey your thoughts are appreciated. SMS text me +639167580857 on what you think. Or if you have suggestions on where to look for a nice fluffy one, let me know

I’m still waiting for my black bag to arrive… and it hasn’t yet. For some unknown reason, I am partly glad it hasn’t arrived. Otherwise, more bills to pay! But gee, I am still thinking about the LV denim baggy PM….

ANYWAY, enough blab for the night. LESSONS LEARNED TODAY: Never bribe your kid with a promise (or it’ll haunt you like it did me); and DON'T buy a bag on a whim (yeah right—I say this because the LANVIN bag is on waitlist-only and right now, I CAN'T GET TO ONE!!)

Sooooo to the women with low EQ (like me): CHEERS, go get that bag you want. Screw the couch. Visitors can go sit on your coffee table—just tell them APOLOGETICALLY that they can ! :D

P.S. note to mommies before i forget: i toted my BOTTEGA VENETTA HOBO in brown weave today (as a diaper bag), and it was fannnntastic!!


Here's a little something to add to this otherwise slow Sunday-- the SPRING SUMMER 2006 BAG COLLECTION of LOUIS VUITTON (some of these bags are just show collection prototypes while the others will be available by order in-store).

Here's my 2-cents: The scarf bags remind me too much of Hermes, the links print monogram bag reminds me of a vintage Gucci-meets-Roberta di Camerino, and the leather trouvillish doctor bag with all those studs and metal hardware are too "Versace" (i know this much because my mom owns a few Versace bags that like look this LV one!) And oh here's something for the fans of the multicolore Murakami line-- the MURAKAMI FRINGE collection :D

Safe to say I won't be spending much money after seeing this whole LV S/S 06 bag line :D Cute but not for me~ *yeehawww! I get to save money for that couch!! :D* Some of you might love this season's collection :) Enjoy the photos and have a great Sunday!!

Mornin peeps! *yawn* most of yesterday was spent again taking care of my household, but oohh highlights of yesterday include newly consigned bags! *woowoo*

A client came with two LV bags (BUCKET, SPEEDY 30). She's a super nice lady with a few too many bags that she doesn't use-- her bucket bag is pristine! Which reminds me, a few days earlier, I also had a consignment of a BURBERRY leather bag that looks like the LANVIN VINTAGE KENTUCKY bag. (I have yet to post the photo at http://tresormakati.tripod.com)

Has anyone seen the LANVIN bag? It's real nice. Lindsey Lohan here is seen toting the smaller version (VINTAGE KANSAS) It's something i certainly would not mind having, but won't go crazy if i don't get it either. I personally like this smaller version of the VINTAGE KENTUCKY. The bag basically looks like a soft-leathered, vintage-looking birkin tote. While i hold nothing against a bag that looks a bit like a birkin, i would've thought Alber Elbaz (of Lanvin) could've created something more "original"... But it is a nice bag, really! And it looks like a bag that can be schelpped around everyday. (yup, get mileage out of your expensive bag)

Anyway, I'll keep today's writeup short. And p.s. I'm no longer thinking about the YSL bag :D But mmmm.. the LV DENIM BAGGY PM is still lingering around in my thoughts...

Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon! I think i'll stop by rockwell and treat myself at Zara... which reminds me, i still have some shirts i got from anthropologie (www.anthropologie.com) that i haven't yet worn. Their clothes are soo yummy.. I'm so into this victorian era now. Not really a boho kinda chick, but i'll go with victorian anytime :D

Saturday, October 22, 2005

WHY did i start a blog? I dont really know. I guess all those bag forums have not done enough remedial work to my addiction that i need to vent some more (hah, misery loves company-- i just want to share my misery over bag lusting to someone else!)

Today remains an uneventful bag day as I am pretty much grounded in on taking care of household issues which, i'd rather not be sharing for fear of putting you to sleep Ho-Hum (who wants to hear about my boring day at home doing household chores anyway :)

So let's rewind to yesterday's event!

I let go of my client's cream YSL horn bag yesterday after much hesitation. My seller wanted it sold at a certain price, but i soooo can't afford it right now because i'm saving up for something for our place (mommies, you know what i mean-- some things just have to take priority over bags SOMETIMES!) I'm frankly not TOO hot on YSL.. but this bag somehow has something that made me want it (or am i just being a bargain HOG again??) Isn't it nice?? *boohoo*

Sooo anyway after having let that bag go, (and note i was SOOO SAD to see it go) i went to greenbelt 4 (HAH!)

Went to YSL to take a peek. I've never owned a YSL bag before. I never jumped on the bandwagon when the MOMBASA was such a hot hot bag to own and carry. Though my clients were quick to quip that YSL bags are probably the least copied brand of bags, i never gave in to one. Anyway, soooo i walked into YSL and uh-oh, something caught my eye. It's a CHALK WHITE MOMBASA with the YSL logo in the front. TAG PRICE: Php 47,950 *this bag is already 30% off original price too!* Mental calculation: Wow that's like US$860! *think priorities please!*

Oh my God. What to do What to do. I liked it. A LOT. But damn, i wanted to buy my living room a new couch! (not a COACH, a COUCH)! I had to text my friend Daphne Osena-Paez. "Help, whatcha think of YSL bags?" And her reply didn't help either "I like YSL bags, they're real nice". Gee, thanks a lot D. You just got me more confused! :D

But tsk tsk, priorities please... and do i REALLY love this bag like i loved my CHALK CHLOE PADDINGTON (which I eventually sold)? I couldn't answer that question... So i left YSL with a heavy heart (but not THAT heavy), thinking (and hoping) maybe that bag won't get bought and will be further marked down in a month.. yeah wishful thinking!

Passed by LOUIS VUITTON and spoke with sales associate Abi briefly. She is too cute! So if you feel like spoiling yourself, trot over to LV and look for Abi-- she'll help you pick a bag! There are new collections of DAMIER and EPI bags-- the DAMIER bag looked like a cross between the RIBERA and the SPEEDY (not really my thing), and the EPI looked like a shorter PORTE DOCUMENTS bag. Has a slight resemblance to the HERMES PLUME.. Nice MYRTILLE BLUE color, but nah. The DENIM collection came out with the BAGGY PM which essentially looks like the NEO SPEEDY but is hobo-styled.

Now THIS baby is NICE! And the price tag? Php 71,500.
Hmm.. Hefffftyyyy.. and ahhh there's already a 20-woman waitlist. (HAH, bag not meant for me?!)

Sigh...ohhhh you know what, I'm secretly sorta lusting after a MURAKAMI SPEEDY in BLACK. My friend from Alabang (hehe you know who you are girl!) wants to sell me her preowned one for Php 65,000. Fairly cheap really, but I was kinda hoping for a more new-looking one. Dont ask me why-- i love bargains, but a newer BLACK MC SPEEDY is calling out to me. So let's see if i can cough up enough dough to buy one! SO MUCH FOR MY COUCH eh?!

Note to self: I saw the SPRING/SUMMER '06 collection of LOUIS VUITTON and thank God i didn't fancy any of the runway bags-- i just think the scarf bags are too 80s-- a decade which i would frankly not mind forgetting for now :D i was sooo into the Versace opulence that the LOUIS VUITTON S/S'06 collections reminded me of it. So NOT for me-- i am SO OVER that. (even if *note the word IF* LV's opulent bags are a hint of bag trends to come) So when these bags get offered to me by Rhea, i HAVE to say No. No. No....

ANYWAY, i have saved enough for a nice black bag which I will reveal once the bag arrives. For now, my day today is spent on dealing with household issues and those sporadic moments pondering about the YSL CHALK-WHITE MOMBASA, the LOUIS VUITTON DENIM BAGGY PM, and the LOUIS VUITTON BLACK MURAKAMI SPEEDY...

Tomorrow is a SATURDAY.. more household stuff to deal with.. and ahhh more time to think about those bags.......OR THAT COUCH!! HAVE a FUN WEEKEND, my fellow bag addicts!! :-) and keep checking out my site for the new stuff (http://tresormakati.tripod.com) !