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Thursday, June 22, 2006

BAGHAG has MOVED to thebaghag.blogspot.com


I can finally access THIS blogspot account AGAIN after practically TWO weeks! Thanks to blogger, who FINALLY read my emails about the problem of inaccessibility of my account (and there I thought I used up too much of their space for my photos *hehehe guilty!!!)

I just wanted to let you all know that I have set up another blog to "replace" this one.

It's http://thebaghag.blogspot.com

Please do check that out, as I figured I will just let this be an ARCHIVE site.

Too bad though, I have already had over 7 months of stuff in here.

Nevertheless, I will rethink this over, on whether to use this again, or just go with the new site.


The same crazy baghag is there :-D And I'm still Mrs. T (ahhh typecast forevah *hehe*)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT on Tresormakati :D I am now claiming the title "THE BAG HAG" (wannabe only, OK? *hellooooo pretentious hag alert*) Hehehe...


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I went to Rockwell Mall today to get a hobo bag from Coco and Tres for a lovely bag hag down "south" :D And while I was there, I bumped into an "old" friend (we went to the same marriage seminar AND lamaze classes together too), popular TV host and MEGA woman Suzi Abrera! This woman just gave birth to her third baby (another cute little bag hag :D woohoo) some TWO MONTHS ago and she looked this svelte already !!!OK, Suz, you look WAY thinner than me and I gave birth over a year ago already!! (ugh I really envy women who could lose all the pregnancy weight Pronto. Siiigh, maybe it's time I look into mesotherapy *bawl!* And that will set me back by HOW MUCH again?! Then again, making me thinner won't make me look prettier. Think obagi-- sure make my skin better, but I'll still look like an old HAG *literally!* And slimming down won't get me brownie points either. *bawl... I'm a hopeless case!!! BAWL BIG TIME* Someone please take pity and sponsor me for a full-on plastic surgery.

Platinum digger alert (we don't like gold anymore haha): Err on second thought, forget it. Just give me the moolah and I'll buy new bags.. hehe I'll make your money worth MY while *selfish hag!!*

Eeeeeesh... Enough self deprecation for now or I'll truly feel like crap *if I don't feel it already feel like crap physically hahaha* So guess what, I have finally been convinced to post a photo of most of my bags *I'm posting a photo of the bags I used for this month* (you'll know what convinced me to do such a thing in a bit). Take note these are already most of my bags, so don't go expecting much more *muwahaha, I am telling you guys, I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF BAGS (wait til you scroll down further and you will choke!! hahaha)*

HERE they are-- MRS. T's Flavors of June *hehehe don't go expecting for more, that's all the photo I am sharing. EVER! (JP: I hope you are happy :D)*: HERMES Paris- Cannes purple bag, BALENCIAGA applegreen motorcycle city, GOYARD white croisiere 35, HERMES blue jean 30cm togo birkin, HERMES havanne 28cm croc kelly, FENDI embellished baguette (practically vintage!), HERMES fuchsia 35cm chevre kelly, BOTTEGA silver perforated pochette, LV damier alma, CHANEL large lambskin 2.55 (thanks to DM), GOYARD marine blue fidji, GOYARD orange fidji, LV cherry blossom red on cream papillon.

THERE. Are you all happy now? I practically revealed my SOUL here. And before you even start saying "no wonder she's broke" or, "oh my goodness, what a waste of good money coz it could go to her kids' education or to charity (which would actually be a good way to "spend" money *ok crap, I feel really guilty now sniff... wait... let this post be a happy and guiltless one for now, please?*), let me stress that my bag collection is truly nothing compared to some of our own bag hags (who have WAY more but are just too much of a "closet case" to reveal all! Tsk, you bag hagging hypocrites *guffaw guffaw :D*).

So now, WHY did I really post a photo of most of my bags? Is it because I have super low esteem today that I felt the need to brag about something I have to make myself feel better? (you know, men brag about their *ahem* size, and we brag about well, size as well *hahaha of our bag collection*) Not really. I didn't think there was a need to brag about a collection that TOTALLY PALES IN COMPARISON to many other bag hags. So let me tell you WHY. Well, because I got an email from purplegirl and I swear, she + her sis+ her mom are BAG GODDESSES (and she made me feel that my bag addiction is practically in its infant stage *wooohoo!* And THAT my dear hags, made me feel better, that's why I posted a photo of My bags... hahaha because it proves that I am NOT the only bag crazy lady here)!!!

To prove my point that I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF BAGS (as compared with other hags)-- read on...

BRAG A BAG COLLECTION: Presenting, the collection of BAG HAG ROYAL, purplegirl. This is actually purplegirl's mom's bag collection (no matter, it's still technically yours and sis's too! Dannnnng). HOLD YOUR BREATH, CHECK IT OUT, OGLE, AND DROOL hags, because baghogging can't get any better than THIS!!

Purplegirl's own bag collection ain't even included yet!!! * YOU ROCK!!!!* You guys have MORE Hermes boxes than any Hermes boutique I know :D Not only that, you have MORE BAGS than any Hermes boutique I know :D And let me tell you hags, this baghag royal family not only collects all things Hermes, they do so with LV and Chanel! With mucho gusto I might add! :D

I am totally green with envy (Pssst, can we come out and play with your mom's bags too? :D We won't even take it out of her closet! Promise! :D *Wo0ohaaa!!*) Thank you for making my own bag collection completely forgettable :D Purplegirl, your exhibition of excess will give me endless nightmares for the rest of my life (and BB's life hahaha). Thank you :) *muwahahaha I love it I love it I love it!!!!*

So now you see, my bag collection really is forgettable :) Have a great evening and let purplegirl's two photos haunt you for the rest of the night :D

P.S. Speaking of royalty, Turkish princess RuffaGB. is back in our town. Hopefully I get the chance to meet up with her this time. We will talk bags, what else :D *hehehe socialclimbing hag at work!*

P.P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OTHER DB who like me, appreciates the finer things in life :-D


Monday, June 12, 2006

More bag Reviews for Independence Day :)

SHAMELESS SELLING PLUG: Today is the day I made my decision. I am letting the LV Denim Baggy PM go, along with the extra strap (long) that I purchased, with the intention of making it into a body bag for travel. I know, I know, isn't it a rather nasty decision to sell something that someone close to you had given (yes, every opportunity for you to take a potshot at me-- ok ok call me ruthless haha)? Well, let's you and me hear this--> It was DH's idea to sell the bag. He said (verbatim) "Sell na the denim bag and use that to offset the payment for your pink 'Kel'. That way it would be like I paid for your pink one." Geez, this guy keeps outsmarting me each time (that and his "suggestion" would make me seem like I'm not broke *muwahaha covering up again, what a faker hahaha*. But the reality is, I AM BROKE that's why I am selling the bag! *muwahaha*). So I told him, " But for the money you paid for the denim isn't even a quarter of the amount for the Kelly!" To which he answered "Well, I'd like to think I'm part of that Kelly investment of yours."

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! See, now THAT'S him. Calling my bag an INVESTMENT. In official terms. Not like us, when we say "investment", we really don't mean it as "investment"-- it's just another lame excuse for us to buy the bag *muwahahahahaha!!!* (Ahh the truth comes out once again, shallow bag hags *cough* UNITE hehe)

Ok so anyway, with that little conversation and a lil tete a tete over vanilla almond tea, WE both agreed, the denim baggy PM will be sold (now don't you go castigating me or giving me the guilt trip!). I have lovingly used this bag. In fact, it had travelled with me and the orange Goyard fidji to Egypt and to Turkey :) And there is very little dirt on the cowhide strap, and the patina is still fairly pale. The long strap was only used ONCE. So you know how clean that would look like. I am letting them both go for Php 58,000. The Denim Baggy PM now sells for Php 67k at the boutique. And the long strap alone already costs over 7k. So the total for the bag is just a few hundred short of 75k!!

Anyway, here she is:sooo hags, if you are interested to see the item, please contact TRESOR at +63916758-0857.

The next bag in line for selling would be the Charms pochette, although I have not yet set a price for it. *see, spring cleaning HAPPENS in summer!!*

Ok now, let's talk sale. I was checking Chloe at Neiman's and the Gladys Tote is now just US$1,350 *I used the word "just" because the price is a much better amount to pay than the original US$1,800 hehe. Even then, I still don't have the funds for this bag. Ahh sad-- NOT* The tote is huge too, at 10 1/2"H x 15"W x 5 3/4"D. I can only think of this bag with one purpose-- DIAPER BAG!!! *wooohooo* Ok.. maybe not... Can't have the baby puke on this leather tote now. But I love the functionality of the bag with its zippers! And that luggage tag too, it kills me!! :-)

Here's a Bottega Veneta version of the LV Batignolles :)
*Seriously, don't they sorta share the same style? :)* It is also now on sale from US$2,690 to US$1,883.00! If you own a BV bag, especially an intrecciato leather designed one, you never, never sell it! How can you go back to regular leather bags when you have felt BV leather? I simply love it, and this style looks quite good too!

And here's the last bag of the day. I never really wondered why this bag went on sale. Because it's BUGLY!!! Gucci Pineapple Print top handle bag.
Heck even at the discounted price of US$1,323.00, I still will not buy this bag. Even if the bag gets a further 50% reduction. Sorry. It's really not doing anything for me. I could care less about this bag, because from its genesis, it could have very well been stocked at the bargain bin and I still won't give it a look. (WOOHOO BAG HAG BIATCHIN!!) Ahhh... that biatchin' felt gooood :)

This post will NOT end on a sour note, I promise you. Look on further...

BRAG A BAG ALERT: I love our ultimate bag hag
Paz. Here she is with her white HERMES JPG shoulder birkin (not carried on the shoulder :D). Woman, I ENVYYYYY YOUUUUUUU :) Ey, I love that shirt. I should get one and parade around the house to show the DH that he has been replaced as my best friend :) *snicker maybe he will get the message and get on my good side and get me MY new best friend so that he becomes MY best friend again hahaha ok that was shallow*

And here is another baghag (ohmygawd) MT who finally emailed me a photo of her LV collection.
Ok, I am sooo bowled over. This is AMAZING. MT: I'll trade places with you ANY DAY!! :) *OGLE OGLE OGLE everyone!!! This bag collection is from ONE baghag!!!*

Ok that's it for tonight (heck that's A LOT to handle tonight! Count the bags!!!!). Oh and hags, thanks for your well wishes. I really don't quite know what I have, except that I do get sore throats and then the occasional itchy nose (like I am getting a cold), but apart from that, I am fine (thanks to the prescribed medication). I hate getting sick. It's like a dark cloud looms over my head and on my bag (and the worse part is, the bag ain't waterproof *hahaha what an analogy*).

Enjoy the remaining hours of the Independence Day break!